2137.430 – INFERNO

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Cosmic Woman destroyed Storm in a Cosmic Cage escaping after SHOOTING STAR. After the match, Catfight returned and entered the cage! Cosmic Woman barred the door and Catfight got revenge on Storm! Storm joins Bulldoze on the injured list as she is injured for 5 cards. **

NOWHERE TO RUN won over The Natives when Kill Prey covered Krud after GO FOR THE KILL. The Natives took Wolf and Kill Prey to the limit in surprising fashion! The fans are starting to cheer them which terrifies them. ***

GODSEND pummeled Fist in a Mensa Table Match, beating him with KINGDOM COME after putting him through two tables. After the bell, Godsend proclaimed that he’d be targeting Siege next on his path to the Aethran Overmaster. *****

SABER used the SABER CHOP to put Exo-King (II) away in a hard fought match that saw Massif ejected for interfering! Dark Menace proclaimed after that he is the sole Commissioner for the night due to the ‘dastardly’ actions of Massif. *****

TOTALIS clobbered Tempest with Title Shot to pick up a cheap victory. Flounch was incensed with the ref! ****

MONOLITH smashed Tarval with CATASTROPHE in a pretty one sided affair. Orrus was ejected after interfering. After the bell, Monolith wrapped Tarval in his own net and began beating him, injuring him for one card. Dark Menace came out to ‘make an example’ of Monolith and suspended him for 5 cards! **

LADY GODSEND beat Kralla in a Four Weapons of Destruction match with QUEEN OF THE REALM. *****

SIEGE toppled Azuma with an (enhanced) AETHRAN CRIPPLER. After the bell, Godsend clobbered Paralyze and attacked Siege!

SCORN used a Quick Draw Kick to beat Taichi and become the new Galaxian Women’s Champion. After the match, Scorn dedicated her victory to Shayne for ‘being an inspiration. *****

SHAYNE successfully defended the Interplanetary Championship with a rolling neck breaker against Death Knight (II) in a very competitive match. Asked after the match about Scorn’s comments Shayne smirked, “She can dedicate whatever she wants to whomever she wants, partner. Don’t mean a lick to me as long as she stays away from me.” ****

CHAMELEON CREATURES toppled Castilex to become the new Galaxian Tag Team Champions when Chameleon Creature Black Death covered Sentinel after UNIVERSE SHATTERED. Everyone was waiting for Chameleon Creatures to transform during the match but they didn’t until after the match when they transformed into…Castilex! **

Aethran Overmaster and Endgame battled to an incredibly bloody DOUBLE DQ fighting over the Galaxian Championship! Overmaster retains! Dark Menace decrees Endgame “had his chance” and won’t be getting another shot anytime soon! Commander Sam calls that pronouncement laughable. *****