2137.429 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

The show opened with Commander Sam vowing to get revenge on Orrus and Tarval for humiliating Climber by snaring him in the net! He says he’s called in some help from the Titans and revenge will had tonight!

Tempest & Endgame d. Totalis, the Tournament Master via submission when Endgame locked Totalis in the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR – SQUASH – Earlier in the week, Tempest approached Endgame about teaming up to teach a lesson to their mutual nuisances. Endgame agreed and we had a crowd pleasing opener!

Endgame and Tempest completely outmatched their opponents and tossed them both from the ring after the bell.

Elina d. Lady Godsend via pinfall after RESURRECTION – *** – Lady Godsend was about to put Elina away when Kralla charged the ring, smashed Demon Godsend from behind with the butt of her gun and then did the same to Lady Godsend behind the ref’s back! Elina capitalized and picked up the win.

COMMANDER SAM: A win’s a win. Doesn’t matter how it happens.

HelSin d. Tarval the Trapper via DQ when Orrus attacked HelSin from behind – *** – Orrus and Tarval attacked HelSin after the bell. Faller rushed the ring to make the save and Orrus and Tarval skipped out.

TITAN STAND d. MEAN STREETS via countout when Kenji gave Skiver a Titan Drop on the arena floor and he couldn’t meet the ten count – *** – MEAN STREET’S bad luck continued with another loss here tonight.

Orrus the Unstoppable d. Faller via pinfall after the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM – *** – Tarval interfered on behalf of Orrus. Later in the match, Lord Nexus tried to even the odds and Tarval grabbed him and slammed him into the guardrails.

Exo-King d. Epoch via submission with the DEATH VISE – *** – A hard fought match. Exo-King (II) desperately needed this win and got it.

The Basilisk d. Monolith via pinfall after Orrus stormed the ring and gave Monolith the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM – ***** – This one was all over the arena! The Basilisk wasn’t having any trouble handling Monolith but Orrus wanted to prove a point and attacked Monolith from behind and hit him with his finisher.

After the bell, Tarval launched his net at The Basilisk, but the creature was able to duck it and escape though the crowd.