Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Storm d. Shann-Ra via pinfall with VICTORY LAP – * – Storm dominates this one and after the match delivered a devastating Gladiator Piledriver to Shann-Ra on the flooring outside the ring! Shann-Ra instantly goes limp. Medics rush to tend to her.

STORM: I am hereby declaring the women’s division in the GWF, defunct! Women wrestlers of the GWF you will heed my warning and just quit now or end up like this wretch!

For emphasis, Storm goes over and kicks the hovering stretcher them medics have just loaded Shann-Ra onto. Shann-Ra, still unmoving tumbles to the floor as Security rushes to keep Storm away from the injured wrestler. Storm looks directly into a floating camera at ringside.

STORM: Women of the GWF. Quit now or you will end up like Shann-Ra. You will end up like Catfight. Bulldoze and I will end your careers!

Shann-Ra is injured for 6 cards.

Death Knight (II) d. Saber via DQ when the ref sees Saber smash Death Knight (II) with the hilt of his sword when the action spilt out of the ring – * – The bad blood continues to flow between these two! Saber argues he only used the sword after Death Knight used a loaded glove! The ref shrugs him off.

Lady Godsend d. Killer Queen via pinfall with QUEEN OF THE REALM – **** – Early offense from Killer Queen but Lady Godsend soon took over and easily put Killer Queen away.

After the match, Gryt asked Lady Godsend for comments on Storm’s words earlier. Lady Godsend waved him away.

CHAMELEON CREATURES d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall after Chameleon Creature Future Shock smashed Skiver with Pounce and Shred – ** – CHAMELEON CREATURES pick up a dominant victory.

After the bell, the two mysterious creatures stood in the ring over the fallen Skiver. Patch slid under the ropes and grabbed his partner, pulling him to the apron. Suddenly, both CHAMELEON CREATURES began emanating a blinding light and when it subsides the crowd was stunned to see they’d changed into…MEAN STREETS! Terrified, MEAN STREETS ran from ringside.

Seconds later, another blinding flash of light and the CHAMELEON CREATURES were gone! The weird is getting weirder!

HelSin d. Necros after hitting him with BURIAL and rolling him into the coffin and slamming the lid shut – ***** – HelSin was on offense most of the match here but just could not put Necros away until he was a limp bloody mess!

Bulldoze d. Elina via pinfall after a Bulldozer Slam – ** – One sided affair here with Bulldoze trouncing Elina!

After the bell, Bulldoze put Elina in the position to give her a Gladiator Piledriver on the floor when suddenly, Cosmic Woman appeared and tackled Bulldoze causing her to smash her head into the guardrail. Blood immediately started pouring from Bulldoze’s head as Cosmic woman began repeatedly kicking her fallen opponent in the head! Security swarmed the ring and Endgame and Commander Sam rushed out as well to hold Cosmic Woman back.

COSMIC WOMAN: Tell Storm, before the Gladiators end the Women’s Division, I will end the Gladiators!

A side of Cosmic Woman we haven’t seen!

Bulldoze is injured for 6 cards.

The Basilisk d. Monolith via DQ when Monolith slams The Basilisk into the flooring at ringside – ** – A brawl from the start! The action fell out of the ring and the brawling continued! After the bell the two monsters brawled all the back to the back!

GLADIATORS d. BETTER THAN HUMAN via pinfall after Siege hit PSI with the AETHRAN CRIPPLER – *** – The start of the match saw Tharkas getting the upper hand on First and coming close to beating him several times! Siege tagged in and Tharkas tagged out and PSI was completely outmatched.

After the bell, Tharkas looked on in horror as the GLADIATOR delivered two deadly powerslams against the turnbuckle to PSI. PSI was stretchered out.

PSI is injured for 5 cards.

Taichi d. Kralla via submission with a KNEE BAR out of nowhere to become the NEW GALAXIAN WOMEN’S CHAMPION – *** – This match was all Kralla until Taichi locked her in the KNEE BAR out of nowhere.

Sly Drury d. Shayne via DQ when Scorn jumped the railing and smashed Drury from behind with a bullwhip. Shayne retains the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP – **** – This match was a crowd pleaser until the final moments! Scorn, dressed in western girl ran into the ring to Shayne smiling and happy. Shayne, visibly upset waved her away.

SHAYNE: This is the second time you’ve interfered in my business. I don’t need any help. Go play dress-up somewhere else. Drury, I don’t like you but you’ll get your rematch next card.

Shayne left ringside without once looking back at Scorn.

CASTILEX d. NOWHERE TO RUN via pinfall when Sentinel hit Kill Prey with NIGHTWATCH – SQUASH – CASTILEX didn’t waste a second and didn’t break a sweat in this one. Easily defending the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

Aethran Overmaster d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall with DOMINANCE to retain the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP – ***** – Great match between these two but Perfect Specimen just couldn’t get it done.

As Aethran Overmaster was getting his hand raised, Godsend headed to the ring. Aethran Soldiers flooded the ringside area, weapons poised and ready to hold Godsend back.

GODSEND screamed at Aethran Overmaster to face him, but Overmaster grabbed the title and was lead out through the crowd away from Godsend as we…