2137.426 – INVASION

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

The crowd on Deimos is hot! Tonight is ‘Titan Appreciation Night’ arranged by Massif. Several Titan stars will be in action! Lord Nexus and Faller met with fans as they entered the arena, signing autographs. Dark Menace had demanded a ‘Aethran Appreciation Night’ and has vowed to rain on the Titan’s parade!

Hyla d. Sinful via pinfall after LOW TIDES – ** – Sinful attempted LOW TIDES at one point but Hyla kicked out. Great come from behind victory by Hyla!

HYLA: Storm! I heard your comments about Women’s Wrestling at the Perennial! I’m here to tell you we aren’t going anywhere!

Exo-King d. Murtak via submission with the DEATH VICE – * – Solid victory by a struggling Exo-King.

Siege d. Faller via pinfall after an (enhanced) AETHRAN CRIPPLER – SQUASH – Fired up by the Dark Menace’s enhancement, Siege moves to attack Faller after the bell. Paralyze is able to hold him back…but barely.

What are the long term effects of Dark Menace’s ‘enhancements?’ Time will tell.

TITAN STAND d. THE NATIVES via pinfall when Kenji catches Krud with a back fist – **** – TITAN STAND struggled, embarrassingly, during this match. Overtime especially couldn’t break free from the rapid tags of Krud and Ygorr. THE NATIVES lost but wrestled the match of their careers as a team. Lord Nexus ushered Kenji and Overtime from ringside quickly.

Epoch d. Azuma via pinfall after hitting him with DARK AGE three times – **** – Azuma was a step behind Epoch the whole match. This one was all Epoch. After the bell, Azuma and Nexus left ringside quickly, bringing an abrupt end to ‘Titan Appreciation Night.’

EVOLVED d. FDF TRADITION via pinfall when Tarval grounded Climber with the DEATH TRAP – * – After the bell, Tarval snares Climber in his net and begins dragging him from the ring until Tank and Commander Sam stopped him. Unable to remove the net, Tank and Commander Sam had to carry Climber to the back. More embarrassment for the heroes!

Shayne d. Sly Drury via pinfall after a surprise roll up – ***** – The match was all Sly Drury and he came so close to winning several times. Even Shayne’s Fury couldn’t stop Drury in this one. He had the whip most of the time! It was a surprise roll up that gets Shayne the win! Shayne retains the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

Scorn watched the match from afar but stayed far away from Shayne as he left ringside.

To close the evening, Dark Menace comes out and announces that soon there will be an ‘Aethran Appreciation Night’ and promises it won’t be an embarrassment like tonight was for the Titans!