2137.424 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

The crowd cheers for CATFIGHT making her return from her 3 card injury! She climbs into the ring going to get some revenge against STORM!

Storm d. Catfight via pinfall after an enhanced MILITARY PURGE – *** – After the bell, Dark Menace tosses a chair to Storm who brings it down repeatedly onto Catfight’s knee! Shann-Ra rushes ringside but is stopped by Bulldoze! When the beating is done, Catfight appears to be injured worse than before.

DARK MENACE: The Ani-Men team needs to stay out of our way or they’ll get more of the same. Both in and out of the ring!

Epoch d. Exo-King (II) via pinfall with THE DARK AGE – SQUASH – Epoch decimated Exo-King (II) in his debut singles match.

EPOCH: Some king! Bring me Death Knight. At least he seems to be a worthy opponent.

Orrus the Unstoppable d. The Basilisk via pinfall after the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM – **** – Strange events here! Monolith interfered on behalf of The Basilisk! He climbed into the ring to stop a pin count.

MONOLITH: I want to be the one to defeat this creature!

Orrus clobbered Monolith with a fist to the face and then easily tossed him over the top rope! Tarval tripped up Monolith with his net as he tried to get back in the ring! Orrus got the victory and yelled down to Monolith…

ORRUS: Stay out our way! I’ve beaten you before I’ll do it again!

Confusion abounds in the crowd as this was Orrus’ first solo match!  How could he have beaten Monolith before?

Monolith seemed stunned by Orrus’ words and sat down at ringside holding his head. Meanwhile, Orrus and Tarval snared The Basilisk in Tarval’s net and dragged him from ringside!

What is going on here!?

CHAMELEON CREATURES d. MEAN STREETS via DQ when Patch slammed Chameleon Creature Future Shock into the announce table against the ref’s warnings – * – A weird night got weirder as just as Patch was slamming the Chameleon Creature into the announce table, the Chameleon Creature suddenly appeared to transform into…Skiver! It only lasted for a second but it happened.

Many are saying it was just a trick of the eyes due to the Chameleon Creature’s reflective bodies but a review of the HoloVision encodings show that it did happen. The four men brawled after the bell and security was called to separate them.

Are the CHAMELEON CREATURES displaying some sort of new power?!

Azuma d. Burning Man via pinfall with ZENSHO – ** – Dominant victory by Azuma and the crowd loved seeing his new ZENSHO finisher!

LORD NEXUS: A few more wins like that and you may just see this guy going after the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

The crowd roared with approval.

Siege d. Tharkas via pinfall after the AETHRAN CRIPPLER – ***** – Siege gets the victory but had a heck of a time putting Tharkas away! Tharkas had a blistering offense at the start! Soon Siege made a bug reversal but tharkas brushed off 5 Siege Stunners and one AETHRAN CRIPPLER! It took two in a row to put him away for good. As Siege and Paralyze left ringside, Tharkas called after them.

THARKAS: Siege! You won but you now know I can beat you and that’s going to eat away at you for some time! I look forward to our tag team rematch at THE PERENNIAL!

Siege let out a yell of frustration and Paralyze pushed him to the back. Once Siege was back in the locker room area, Paralyze returned with Dark Menace for our MAIN EVENT.

Godsend d. Paralyze via pinfall after the Godsend Gutbuster – SQUASH – Godsend trounced Paralyze in 2 moves!

GODSEND: Overmaster! Keep sending your lackeys out to face me and I will keep striking them down! Soon you will have no choice but to stand across the ring from A GOD!