2137.423 – INVASION

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

GWF live events will remain on Deimos for the time being. Dark Menace has been campaigning to bring events to Castilex (or Aethra) but Massif has refused to allow that happen. He has stated that he wants the GWF to tour again but at the moment galactic travel is unsafe. Especially to places like Castilex and Aethra.

The GWF has poured recourses into holovision technology to make it appear that matches taking place in the Deimos Intergalactic Arena are taking place live for audiences in arenas around the Galaxy, but for the time being the GWF is staying put.

Monolith d. The Basilisk via DQ when Basilisk smashes Monolith with a floating camera – *** – Monolith threw everything at The Basilisk but could not put the beast down! Monolith gets the win but is not satisfied with it at all.

Perfect Specimen d. Epoch via pinfall with PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – **** – Great battle between these two as Perfect Specimen looks to climb the rankings and beat every member of THE CONQUERERS.

TITAN STAND d. EVOLVED via pinfall when Kenji catches Orrus with a roundhouse kick – ** – Tarval and Orrus had Overtime in peril until he was able to tag Kenji. Kenji cleaned house and got the win for the Titans.

Death Knight (II) d. Saber via pinfall after I STRIKE FOR FREEDOM – * – Looks like solo wrestling is agreeing with Death Knight (II). After the match, Saber complained to the ref about Death Knight (II) hitting him with a loaded glove. The ref says she didn’t see anything.

Lady Godsend d. Killer Queen (II) via DQ when Killer Queen smashed her into the guardrail at ringside – * – The two brawled after the bell and needed to be separated by security.

PSI d. Fist via DQ when Fist shoved the ref and slammed PSI on the arena floor – ***** – the BETTER THAN HUMAN vs. GLADIATORS feud continues! PSI had Fist close to being pinned several times but Fist would always battle back! Tharkas got involved at one point but so did Paralyze! Everything devolved when the action spilled out of the ring.

Sly Drury d. Demon Godsend via pinfall after a discus clothesline – * – Drury easily handles Demon Godsend.

DRURY: Shayne! At the Perennial, I’m coming for you and that title!