2137.421 – INVASION

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Shayne d. Azuma via pinfall after SHOWDOWN – **** – Incredible match to kick off 2137! Azuma actually had Shayne pinned until Scorn interfered!  Shayne retains the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

SHAYNE:  Azuma!  I know the Titans are all about tag-teams as of late, but if you’re ever looking for a partner, I’d be proud to tag with you, you tough old son of a bitch!

Azuma nodded towards Shayne and left with Lord Nexus.

Storm d. Hyla via pinfall after VICTORY LAP – SQUASH – It was over in three moves! Not even Flounch could stop the onslaught that is Storm who makes a very impressive debut.

EVOLVED d. THE NATIVES via submission when Tarval makes Krud submit to the Foothold Trap – SQUASH – Orrus didn’t even tag in as Tarval steamrolled both Ygorr and Krud to get the win.

Tempest d. Burning Man via pinfall with LOW TIDES – *** – Tempest handles Burning man relatively easily in his debut.

After the bell, Tempest continued to attack Burning Man and delivered a devastating elbow from the top rope that Flounch had tried to prevent. As medic tended to Burning Man, Tempest demanded a mic.

TEMPEST: This year, the AniMen are not playing. We WILL defeat our enemies decisively.

Burning Man Injured for 5 cards.

CHAMELEON CREATURES d. ROYAL UPRISING via pinfall when Chameleon Creature Future Shock covered Death Knight via pinfall after UNIVERSE SHATTERED – * – ROYAL UPRISING still not finding their footing after a year. Exo-King looked especially disappointed.

Godsend d. Aethran Soldier via pinfall with KINGDOM COME – SQUASH – Godsend toys with Aethran Soldier, hitting him with power move after power move, calling out Overmaster before each one. At one point, Paralyze rushed in to break up a pinfall and Godsend caught him with a Super Savior Drop for his trouble. He finally put Aethran Soldier out of his misery.

GODSEND: Overmaster! I demand you face Godsend, you coward!

GLADIATORS d. BETTER THAN HUMAN via DQ when the ref catches Tharkas hitting I Speak My Mind – **** – This was not a good showing for the, supposedly, improved GLADIATOR team. Tharkas completely laid waste to Siege and would have had him pinned at one point until Dark Meanace interfered! Tharkas continued to beat Siege down and went for the pin again when Fist charged the ring, bringing in PSI too. In the confusion, Fist dropped an elbow on Tharkas and reversed the pinning combination. Tharkas kicked out and lost his temper, using I Speak My Mind right in front of the ref.

The GLADIATORS get the win but it was absolutely not showing they were looking for.

THARKAS: We had you beat! We had you beat!