2137.422 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Bulldoze d. Cosmic Woman via pinfall after a sidewalk slam – SQUASH – Bulldoze tears Cosmic Woman apart in an impressive manner. The fans do not like her. She does not care.

As with Storm’s victory last card, Bulldoze lets her actions in the ring speak for themselves as she brushes past Gryt without a comment.

Faller d. Murtak via pinfall after a Big Chop that knocked the tiny dictator out fo his boots – ** – To his credit, Murtak had some offense but Faller was dominating in this outing.

Backstage Gryt spoke to Massif about the lackluster performance of ROYAL UPRISING.

MASSIF: Exo-King, Death Knight and I have discussed that and have decided that, going forward, we’re going to disband ROYAL UPRISING so Exo-King and Death Knight can focus on solo wrestling.

NOWHERE TO RUN d. CHAMELEON CREATURES via pinfall when Kill Prey covers Chameleon Creature Black Death via pinfall after a Hunter’s Hurricanrana – ** – Pretty even match here between these two teams but the veterans take it.

Scorn d. Sinful via pinfall after the WESTERN LASSO – * – Great showing by Scorn who has a few new moves in her arsenal.

SCORN: I got my sights set on the GALAXIAN WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP. Kralla, I’m coming for you.

Necros d. HelSin via DQ when HelSin smash Necros with a mallet at ringside – *** – Great back and forth and this one could have gone either way before the DQ. Still bad blood between these two.

HELSIN: I will do whatever it takes to prevent you from bringing Coven Black back and I will make sure no one is able to bring you or Sinful back as well!

FDF TRADITION d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Tank covers Skiver after FDF TRADITION – SQUASH – Incredibly powerful showing by FDF TRADITION who are still gunning for a title shot!

Endgame d. Totalis, the Tournament Master via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR – SQUASH – Endgame wasted no time in making Totalis tap out.

ENDGAME: The Aethrans are the most pressing threat to the universe. I do not have time to squabble who is the best wrestler from Corvus is. Hopefully, I ground this point into Totalis tonight.