2136.407 – RECKONING – NIGHT 2

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

MASSIF: You understand if you do this you aren’t going to wrestle in the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP Gauntlet, don’t you?

SHAYNE (grinning): You understand that if I do this, you’re going to have a new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION, don’t you?

Massif glares at Shayne for a minute.

MASSIF (nodding): Okay. You’re in. I’ll adjust the gauntlet accordingly.

SHAYNE: Partner, you just made me happier than a horse in a hayloft. Better schedule my championship HoloVision photo session because you’ll have a new champ before the evening’s through.

Shayne exits Massif’s office as we head to ringside.



Count Necros d. Ygorr when Massif throws in the towel to stop Necros from beating Ygorr any further – *** – Initially Count Necros was having trouble putting Ygorr away but soon he was just toying with the Native and refusing to pin him. Massif threw in the towel and the ref stopped the match. (Ygorr went over 12 tokens.)

Count Necros d. Krud via pinfall after Bite to Back of Neck – **** – Krud put up a much better fight than Ygorr had done previously but he was still no match against Count Necros’ offense.

Saber d. Count Necros via pinfall after the SABER CHOP – SQUASH – Saber picked up the win easily here, crushing Count Necros’ dreams.

Saber d. TERROR via pinfall after hitting him with the SABER CHOP twice in a row – *1/2 – Saber easily handled TERROR to pick up the victory. Saber is looking the best we’ve seen him tonight.

Murtak makes his way to the ring with the Dreeze National Anthem blaring. He gets into the ring and stomps over to Saber. The bell rings.

MURTAK: No, no, no. I am sorry but we are members of the same team. You are not a worthy opponent for Murtak. I must find–

Saber smashes Murtak across the chest with the SABER CHOP!

Saber d. Murtak via pinfall after the SABER CHOP – SQUASH – Saber washes his hands of Murtak and rolls him out of the ring. Suddenly a loud screeching is heard! Saber looks around the arena quickly and there, coming through the audience, it’s…


Is the Basilisk competing in the Gauntlet?! The Basilisk climbs into the ring and attacks Saber!

The Basilisk d. Saber via pinfall after the Serpent Smash – ***1/2 – Saber gives The Basilisk a good fight but he comes up short against the unrelenting creature!

The Basilisk paces the ring and out comes his opponent…Shayne!

Shayne doesn’t wait for the bell and attacks The Basilisk!

Shayne d. The Basilisk via pinfall after hitting EYE 4 EYE twice in a row – ***1/2 – Shayne took a beating and was bloody by the end but he delivers The Basilisk his first pinfall loss!

HelSin wastes no time and sprints to the ring with Commander Sam running after! HelSin hops into the ring and, looking to take advantage of the beaten Shayne, calls for the bell!

Shayne d. HelSin via pinfall after Frontier Justice – *** – A great match! HelSin seemed on the bring of hitting THE EQUALIZER but Shayne smashed him with Frontier Justice and put him away.

Bloody, but with a big grin on his face, Shayne is the NEW INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION! He holds the title high as we…


2136 RECKONING MVP: Saber (3 wins)