2134.369 – INVASION

Live from Four Star Forum, Asterism, M73

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Gryt  


Fans across the GALAXY are hyped for tonight’s MAIN EVENT! EPOCH vs GODSEND in a MILKY WAY FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH! But that’s not all! KILL PREY will battle DEMON GODSEND and the loser will be barred from ringside during the MAIN EVENT! All this plus GLADIATORS versus VAMPIRE LEGENDS in an AETHRAN ULTIMATE ESCAPE MATCH! This is a huge night! Let’s head to the ring!

Catfight defeated Elina with a FELINE FURY (pinfall) – **1/2 – CATFIGHT gets a solid victory here against ELINA in a competitive match.

Black Death d. FDF Tradition when Bex pinned Tank Mortar with a DEVOLUTION – *1/2  SUR and BEX keep the rookies off balance in the early goings of the match and are soon able to put them away.

Scorn defeated Sinful with a knee to face during a death jump (pinfall) – ** – SINFUL dominated but quick thinking by SCORN secures her victory.

Mean Streets d. Titan Samurai when Skiver defeated Kenji with a DOUBLE DISPATCH (pinfall) – **1/2 – Great back and forth in this close match. FHANNA provides the extra edge for her man SKIVER to set up for the big finish and give MEAN STREETS a victory.

Kill Prey defeated Demon Godsend with a Soften Up Prey (pinfall) – **1/2 – KILL PREY easily dismantles DEMON GODSEND and picks up the big win! DEMON GODSEND will be barred from ringside during the MAIN EVENT! 

Backstage GODSEND is furious. LADY GODSEND attempts to calm him down and suddenly GODSEND gets a big smile on his face.

Gladiators d. Vampire Legends – ****

Coven Black defeated Probation with an escape after BITE OF THE VAMPIRE (pinfall)
Fist defeated Necros with an escape after ARMAMENT (pinfall)
Probation defeated Necros with an escape after a cross body block (pinfall)

GLADIATORS get a big win in a vicious, bloody brawl! 

After the bell, COVEN BLACK climbed back in the ring to help COUNT NECROS to his feet. Suddenly, MONOLITH charged the ring to the cheers of the fans. The behemoth entered the cage and ordered the GLADIATORS to keep it closed. THEY DID, with smiles on their faces! 

MONOLITH grabbed COVEN BLACK and hit CATASTROPHE against the steel bars of the cage, knocking the vampire senseless! The big man then picked up COUNT NECROS and delivered more of the same! The arena was going nuts. 

COVEN BLACK and COUNT NECROS lay in a bloody heap at MONOLITH’S feet as the big man spits on them both! He leaves the cage, the GLADIATORS giving him wide berth! 

Medics rush ringside to tend to the fallen VAMPIRES who are most certainly injured.

Epoch defeated Godsend with a RETURN OF THE BEAST in the aisle (pinfall) – *** – This one went all over the arena! KILL PREY was at ringside but didn’t get involved at all as EPCOH dominated the match! 

During one pinfall attempt, LADY GODSEND ran out and tired to break it up, but the ref sent her packing much to the delight of the crowd in attendance! 

EPOCH gets a huge victory but the rumbling of thunder outside the arena is a sign he may be in for more trouble! 

KILL PREY holds up EPOCH’S arm in victory as we… 


Originally published at GWFPromoter.com on February 9, 2019.
Reposted here with permission. All characters are fictitious. Any similarity between these characters and living persons is purely coincidental.