2134.368 – SUPERNOVA

2134.368 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Stargazers Grotto, Veil Nebula

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Gryt 


TRENT LAWLESS: The Galaxy is buzzing as it was announced earlier today that Godsend would be wrestling for the first time on a regular, non-Castilex card! His opponent? Epoch! The two will face each other tonight! Plus, in the Main Event, Aethran Overmaster takes on Euritar! But there’s a lot of action to get to before that! Let’s head ringside!

Shann-ra defeated Elina with a PITFALL (pinfall) – ** – Great opener with some decent back and forth. SHANN-RA picks up a win over ELINA here.

Gladiators d. Vampire Legends when Probation defeated Necros with a DQ when SINFUL interfered – * – VAMPIRE LEGENDS have become more and more violent in recent weeks, taking the brutality directly to the GLADIATORS in this affair! The match ends when SINFUL charges the ring and stops a pinfall from happening by clobbering PROBATION with a big boot to the head. 

As the bell rang, the arena went nuts as MONOLITH charged the ring headed straight for COVEN BLACK! VAMPIRE LEGENDS turn into bats and make a hasty retreat into the rafters and MONOLITH seethes in the ring! The GLADIATORS are smart enough to stay out of the big man’s way and leave the ring.

Scorn defeated Taichi with an A WOMAN SCORNED (pinfall) – SQUASH   In a bit of a shocker, SCORN puts TAICHI away in just two moves! A quick one giving MARTIAL LAW a victory!

Godsend defeated Epoch 2133 with a DQ when KILL PREY interferes – **** – This one went back and forth for close to 40 minutes! DEMON GODSEND got involved at one point and fans booed as it seemed the ref was purposefully missing the sneak attack! Enraged KILL PREY stormed the ring to help EPOCH and the ref called it! Security, at EYDILON’S direction, stormed the ring to separate the four men much to the crowd’s disdain.

Ghena defeated Nightmare with a BRAIN BUSTER (pinfall) – ** 1/2 – MARAMUS and NIGHTMARE have still been gunning for GODSEND, but the god has refused to even entertain the thought of stepping in the ring with NIGHTMARE! He’s sent GHENA to shut them up and the big red brute did so in short order in this match. NIGHTMARE disappeared immediately after the bell. GHENA, INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION, held his title high as he left the ring.

Castilex d. Demon Hunters when Sentinel defeated Crossfire with a NIGHTWATCH (pinfall) – * – Short and sweet. CASTILEX dominated this one. CROSSFIRE had several chances to tag out but refused to. This cause a little discussion between himself and HelSIn after the bell rang.

Aethran Overmaster defeated Euritar (II) with a DOMINANCE (pinfall) – ***** – WHAT A MATCH! Definitely a MATCH OF THE YEAR candidate between these two. They threw everything at each other but in the end, OVERMASTER was able to hit EURITAR (II) hard with DOMINANCE and put him away! Heck of a match to end the evening. 

AETHRAN OVERMASTER stands over the fallen body of EURITAR (II) as we… 



Originally published at GWFPromoter.com on January 21, 2019.
Reposted here with permission. All characters are fictitious. Any similarity between these characters and living persons is purely coincidental.