2134.367 – INVASION

Live from Solar Flare Stadium, Mercury
Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Gryt

We see GODSEND and THE KINGDOM arriving at the arena. Behind them THE DOMINION followed by BLACK DEATH. Bringing up the rear, a weary DARK MENACE. GODSEND stops and looks back at him.

GODSEND: Menace, tonight you prove yourself. Eydilon wins or, with a snap of my fingers, you are gone for good.

DARK MENACE nods in reverence and follows them into the arena.

FDF TRADITION d. THEATRE OF WAR when Climber defeated Disciple of Theatre with a TWO MAN STAND (pinfall) – * – MURTAK completely dominated both members of FD TRADITION, but when he tagged in DISCIPLE OF THEATRE, the cart went off the rails and FDF TRADITION finished things quickly. MURTAK berated DISCIPLE OF THEATRE after the match.

Sinful d. Catfight with a FELINE FURY (via life force drain) (pinfall) – SQUASH – Dominant showing by SINFUL. COVEN BLACK and MONOLITH got into it a bit at ringside, but things cooled off quickly.

BURNING HELL d. BETTER THAN HUMAN when Bishop Hell (II) defeated Psi with a HELLFIRE x 2 (pinfall) – SQUASH – BISHOP HELL (II) dominated from the opening bell easily dispatching with PSI in just a matter of minutes. BURNING HELL teleported from the ring leaving BETTER THAN HUMAN. GODSEND looked down disapprovingly. Scoffing at the wannabes who’d desired to join THE KINGDOM.

Sly Drury defeated Faller with a COUNTOUT after a piledriver on the floor – ** – The rivalry between these two (over FHANNA) continues. SLY DRURY gets the victory but just by countout. LORD NEXUS tended to FALLER who seemed out of it after the match. DRURY and FHANNA laughed as they left ringside.

PREDATORS d. BLACK DEATH when Wolf defeated Sur with an END OF THE HUNT (pinfall) – **** – Great back and forth between these two teams but BLACK DEATH were missing a step here and there and despite some early offense, soon fell victim to the two Ani-Men.

Eydilon defeated Nightmare with a Last Rites (pinfall) – *** – Anticipation was at an all time high for this match! GODSEND fed EYDILON to NIGHTMARE! NIGHTMARE started strong, but EYDILON quickly took control and finished the match. After the bell, Eydilon went for the attack, but NIGHTMARE vanished in a whisp of smoke. Will we see him again? Who knows.

GODSEND: Look at him run. Nothing to be worried about! And Menace…

DARK MENACE looks wearily up at GODSEND on his throne.

GODSEND: You live another day.

Monolith defeated Perfect Specimen with a CATASTROPHE (pinfall) – *** – One sided, dominant affair here. After the bell it seemed that MONOLITH might try to punish PERFECT SPECIMEN, but CATFIGHT was able to dissuade him. Moments later the two shook hands to the delight of LORD NEXUS and CATFIGHT.

The capacity crowd cheering as we…


Originally published at GWFPromoter.com on January 15,, 2019.
Reposted here with permission. All characters are fictitious. Any similarity between these characters and living persons is purely coincidental.