2134.366.5 – INTERLUDE


Deep inside the DOMINION’S castle, Godsend and Lady Godsend sit at a table strewn with the remains of a magnificent feast.  They speak in hushed tones.  The door to the dining room creaks open and Demon Godsend’s hulking figure is silhouetted in the doorframe.

“What?!” Godsend says, slamming his chalice down on the table and turning to the doorway with a sigh.

Without speaking, Demon Godsend reaches behind him and grabs a scrawny figure wrapped in a hooded cloak and tosses him into the room.  The figure lets out a shriek as he crashes down to the floor.  Quickly, almost rodent-like, he scrambles to his knees, his head bowed.

“What is this?” Lady Godsend smirks. “Dessert?”

Demon Godsend inhales, “Was at the front gate.  Wouldn’t leave until he was granted an audience.”  He ends his sentence with a grunt, as if words are difficult for his muscle-bound mass.

“Why wasn’t he just dispatched like the other rabble?” Godsend says, returning his gaze to the table.

Demon Godsend inhales again but is cut off by the figure on his knees.

“I can help you.” the figure whispers.

“What was that whelp?” Godsend demands.  His patience almost gone.

“I can help you.” the figure says again with reverence.

Godsend stands, furious.  “What help could you offer to a God?!”

Lighting flashes and thunder shakes the castle.

“Technology.” the figure croaks.  His voice barely audible.

“Technology?” Godsend roars.  “What use is technology TO A GOD?!”

Lightning, closer, this time fills the room.  Deafening Thunder, so loud it almost creates silence.  The figure is now flat on his stomach, visibly shaking.

Godsend, Lady Godsend and Demon Godsend stand silent.  Awaiting a response.  Getting none, Godsend leans down.

“What use is technology to a God?” he says again, in a whisper.

“Technology inside the ring.” the figure’s muffled reply comes, through the hands he has covering his face in fear.  “T-t-t-t-t-to help you win.”

Demon Godsend has lost patience.  He strides across the room and is about to grab the figure and throw him out the window.  Godsend stops him with a wave of his hand.

“You have such a technology?  That would help us win?” Godsend queries.

The figure swallows, not removing his hands from his face he nods.  “Y-y-y-y-yes.  Yes I do.”

“I see.  And what do you want in return for our use of this technology?” Godsend asks.

The figure lowers his hands from his face and removes his hood.  He looks up at Godsend.

“A way back in.” The Dark Menace answers.