2134.370 – SUPERNOVA

Live  from Azerod Astral Dome, Azerod

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Gryt 


GRYT is backstage and he hears some loud carousing coming form one of the locker rooms, he peeks inside and ten, incredibly large men stand with beer steins, loudly laughing and drinking. In the center is FALLER. 

GRYT: Faller, who are these gentlemen? 

FALLER: Ya, dees are my lumberjacks, ya? For the match against Sly Drury later tonight, ya? 

GRYT: Uh, I see, it’s just that normally, the lumberjacks are members of the wrester’s team, so like the rest of the TITANS. 

FALLER: Oh, sure, sure, ya. That makes sense, ya. But me being a lumberjack, I thought it only proper to have real lumberjacks, ya? Dees are my friends from the woods and I wanted them to all have a front row seat when I chop yittle Sly Drury DOWN TO SIZE! 

A big cheer goes up from all the lumberjacks as we cut to ringside.

Natives of Castilex d. Theatre of War after Krud defeated Murtak with a DQ when WIGGY attempts a pinsave – ** – Quite possibly the best match of the NATIVES’ career. They were a heartbeat away from winning when WIGGY got the match thrown out.

Burning Hell vs. Better Than Human when Burning Man defeated Tharkas with an EXHAUSTION (pinfall) – SQUASH – Decisive win by BURNING HELL that pretty much much cements THE CONQUERORS not joining THE KINGDOM.

Shann-ra defeated Taichi with a DQ when Taichi hits a frog splash on the concrete outside the ring – * – Rare show of brutal aggression from TAICHI as she goes a little hardcore. SHANN-RA picks up the win via DQ. LORD NEXUS tires his best to calm TAICHI. Interested in discovering why she lashed out in such a brutal manner. SHANN-RA was shaken but not injured.

Nightmare defeated Euritar with a NIGHT TERRORS – *1/2 – NIGHTMARE picks up his first win upon returning. Is this the start of his climb back up the ladder to get a crack at GODSEND? We shall see.

Faller defeated Sly Drury with a DOWN TO SIZE (pinfall) – ***** – FALLER finally achieves a bit of redemption in his feud with SLY DRURY! This was a wild match and FALLER’S lumberjack friends had themselves a time serving as lumberjacks for the match.

Eydilon defeated Perfect Specimen with a MISTS OF EYDILON (3) (pinfall) – **1/2 – EYDILON dominates PERFECT SPECIMEN in this match and will now go on to face SHAYNE for the CASTILEX HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! GODSEND must be pleased as punch. One person who was happy was DARK MENACE who had appeared in EYDILON’S corner. After the bell he could be heard saying, “It worked! The technology I stole worked!” No one was sure what this meant but it was making DARK MENACE happy.

Aethran Overmaster defeated Monolith with an Overmaster Overhead Toss (pinfall) – ***** – A planet-shaking match! This one was hard hitting and dominating from the opening bell. Both men bloody and beaten at the end. AETHRAN OVERMASTER will go on to face SHAYNE for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, looking to finish the REAL ORDEAL’S legendary reign once and for all! 


Originally published at GWFPromoter.com on February 15, 2019.
Reposted here with permission. All characters are fictitious. Any similarity between these characters and living persons is purely coincidental.