2133.345 – SURVIVAL


DATELINE: October 31, 2133
REPORTER: Trent Lawless

  • PANTHER WARRIOR’S SHOOTER ARRESTED – News out of the Columbae system that authorities have arrested the man responsible for the shooting that has left PANTHER WARRIOR hospitalized for nearly a year and fighting for his life.  The assailant’s name is M. AC Guffin and he was nothing more than a junkie looking to score his next fix.  Guffin admitted to the crime and even turned over the weapon used.  In a statement, CATFIGHT thanked the authorities and added, “Gun violence is the scourge of the galaxy.  It is a shame we have not advanced far enough to figure out how to curb it.”  She vowed to continue her crusade against gun violence and promised a moment of silence before every match to remember the victims.
  • HELSIN ISSUES A CHALLENGE FOR SURVIVAL – With CROSSFIRE injured, HELSIN has vowed to take revenge, challenging BURNING HELL to a SURVIVAL RULES match at SURVIVAL!  He told BISHOP HELL (II) and BURNING MAN to find two partners of their choosing as he has found three men to back him up in the ring.  No word yet on who they are but HELSIN has said, “Sometimes to get revenge, you need to team up with those you might not normally.”  This has led to wild speculation as who his three teammates may be.
  • MAIN EVENT SET FOR SURVIVAL – SLY DRURY, still enraged at the disappearance of FHANNA has ordered that THE FIGHTING TITANS will face off against REGIME CHANGE in a SURVIVAL RULES match at SURVIVAL!  SHAYNE, SECURITY SQUAD (II), TOTALIS, THE TOURNAMENT MASTER and SLY DRURY himself will challenge PERFECT SPECIMEN, TITAN FURY, WITNESS and FALLER in match where DRURY has promised the TITANS will be punished.  News of this match has sent the fans into a frenzy and the arena is now sold out!  SURVIVAL will be one to watch for sure.

From Red Ice Arena, Mars!

Shann-ra defeated Taichi with a pinfall after AMBUSCADE!
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: Absolutely awesome opening match. These two tore into each other and in the final moments both were using finishers. SHANN-RA picks up the victory here tonight.

Aethran Overmaster defeated Euritar with a pinfall after Overmaster Overhead Toss!
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: EURITAR fought bravely but was soon overpowered by the bigger man. Even interference by GUARDIAN couldn’t stop the Gladiator!

Ultimate Fighters vs. Better Than Human
Shoot defeated Tharkas with a submission with TAPPED OUT!
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: BETTER THAN HUMAN used quick tags in the beginning to control the action but they just couldn’t do any damage to either CLINCH or SHOOT! ULTIMATE FIGHTERS mounted an offensive comeback and soon finished THARKAS and PSI off in quick fashion.

Monolith, Wolf, and Lope vs. Epoch 2133, Kill Prey, and Nosfera
Monolith defeated Kill Prey with a pinfall after CATASTROPHE!
Monolith defeated Epoch 2133 with a pinfall after lung demolisher!
Wolf defeated Nosfera with a pinfall after END OF THE HUNT!
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: What a battle! MONOLITH began the match and wasn’t going to leave the ring until he’d eliminated KILL PREY. WOLF and LOPE did a number on EPOCH, softening him up for MONOLITH to make the kill. WOLF came in and ended NOSFERA, giving the ANI-MEN the win. Standing tall, after the match, they dedicated their victory to PANTHER WARRIOR.

Mean Streets vs. Gladiators 2133
Fist defeated Skiver with an escape after mounted punches. (pinfall)
Probation defeated Skiver with an escape after NO SURRENDER! (pinfall)
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: Grueling match between these two teams. PATCH and SKIVER actually wore down FIST to the point he was barely able to stand but the Aethran would always, somehow, prevent them from escaping. FIST made his escape and PROBATION easily trounced SKIVER to make his and get the win.

Burning Hell and Vampire Legends vs. HelSin, Krud, and Castilex
HelSin defeated Burning Man with an Exorcism resulting in a pinfall!
Bishop Hell defeated Krud with a HELLFIRE resulting in a pinfall!
Sentinel defeated Coven Black with a NIGHTWATCH resulting in a pinfall!
Moog defeated Necros 2132 with a missed turnbuckle charge resulting in a pinfall!
HelSin defeated Bishop Hell with a STAKE TO THE HEART resulting in a pinfall!
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: HELSIN gets the revenge he was looking for agains BURNING MAN and BISHOP HELL (II). His team worked well together, using quick tags to wear down the opponents. After the bell, HELSIN extended a hand to CASTILEX and the two monsters smirked and walked away. Regardless, CROSSFIRE must be feeling good wherever he is convalescing.

Security Squad 2133, Sly Drury, Totalis, and Shayne vs. Perfect Specimen, Titan Samurai, Faller, and Witness
Giant Azuma defeated Shayne with a pinfall after a huge headbutt.
Faller defeated Code Destroyer with a pinfall after TIMBER
Sly Drury defeated Faller with a pinfall after rope walk sledgehammer!
Shayne defeated Perfect Specimen with a pinfall after SHAYNE’S FURY!
Shayne defeated Kenji with a pinfall after Rustler’s Roundup
Witness defeated Totalis with a pinfall after PROSECUTION!
Overtime defeated Giant Azuma with a pinfall after a missed turnbuckle charge!
Sly Drury defeated Witness with a pinfall after REGIME CHANGE!
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: This was a MAIN EVENT to end all MAIN EVENTS! In the final moments, the arena was shocked when FHANNA appeared at ringside! It was OVERTIME and SLY DRURY against WITNESS, the sole survivor for the TITANS.

SLY DRURY was flabbergasted as she crossed to the TITAN’S corner! The CROWD was going nuts! She hopped up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring glaring at SLY DRURY!

Suddenly, FHANNA shoved WITNESS forward into the waiting arms of SLY DRURY who hit his finisher and finished the match in favor of REGIME CHANGE. FHANNA celebrated with SLY DRURY and OVERTIME to the jeers of the shocked CROWD. SLY DRURY has a wicked smile on his face as we…


Overall Card Rating: 4.13