2133.346 – INVASION

2133.346 – INVASION
11.07.2133 from Four Star Forum, Asterism, M73

As the show opens FIST is in the center of the ring. TRENT LAWLESS explains that he’s been there for an hour now, refusing to move until he is guaranteed a rematch for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP against SHAYNE.

SLY DRURY is out to boos and tells FIST to get out of the ring. FIST, again, demands a rematch. And this time he adds he wants his rematch at BIG BANG!

SLY DRURY: You got more nut on you than a squirrel. You get no rematch, get out of the ring!

FIST crosses his arms, he’s not budging. DRURY is about to head to the ring when SHAYNE appears.

SHAYNE: Whoa, whoa, whoa there Sly. If this big swingin’ d*ck wants a rematch at BIG BANG, give him a rematch at BIG BANG.

SLY DRURY: I can’t do that. The winner of the BETRAYAL tournament gets the match at BIG BANG.

SHAYNE: So put him in the BETRAYAL tournament.

SLY DRURY rubs his temples. He clearly hates having this discussion in front of an arena full of people.

SLY DRURY: I can’t put him in the BETRAYAL tournament. He’s a tag wrestler and he hasn’t fought enough single matches to be ranked. Only the top 8 ranked wrestlers are in the tournament.

SHAYNE is now the one frustrated. He shakes his head.

SLY DRURY: Why are you making this hard, buttercup? Who’s the lowest ranked wrestler in the tournament?

SLY DRURY checks his wrist computer.

SLY DRURY: Epoch. So I should make him and Epoch fight? Winner goes in the tournament?

SHAYNE: No. You put him in a match but not against Epoch. If you put him in a match against Epoch and Epoch loses, Epoch’ll bitch and moan about his spot being rightfully taken. What you do is put him in a match against a real challenge. If he wins then he’s in the tournament.

SLY DRURY: Who’s he gonna fight?


The CROWD loves this.

SLY DRURY looks to the ring at FIST who hasn’t moved.

SLY DRURY: Fine. I’m not worried. In fact, I love the idea of putting this dog down. But what do I do about Epoch?

SHAYNE: Only one thing you can do. Give Epoch a title shot. Against me. Tonight. That’s the only way he don’t complain about this here whole deal.

The CROWD loves this even more. SLY DRURY shakes his head again.

SLY DRURY: Fine. It’s on. It’s all on. Epoch gets his title match tonight and you, (he points at FIST) you beat me and you are in BETRAYAL.

FIST nods. The CROWD goes crazy. SLY DRURY hangs his head and heads to the back with SHAYNE smiling behind him.

Eydilon vs. Faller
Eydilon defeated Faller with a via pinfall after Astral Neckbreakcer.
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: Pretty easy match here for EYDILON. He dispatches of FALLER quickly and leaves the ring without even breaking a sweat.

CATFIGHT is out to boos. She is shaking her head. She grabs the mic from NITRO.

CATFIGHT: I don’t know why you are booing me. I don’t want to take your guns away. I just want regulations to make the galaxy a safer place.

DARK MENACE: Blah, blah, blah.

DARK MENACE appears and he’s carrying a rifle over his shoulder as he leads NOVA to ringside.

DARK MENACE: You gotta get over your fear of guns. If Panther Warrior had had a gun on him, he could have shot the bad guy who shot him.


DARK MENACE: But all the Ani-Men are liberals. They don’t carry guns and, frankly, that’s why they are a race that will always fall victim to superiority. They lost to the GLADIATORS, they lost to the COLONIZERS, the list goes on and on. You take away guns and you are the victim.

CATFIGHT screams and is circling the ring lady to take her frustrations out on NOVA. The ref calls for the bell.

Nova vs. Catfight
Catfight defeated Nova with a via DQ when Dark Menace smashes NOVA with the butt of the rifle
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: About a minute into the match, the action spilled outside. CATFIGHT came face to face with DARK MENACE and began screaming at him about the importance of gun control. DARK MENACE laughed and smashed CATFIGHT in the face with the butt of the rifle he’d brought to ringside. The ref called the match. NOVA and DARK MENACE left laughing, not caring about the loss. CATFIGHT was tended to by medical professionals.

Castilex vs. Vampire Legends
Moog defeated Coven Black with a via DQ when COVEN BLACK smashes MOOG with a chair.
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: DARK MENACE is furious! He’s stomping around ringside screaming at COVEN BLACK and COUNT NECROS!

DARK MENACE: You idiots! You couldn’t find your way to a win in broad daylight.

COVEN BLACK: Actually, we can’t go outside in broad–

DARK MENACE: SHUT UP!!!!! You two are FIRED! You are no longer in DARK MENACE FORCES!

COVEN BLACK and COUNT NECROS look very, very sad. They begin crying blood as they mope away from ringside.

As they leave, DARK MENACE slides into the ring and approaches MOOG and SENTINEL.

DARK MENACE: I’m in the market for a new tag team. How’d you two like–

Before he can even finish, SENTINEL picks DARK MENACE up and tosses him out of the ring, over the guardrail and into the first three rows. The fence see it coming and scatter, allowing DARK MENACE to crash down on the chairs and concrete floor.

He is tended to by medical professionals.

HelSin vs. Burning Man
HelSin defeated Burning Man with a via pinfall after THE GUARDIAN sneaks into the ring and hits BURNING MAN with ENVELOPED!
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: These two beat the sh*t out of each other much to the fan’s delight! During one pinfall, BISHOP HELL (II) interfered and was sent from ringside by the referee. In the closing moments, he ran back to ringside and as the ref was again forcing him to leave, GUARDIAN slipped into the ring and smashed BURNING MAN with his finisher giving HELSIN the path to victory!

The CROWD loves it! HELSIN has definitely put a beat down on BURNING MAN but as he leaves, he’s smiling and shouts back at BURNING MAN.

HELSIN: You’re in it now. CROSSFIRE is cleared to wrestle next card. He’s gunning for you, I promise you that.

Taichi vs. Fhanna
Fhanna defeated Taichi with a via pinfall after THE OTHER WOMAN.
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: FHANNA dominated from the opening bell, looking to prove she doesn’t need the TITANS’ help in any way shape or form! TAICHI mounted some offense, but was quickly overpowered. LORD NEXUS could only stand by at ringside and watch the slaughter.

After the bell, FHANNA wiped her feet on the mat in TAICHI’S direction and left to the boos of the CROWD.