2133.343 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Mountain Top Pavilion, Oberon Moon, Uranus

The show opens with LORD NEXUS and entire FIGHTING TITANS team standing in the middle of the ring.  They stand tall and the CROWD is cheering them, but there is an air of unease.

SLY DRURY appears at ringside.

SLY DRURY:  Good.  You’re all here.

LORD NEXUS:  What is this all about?

SLY DRURY:  Let me show you a little clip from Card 2133.341.

The HoloVision units around the arena flicker to life as we see some footage from the main event of the last SUPERNOVA:

The ref calls for the bell when PATCH smashed PROBATION with a sledgehammer.  This begins a wild brawl.  All four men clobbering each other!  SECURITY floods the ring!  In the mayhem, fans are shocked to see FALLER sneak to ringside and gingerly pick up FHANNA and carry her away from the ring.

All the screens in the arena freeze on the image of FALLER carrying FHANNA away from the ring.

SLY DRURY:  Where is she?

The TITANS all look towards FALLER who shrugs.

SLY DRURY climbs up into the ring and walks directly up to FALLER.

SLY DRURY:  I will not ask again.

FALLER:  I do not know vere she is, ya?  I vas just getting her outta harms way.


FALLER:  It is the truth, ya.  I do not know vere she is.

SLY DRURY lets out a groan of frustration.

SLY DRURY:  Fine.  I guess if you won’t tell me, I’ll beat it out of you.  Kid, you just earned a main event slot against me.  Tonight.

SLY DRURY turns to the rest of the TITANS.

SLY DRURY:  You’re ALL wrestling tonight!  


SLY DRURY:  You get to wrestle your old pal Overtime.

He crosses to WITNESS.

SLY DRURY:  You are putting the Interplanetary Championship on the line again TOTALIS, THE TOURNAMENT MASTER.

He turns towards TITAN SAMURAI.

SLY DRURY:  You two will receive a beatdown from MEAN STREETS.

He crosses to TAICHI.

SLY DRURY:  And I wouldn’t forget about you, little lady.  You get Scorn.  Tonight it’s nothing but Titans getting their asses handed to them by Martial Law!  You get an ass whooping, you get an ass whooping, you get an ass whooping, you all get an ass whooping!  Unless, of course, someone tells me WHERE THE F*CK FHANNA IS?!

LORD NEXUS:  Why do you care?  You and the rest of your team treated her like sh*t!

SLY DRURY scowls and turns towards LORD NEXUS.

SLY DRURY:  Since Fhanna isn’t here and she usually accompanies us to ringside, YOU are banned from ringside.  And each of these matches is a TITAN DEATH MATCH!

The CROWD cheers at the thought of the slate of matches for tonight.

SLY DURY:  But this could all go away if you just tell me where she is!

The TITANS remain standing tall.  Silent and SLY DRURY throws the microphone in frustration and storms from the ring.  The TITANS turn towards FALLER who shrugs and scratches his head through his knit cap.

The TITANS leave ringside and as they do, DISCIPLE OF TERROR shuffles to ringside.  He looks greasy and disheveled, as far as a reptilian creature can look disheveled anyway.  He climbs into the ring muttering to himself.

DISCIPLE OF TERROR:  Durrr durrr durrr durrrr. Dur.

His opponent, Kill Prey, comes ringside on the hunt for an easy victory.

Kill Prey defeated Disciple of Terror with a pinfall after hitting Snap Snare – * – KILL PREY picks up the win, sending the rudderless DISCIPLE OF TERROR back into the night.

DARK MENACE arrives with NOVA.  He’s sporting his Pleple shirt, but he looks a little bummed out.  NITRO catches him in the aisle.

NITRO:  Why so glum, snowflake?

DARK MENACE:  It’s just…it’s just that I created a special place on the internet just for me and for like minded individuals and…sniff sniff…no one ever goes there.  The_Menace was supposed to be THE place to go on the InFiNet.  It was supposed to be bigger, yuge-r, than the internet!  It has 270,000,000 members but nobody ever posts anything there.

NITRO:  Wow, that’s BIG IF TRUE.  Do you ever post anything there?  To spur conversation?

DARK MENACE:  No, no.  I created a completely different place where me and my elite, inner circle talk, I just hoped it’d take off.  Well, no matter!  Onward to victory and more winning!  Prepare to red pill yourself as Nova destroys that nasty woman Elina after that boot to the face she gave me!

NOVA climbs into the ring.  ELINA is out next with THE GUARDIAN for this big rematch.

Nova defeated Elina with a pinfall after STAR BRIGHT – ***** – Big win for NOVA here tonight!  ELINA fourth hard in the early goings, but NOVA turned the tide, mostly thanks to sneaky, out of the ring, shenanigans.  DARK MENACE is doing a jig in happiness as he celebrates NOVA’S win.

It’s time for our first FIGHTING TITANS vs. MARTIAL LAW match!  OVERTIME is out running the ropes as we waits for PERFECT SPECIMEN to hit the ring.  For his part, PERFECT SPECIMEN wastes no time and climbs into the ring.  The ref cals for the bell.

Overtime defeated Perfect Specimen with a pinfall after hitting the GRAVITY BOMB – ***** – WHAT A MATCH and a HUGE win for OVERTIME against PERFECT SPECIMEN!  OVERTIME brought a huge offense and it paid off.

OVERTIME:  You see dat?  You SEE dat?!  Dat’s a big ole ‘W’ for Overtime, right there baby!  Tag team champion and I now hold a big, big, big win over a number one contender.  Dat’s why when people say the name Overtime, they mentioning THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST!

The fans boo this speech but OVERTIME dusts his shoulders and heads to the back!  Tough opening loss for the TITANS.


Totalis defeated Witness with a pinfall after FINAL ROUND to become the NEW INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION – ***1/2 – The TITAN DEATH rules work in TOTALIS’ favor as he reclaims the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP from WITNESS!  Morale has begun to fade in the arena as the TITANS are now down two in this battle against MARTIAL LAW.

TOTALIS:  I shall be the first to admit that the previous time I held this championship I was a tad, what’s the word? Cocksure.  This time, however, you will find me far more up to the task of defending it than previously.  The only further comment I’d chance to make in regards to my victory is to address the Fighting Titans team.  Gentlemen, tell Mr. Drury where he can locate Fhanna and the losses will stop.  I thank you for your time, Mr. Nitro.  And I thank you watching around the galaxy as well.  Ta ta!

Taichi defeated Scorn with a pinfall after Scorn missed a turnbuckle charge – *** – A miscalculation by SCORN brings the TITANS their first win of the night!

TAICHI:  I will say this, the Titans have no idea where Fhanna is, but wherever she is, if she’s watching, girl, don’t come back!  There’s nothing for you in Martial Law but pimps and abusers!

MEAN STREETS d. TITAN SAMURAI via a pinfall after Skiver and Patch smashed Kenji with DOUBLE DISPATCH – SQUASH – Big win for MEAN STREETS here as they send TITAN SAMURAI packing mere minutes into the match!  After the bell, PATCH and SKIVER kneecapped GIANT AZUME and hit DOUBLE DISPATCH on KENJI three more times injuring him!

SKIVER:  Fhanna, baby, if you can hear me, we need you to come back.  We ain’t nothing without you sugar.  You see, baby, you see what I just did to this guy?  I’m doing bad things with you not around, baby.  I promise, yo, yo, yo I guarantee that things are gonna be different if you just come back.  Please, baby.

Sly Drury defeated Faller with a pinfall after REGIME CHANGE – SQUASH – SLY DRURY laid into FALLER form the moment the bell rang and quickly out-wrestled the taller athlete.  After hitting the finisher, SLY DRURY pounded on FALLER.


FALLER:  I do not know.  I sent her avay.  She did not say vere she vas going.  I yust gave her some money and sent her away, ya?

SLY DRURY stands, furious and kicks FALLER in the gut.  He storms out of the ring as LORD NEXUS rushes to FALLER’S side.  The TITANS are in shambles after tonight’s card.  Fans are left to wonder what will happen next as we…