2133.342.5 – INTERLUDE


FHANNA’S eyes softly open and her vision attempts to focus.  There is a smell.  Something warm, comforting.  Her body is warm.  She is in a bed.  That much she is certain of.

She finally notices the dull throb in the back of her head as her eyes come into focus on the ceiling above her.  It is brown.  Looking close she can see it is made of organic material.  She sits up and notices the walls are all made out of the same organic material.  The throb in the back of her head pushes to the front and the room spins.  She falls back into the softness of the bed.  He eyes close and the darkness overtakes her.

It is some time, perhaps days, before her eyes open again.  When they do, she sees the same brown ceiling.  She lies still until she is certain that the throb in her head that shut her down last time is gone.  Confident is is, she sits up slowly.  So far so good.  She swings her feet over the edge of the bed to the floor.  Her toes tell her the floor is made of the same organic material as the ceiling and walls.  A warm smell fills her nose.  She doesn’t know what the smell is, but she knows she craves it.

She sees now that, while she is in an alcove with the bed, this entire structure is one big room.  It is lit by candles.  For the first time she notices that the ceilings are extra tall.  A shadow moves across the floor towards her.  She’s a bit apprehensive as the hulking figure comes around the corner.  He’s huge, familiar, but someone she’s never spoken to before.  She searches for his name as he stands towering over her with a cup in his hand.  Finally, it comes to her.

FHANNA:  Faller?

The man grins wildly and nods.

FALLER:  Yah.  It is I.  Faller.  I bring yoo some coffee.  It vill varm you up, yah?

FHANNA smiles and reaches out to take the cup from his giant hands.  This is the smell she craved and she greedily slurps down the warm liquid.  It seems to give her tremendous energy.  As homey as this all feels, she suddenly becomes very suspicious.

FHANNA:  Where am I?

FALLER:  You are at my house, yah. On Hydra.

FHANNA puts her head in her hands.

FHANNA: Hydra?!  How did I get on Hydra?

FALLER:  I brought yoo here, yah?  To my house.  

FHANNA tenses up, edging away from the towering FALLER.

FHANNA:  You can’t keep me here!!

FALLER steps back and holds out his hands.

FALLER:  I do not vant to keep yoo here!  I only brought yoo here so yoo could heal up.  Yer free to goo vhenever yoo want too, yah?

FHANNA:  I need to get back.  Drury is going to be so mad.  And Skiver….Skiver’s gonna…

FHANNA quickly begins gathering her things from the nightstand.  She’s frantic.  FALLER gets down on one knee in front of her.  He is still taller than her even in this position.  She freezes and looks up at him.

FALLER: I do not mean to tell yoo yer business, but I have watched yer goings on in the past few months and I do believe that yoo deserve a better life, yah?

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a big handful of physical credits.  A rarity in this age.  He shoves them into her hands.

FALLER:  Take this, yah?  Go.  Find somewhere to go to be happy.  Away from those men and the horrible things they make yoo do.

FHANNA is quiet and then a tear slides down her face.  She wipes it away.

FALLER:  Yoo have the whole galaxy to live in, yah?  To be safe?  Find yoo a place to be happy.

FALLER stands, awkwardly and dusts off his knees.  He nods.

FALLER:  Yoo can leave at any time.  The door is there.

FHANNA springs to her feet and leaps into FALLER’S arms hugging him tightly.

FHANNA (whispering):  Thank you.  Thank you.

FALLER hugs her back but quickly sets her back down on the floor.  He nods and returns to the kitchen portion of the house.

FHANNA slides the credits into her pocket and begins gathering her things.  A smile on her face and feeling as if all the problems in the world have melted away.