2133.342 – INVASION

Live from Spica Pyramid, Virgo!

We start in the locker room of MEAN STREETS, PATCH is working out with some dumbbells and SKIVER is on his communicator.

SKIVER:  —do you mean you don’t know?!  (He listens for a second.)  Well, she my property, ya feel me?  MY property!  What kind of PI are you you can’t find a girl and some big lumberjack looking cracker?  (He listens.)  You’d  better.

SKIVER hangs up and after a beat throws the communicator against the wall where it shatters.

PATCH (still working out):  No sign of her?

SKIVER glares at PATCH.  PATCH keeps with his reps.

PATCH:  Drury is gonna be pissed.

We cut to ringside where DISCIPLE OF TERROR is marching comically to ringside.

NITRO:  Disciple of Terror, any words about your match here with Epcoh.

DISCIPLE OF TERROR:  Hurr durr, hurr durr, hurr durr!

NITRO:  I don’t know what—


With that exclamation, DISCIPLE OF TERROR climbs into the ring.  EPOCH is out next and our opening match is underway.

Disciple of Terror d. Epoch via DQ after Epoch smashes Disciple of Terror with a chair – DUD – DISCIPLE OF TERROR pics up the win!  EPOCH frustrated with his opponent’s insane, nonsensical ramblings, smashes him with a chair!  The ref calls it!  No one is sure if EPOCH did DISCIPLE OF TERROR any favors as NITRO catches him on his wobbly way back to the locker room.

NITRO:  Well, you got the win!

DISCIPLE OF TERROR:  Durr, durr, durr, durrrrrrrrrrrrrr

NITRO scratches his head as DISCIPLE OF TERROR wanders off.

ELINA heads to ringside with THE GUARDIAN.  Out next is NOVA with DARK MENACE.

DARK MENACE:  Reeeeeeeeee!  Boom!  You Cucks tired of all the winning Dark Menace Forces is doing?

The CROWD boos loudly.

DARK MENACE:  Awwww, come on now, don’t be like that.  Look, you’ll all be red-pilled soon enough and you’ll learn that it’s okay to be bright.

ELINA wastes no time in attacking NOVA and the match is underway!

Elina d. Nova via DQ when Nova hits Elina with STAR BRIGHT on the arena floor – **** – Great back and forth action here.  The big moment for the CROWD was when DARK MENACE hopped onto the ring apron to break up a pinfall and all he got was a boot to the face by ELINA!

After the bell, ELINA grabbed the mic and began berating DARK MENACE as he ran away with NOVA.

ELINA:  I don’t see any winning!  Just failure after failure after failure!  I think you can take your red pills and shove them up your—

GUARDIAN:  Whoa!  There’s kids here!

The CROWD laughed wildly at this and taunted DARK MENACE as he scurried away.

Backstage, SLY DRURY bursts into MEAN STREETS’ locker room.

SLY DRURY:  Where’s Fhanna?

PATCH shrugs.  SKIVER does as well.

SLY walks up to SKIVER and gets in his face.

SLY DRURY:  Where is Fhanna?  She leads all members of Martial Law to the ring.

SKIVER avoids SLY DRURY’S stare and shrugs.

SKIVER:  I dunno man.  I mean, you see that fool Faller take off with here after the last card right?

SLY DRURY steps closer to SKIVER, starring down at him now.

SLY DRURY:  Listen, little man, I know all about you and Fhanna’s extra-curricular activities.  

SKIVER meets DRURY’S gaze for the first time.

SLY DRURY:  You think I didn’t know?  I. Run. This. Fed.  I know everything.  Find her.  Now!

SKIVER nods and scrambles out of the room.  SLY DRURY turns to PATCH.

SLY DRURY:  He’s becoming a liability.  Keep him under control or both of you will be gone.

PATCH nods.  SLY DRURY exits.  PATCH drops his dumbbells and exits the room.

As CASTILEX lumbered to ringside, fans were getting excited as this was one of the most anticipated matches of the night!  PREDATORS were out next, with CATFIGHT, and the arena erupted in cheers!  This would be a HUGE test for CASTILEX!

CASTILEX d. PREDATORS via pinfall when Sentinel hits Lope with Shield of Doom – ** – Decent match but really one sided in CASTILEX’s favor!  The two newcomers showed a strong front here against the more veteran PREDATORS!  Now, having beaten a team ranked near the top of the tag team division, it will be interesting to see where they go next!

SLY DRURY is out and, obvious by her absence, FHANNA is still nowhere to be found.  DRURY does not look like he’s in a good mood as he stomps to ringside.  EURITAR (II) is out next to cheers.  He’s waited a long time to get his hands on DRURY and he rushes the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

Euritar d. Sly Drury via pinfall after HEROES LAW – **** – Fantastic match!  EURITAR (II) took the fight directly to DRURY and, despite some questionable officiating, scored a huge win against the COMMISSIONER.  After the match, SLY DRURY berated the REF for what he called a ‘quick three count.’  He stormed off to the jeers of the CROWD.

LORD NEXUS leads TITAN SAMURAI to the ring.  DARK MENACE is out again leading VAMPIRE LEGENDS to the ring.  Surprisingly, he’s not on the mic, he’s berating COVEN BLACK and COUNT NECROS.  As they pass one of the cameras he can be heard telling them that they must win tonight!  GIANT AZUMA will start with COUNT NECROS as the ref signals for the bell.

TITAN SAMURAI d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via submission when Kenji locks Count Necros in the KIMURA – **1/2 – Grueling battle here that sees the TITANS getting the duke.  After the bell, DARK MENACE is in the ring berating his men for losing.  Suddenly, MEAN STREETS storms the ring.  They corner LORD NEXUS!  They are questioning him hard, but NEXUS is shaking his head that he doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  TITAN SAMURAI come to the rescue, clobbering MEAN STREETS from behind and tossing them out of the ring!  The CROWD is loving it as TITAN SAMURAI stands tall!

GUARDIAN escorts SHE DEVIL to the ring and SCORN is out solo.  Two of the top ranked women about to fight it out.

Scorn d. She Devil via pinfall after BURNING SCORN – *** – SCORN gets a, hard fought, win here.  She was close losing but was able to turn things around!

The fans are on their feet for the MAIN EVENT!  PERFECT SPECIMEN is out with LORD NEXUS and he stands ready to fight the man who injured him and kept him out of THE RECKONING!  AETHRAN OVERMASTER heads to the ring with THE LEVELER and he looks just as ready to fight as PERFECT SPECIMEN does!

Perfect Specimen d. Aethran Overmaster via pinball after PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – ***** – HUGE win for PERFECT SPECIMEN as the CROWD goes crazy!  This match was INSANE!  Definite MOTY candidate!  One that will be talked about and studied for years to come.  PERFECT SPECIMEN gets his vengeance and stands tall over the fallen GLADIATOR!

Suddenly, SHAYNE, SLY DRURY, SECURITY SQUAD (II) and MEAN STREETS hit the ring and begin a beatdown on PERFECT SPECIMEN!  LORD NEXUS signals to the back and TITAN SAMURAI come running ringside along with WITNESS!  The CROWD is on their feet!  A huge brawl erupts in the center of the ring and even LORD NEXUS joins the fray, clobbering OVERTIME!  This mayhem is what we see as the cameras…