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The arena is electric as we begin Night 2 of The Reckoning.  This night will be all about the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP as wrestlers compete for a shot at the title held by Havoc!  Of special note is the depth of field of competitors in this gauntlet!  Most of Future Shock is in this gauntlet, simply because they haven’t been here long enough to rack up enough wins to get into the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP gauntlet! Chaos Supreme, Minister of War, Lope, Crossfire, The Perfect Specimen and Mandrill are all in this bracket! STACKED fans! And we didn’t even mention Paganax, Overtime or Thantos (II)! It doesn’t get any better than this and, you know that with so many Future Shock guys in the bracket, they are going to go up against each other!

As a reminder, all matches are NO DISQUALIFICATION/NO COUNTOUT

Out first to a huge ovation is none other than Plethador. He is being accompanied by Wiggy who has her face buried in her phone. Plethador dances to the ring but he stops when he sees Wiggy is not paying attention.

Plethador: Hey, Wiggy, snap out of it, I got a match here!

Wiggy: leave me alone, I’m checking the download counts for my podcast. Besides, you aren’t going to win. You suck. Your Plethador remember?

Plethador shakes his head and continues to the ring.

His opponent is out next. Death Masque Betrayer with Dark Menace. This immediately brings out Cage Death Betrayer who goes and stands in Plethador’s corner.

Plethador: Hey partner, thanks for coming to support me.

Cage Death Betrayer: I didn’t come to support you. I came to keep an eye on the imposter with my name. Besides, you’re going to lose. Your Plethador, remember?

Plethador shakes his head again and the bell rings. By the end both were bleeding, but it was a classic, Match of the Year candidate…

Death Masque Betrayer d. Plethador via pinfall after Crash and Burn – *****

The match say Cage Death Betrayer interfere at one point,must the ref didn’t see it. It was back and forth until the end but Death Masque Betrayer gets the win. After the match, Death Masque and Cage Death have words but the ref sends Cage a Death, Plethador and Wiggy to the back. Dark Menace taunts Cage Death with a piece of paper. Cage Death ignores him. As they walk to the back Wiggy finally looks up from her phone.

Wiggy: Sweet! Three downloads! Oh, hey, did you win?

Plethador looks at her incredulously.

Plethador: No. I didn’t.

Wiggy: Of course not. Your Plethador, remember?

As the exit, Star Warrior (II) and Nova head to ringside for the next match.

Death Masque Betrayer d. star Warrior (II) via pinfall after an elevator moonsault- **1/2

Death Masque Betrayer throws Star Warrior (II) out of the ring into the arms of Nova and motions to the back to send out the next opponent. Dark Menace stands cackling at ringside.

The curtain opens and out comes Magnus the Magnanimous with…Minister of War! Death Masque is wearing a mask, obviously, but he is clearly nervous as the AETHRAN makes his way to ringside.

Death Masque Betrayer d. Minister of War via pinfall when he hits DEATH FROM ABOVE minutes into the match – SQUASH

Magnus is shocked! Minister of War is shocked! The crowd is so shocked they actually start cheering for Death Masque who ignores them all and keeps his eye focused on the curtain. Magnus begins walking to the back with Minister of War and they are both bowled over by Lord Nexus who bursts through the curtain with Overtime in tow.

The fans go nuts for Overtime who seems to have outgrown his cocky behavior as of late. This one should be good.


The fans are going insane at the display of wrestling that just took place! It was a brutal, bloody, but scientific match and if the opening match was a Match of the Year candidate, this is the clear out winner!

Death Masque Betrayer d. Overtime via pinfall with DEATH FROM ABOVE – *****

Death Masque Betrayer advances but blood is now pouring out from under his mask! Lord Nexus walks Overtime to the back and the crowd applauds Overtime for the effort.

Suddenly, there is a blood curdling howl that fills the arena. The curtain parts and out runs Lope with Mandrill right behind!

Holy crap! This is happening fans!

It was a foregone conclusion, really. Death Masque Betrayer was just too weakened after his match with Overtime to have a chance here.

Lope d. Death Masque Betrayer via pinfall after a hard clothesline – *1/2

Dark Menace helped Death Masque out of the ring. He could barely stand as the reached the curtain, suddenly it flew open and Cage Death Betrayer was there! He began attacking Death Masque while Dark Menace screamed for help! Finally security was able to separate the two and clear the area.

The fans waited to see who would challenge Lope and they soon found out as Magnus the Magnificent came through the curtain with Thantos (II)! This was what fans were waiting to see!

Future Shock vs Future Shock!

What a finish! Suddenly, it was over! In a match that saw Magnus choose sides in a battle between his two men,

Thantos (II) d. Lope via pinfall after a schoolboy roll up – ****1/2

During the match Magnus interfered on behalf of Thantos (II) but it didn’t turn the tide of the onslaught of pain that Lope was handing down to Thantos (II). But out of nowhere, the veteran rolled up Lope and got the three count. Mandrill looked displeased. Magnus looked like he could care less.

Mandrill calmed Lope and walked him to the back. Suddenly, drums filled the arena and from one of the far corners a flaming sword appeared as Paganx entered through the crowd and headed towards the ring.

He stared daggers into Thantos (II) and Magnus as he made his way down.

Paganax came on like a charging train, but perhaps that was his downfall as…

Thantos (II) d. Paganax via pinfall after the LEGENDS LARIAT – ***

Magnus is overjoyed his man has sent another wrestler packing. His joy was short lived as who should step out of the curtain next but Crossfire.

Crossfire gets the cheers from the crowd. Call them, optimistic cheers as the jury is still out on this member of future shock. As Crossfire comes to ringside, Magnus recuses himself from the ringside area and joins Trent Lawless on commentary. He is gloating, telling Trent, “Either way, I win.”

And it’s over minutes after it begun. Paganax must have taken the starch out of Thantos (II) because…

Crossfire d. Thantos (II) via pinfall with BOW AND ARROW – *1/2

As Thantos (II) clears the ringside area, Trent Lawless tries to get Magnus to say why he interfered agains Lope but didn’t get involved here. Magnus refuses to take the bait.

Suddenly the lights go out and, at the curtain a single, glowing cube appears. The laughs turn back on and Chaos Supreme is here! Lawless asks Magnus if he’s going to head back to ringside to manage Chaos. Magnus says, “And leave the best seat in the house?! No way! What you don’t understand, Lawless is that whichever way this goes down, Future Shock wins and that’s all that matters.” Lawless presses him to pick a winner. Magnus says, “You know Lawless, in my dimension you mouth off too much one night and Swarm beat the piss out of you. You’d better shut up or I’ll have him do it in this dimension as well.” This brought Lawless to the topic of Swarm jointing Future Shock and he pressed Magnus for an answer. “Shut your trap, Lawless. Chaos Supreme is in the ring! Give him the respect he deserves.”

Chaos takes the mic.

Chaos Supreme: Crossfire, I hear you no ill will, but you will lose this match. I don’t want to hurt you. Lie down and make this easy for yourself.

Crossfire shakes his head and tells the ref to ring the bell. Chaos shrugs and nods to the ref and the bell rings.

Crossfire did not go down without a fight, but despite glimmers of hope he gave the crowd…

Chaos Supreme d. Crossfire via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – **1/2

After the bell sounded, Chaos dropped Crossfire to the mat.

Chaos: Get out of the ring whelp. Perhaps next time you’ll be smarter.

Crossfire left the ring but did not look happy. Suddenly several spotlight filled the arena,smear hint all over and then they focused on the curtain and The Perfect Specimen stepped out. Nitro caught him in the aisle.

NITRO: Chaos Supreme. Can you hack it?

The Perfect Specimen: they don’t call me perfect for nothing. Just sit back and watch.

As Perfect Specimen climbed into the ring, Lawless asked Magnus for a pick.

Magnus: You’re like a broken record Lawless. Fine, I’ll pick a winner. Me. The smartest man in wrestling. In any dimension. Now shut up and watch the match.

Future Shock goes to battle again!

Chaos. Is. Dominant.

Chaos Supreme d. The Perfect Specimen via submission with the BOW OF DEFEAT – ***

Chaos locked in the BOW OF DEFEAT and would just release it. Perfect Specimen held out for a long time, a lot longer than anyone has, but he soon gave up and Chaos advances.

Perfect Specimen left the ring and as he did a military March began playing. The Prime Colonizer came through the curtain with Lope behind him. As they made their way towards the ring, Magnus left the commentary table abruptly and went ringside. Once there he had words with The Prime a Colonizer. He could be overheard saying that he should send Lope to the back during the match. The Prime Colonizer smirked and ignored the request. He climbed into the ring and Magnus made his way over to Chaos Supreme’s corner in a show of defiance.

The two biggest names in Future Shock. One in one. Now.

The two big men met in the ring, but only one stood tall

Chaos Supreme d. The Prime Colonizer via pinfall with a schoolboy roll up – * 

It was a powerhouse of a match, neither man would give, but a quick roll up by Chaos ended it all. Chaos Supreme heads to the finals to face off against fellow Future Shock wrestler Havoc.

Magnus the Magnanimous is gloating at ringside telling the fans booing him.

Magnus: I told you all, no matter how this shakes out. I am the winner.

The Prime Colonizer and Lope leave ringside and they don’t look happy, glaring at Magnus. But then Havoc enters the arena with the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP around his waist.

Magnus wishes both men well and leaves the ringside area, smiling and gloating as he does.

This is your…

Havoc d. Chaos Supreme via pinfall with COSMIC NIGHTMARE – **

Havoc retains the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP and celebrates by holding the belt aloft. The crowd boos him but he doesn’t seem to care. He turns and sees Chaos Supreme and goes over to extend a hand to help him up. Chaos Supreme looks at Havoc and takes the hand. They stare, eye to eye, at each other for a moment, but the Chaos turns and leaves.

At the curtain, Magnus returns, applauding Havoc and its Magnus’ smiling mug that we see as we…


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