From Aquarian Aqua Amphitheater, Aquarius

The crowd is floor to ceiling with rabid GWF fans who cannot wait for THE RECKONING!  The yearly ranking gauntlet that traces it’s history all the way back to the year 2077.  Tonight it’s all about the ladies as we begin the women’s ranking gauntlet!  The field of ladies is small but more competitive than ever.  Tonight they will battle it out for a shot at the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP currently held by Mistress of Darkness.

EURITAR welcomes everyone and reminds us all that all the matches in THE RECKONING are contested under NO DISQUALIFICATION, NO COUNTOUT rules in order for their to be clear winners, but he says that all wrestlers should uphold the standards the GWF expects.

Fhanna d. Nova via pinfall with THE OTHER WOMAN – *1/2 

Magnus is exhuberant, celebrating wildly as Nova heads to the back with Star Warrior (II). His celebration is short lived when he sees Taichi headed to the ring with Lord Nexus following behind. Lord Nexus if pointing and Magnus and shaking his finger at him, a clear warning he will tolerate no foolishness!

What a match! It was back and forth but the bell sounds and….

Taichi d. Fhanna via pinfall after a hammerfist combo – ****

Magnus is furious, jumping up and down as he and Fhanna leave ringside. Hanna is in tears.  Lord Nexus stands with his arms folded and laughs. Scorn is out next and climbs up into the ring. The crowd cheers their approval as the two of them shake hands. The bell sounds and here we go!

Taichi d. Scorn via pinfall after a hammerfist combo – ***1/2 –  Scorn gets in a little offense, but it’s all one sided and Taichi gets the win.

Scorn shakes Taichi’s hand and wishes her luck. Lord Nexus pulls her aside for a pep talk as Mistress of Darkness makes her way to the ring with Dark Menace and Coven Black. The fans boo loudly but are eager to see this match. Can Taichi go all the way?

Taichi d. Mistress of Darkness via submission with the KNEE BAR – ***** – The place has come unglued!!  An amazing match! To her credit, Mistress of Darkness held out as long as she could but Taichi was on fire tonight and would not let up in her relentless pursuit of capturing the title!

Dark Menace fell to the floor, kicking and screaming as Lord Nexus celebrated with Taichi in the middle of the ring. Coven Black helped Mistress of Darkness up and they slunk to the back as the new champion soaked in the cheers.  This is what we see as we…


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