CARD 2130.260 – INFERNO

From Vesta Sports Complex, Vesta, Asteroid Belt

The Sports Complex is packed, standing room only for INFERNO. So many scores are slated to be settled tonight! There’s a TURNBUCKLE SHOCK MATCH, a HARDCORE TITAN DEATH MATCH, RYLOC ROD MATCH, a BULL ROPE MATCH for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and the debut of the COLONIZER DEATH MARCH! Each match with much on the line and even in those matches that haven’t been signed out of feuds, every win means a little bit more as this is the final card before we head into THE RECKONING, the GWF’s annual Rankings Gauntlet! You’d better believe everyone will be fighting to pick up a win tonight!

We cut dow to the ring where we find Plethador and Wiggy already in the ring dancing to the hit THE ONES IN THE WATER. The crowd is dancing right along with them. He calls for the music to be cut.

PLETHADOR: Hello GWF Fans and welcome to INFERNO!

The crowd cheers.

PLETHADOR: Man, I love that song. You know I make at least a hundred dollars or more a month from sales and royalties of that song on music services on the InfiNet? All because of you loyal fans, and I can’t thank you enough.

The fans cheer.

PLETHADOR: I also wanted to thank you for stop calling me a woman.

A huge ‘You’re a woman’ chant breaks out. PLETHADOR is all smiles.

PLETHADOR: I walked into that one. At any rate, I wanted to come out here tonight and, of course, plug Plethador Pilates. It’s been changing lives across the galaxy. Heck, check out this picture of former GWF mega-star, Cycle Hog!

A photo of Cycle Hog appears on the HoloVision screens. It’s Cycle Hog, looking exactly as we remember, just with a gey hair and beard. The picture reads BEFORE.

PLETHADOR: Cycle Hog has been doing Plethador Pilates for six months now. And look at the results!

The picture switches to one that says AFTER and shows Cycle Hog looking almost exactly the same.

PLETHADOR: He’s lost two pounds in that time! Another success story!

The crowd cheers loudly. Wiggy comes up behind Plethador.

WIGGY: Hurry up, I have an interview with a GWFZ star for my InfiNet Show later. I can’t be late.

PLETHADOR: Right, sorry. (to the audience) Anyway, folks, I’ve just shown you how Plethador Pilates can help you lose weight, but it can also soothe the savagee beast and that’s what I’m going to prove tonight against, wildman, Lope!

Lope makes his way to the ring with Magnus the Magnanimous accompanying him. Lope climbs into the ring and Wiggy bails the moment he does. Plethador attempts to greet Lope and is rewarded with a claw to the face! The bell rings and the match begins!

Plethador d. Lope via DQ when Lope ignores the ref’s warning and picks Plethador up and throws him into the crowd – ***** – All throughout the match, Plethador was attempting to show Lope yoga positions and Lope would just respond with vicious attacks. It ended with Lope throwing the amphibian into the crowd, despite a warning for the referee. Plethador gets the win and a trip to the medics for his trouble. As Plethador is being wheeled out on a stretcher he gives Nitro a thumbs up!

PLETHADOR: Another satisfied customer!

He then passes out.

In a, rather short, TURNBUCKLE SHOCK MATCH, Crossfire d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall after BULLSEYE – **1/2 – During the match, Magnus Colby offered Bishop Hell (II) money to join Future Shock. Bishop Hell (II) actually looked like he was considering it, much to the chagrin of Dark Menace. Bishop Hell (II) refused though and decked Colby and the match continued. After Crossfire got the win, the ref raised his hand and many in the crowd were cheering for him. Bishop Hell (II) attacked Crossfire from behind and the brawl continues all the way to the dressing room.

Next a package was shown of the events leading to the FINAL ENCOUNTER between Payback and Perfect Specimen. It showed the bloody battles the two have already had and the training both were doing leading up to tonight’s match. It also featured comments from other GWF SuperStars on who they thought would win. No surprise most picked the veteran Payback. It also featured comments from Commissioner Euritar as he explained it was safety for their well being that he was calling this the FINAL ENCOUNTER.

In a HARDCORE TITAN DEATH MATCH, the FINAL ENCOUNTER, Perfect Specimen d. Payback via pinfall after clobbering him with Magnus Colby’s briefcase – ***** – It was a tainted victory, but Perfect Specimen puts the final nail in the coffin of the feud between these two athletes. Perfect Specimen stands tall over the prone body of Payback and soaks in the jeers from the crowd.

Out next to a huge chorus of boos from the crowd is the Prime Colonizer, Mandrill. He ignores the taunts thrown his way and walks to the ring with pride and determination. Magnus and Lope accompany him and Magnus almost seems nervous at the vitriol that Mandrill is receiving from the crowd. He climbs into the ring and stands ready for his first opponent in what will be a long night of battles. Mantis comes into the arena and the crowd turns on a dime! They are happy to see him healthy and well and they cheer him as he heads to the ring! Mantis gives hi fives all the way down to the ring and climbs in and walks up face to face with Mandrill. Mantis holds a win over the Prime Colonizer so he’s feeling tough. The bell rings and the match begins!

COLONIZER DEATH MARCH MATCH ONE, Prime Colonizer d. Mantis via pinfall with a power bomb after Lope interfered – ***** – Certainly not a fair fight and the fans let Mandrill know they are unhappy. Mantis didn’t have the match one or anything, in fact it looked like he was almost out for the count, but Mandrill signaled to Lope and Magnus distracted the ref and Lope clobbered Mantis right into Mandrill’s arms for a power bomb! The Prime Colonizer goes up 1-0 in the COLONIZER DEATH MARCH and it’s all uphill from here. The fans boo Mandrill as he returns to the back. Again he shows no emotion at all.

Immediately following the match, Nitro catches up with Swarm backstage for this thoughts on the COLONIZER DEATH MARCH.

SWARM: Nitro, we’ve been friends for a long time. I mean, just last week you came over to our place for dinner, so you know me pretty well.

NITRO: Sure do, pal.

SWARM: You also know that I mean what I say. And I say this, Prime Colonizer, I don’t know what you were thinking putting yourself in this Death March. Mantis may not have won, but he softened you up. The amazing UltraMantis Black is next and you know what he’s capable of. Then it’s just down to you and me and I will destroy you. I just hope UltraMantis leaves enough of you for me to fight. It ends tonight.

NITRO: Well I wish you the best of luck.

SWARM: Thanks bud, you’re the best.

Swarm gives Nitro a hug of friendship and then we cut back down to the ring.

Wiggy makes her way to the ring with Cage Death Betrayer. This Betrayer seems to have become a bit of a fan favorite in recent weeks with his turn away from The Dark Menace and aligning himself with Wiggy and Plethador. Tonight though, he is focused. He’s ready to exact form revenge against his Death Masque Betrayer.

In a short match that was almost too short to be called a match, Cage Death Betrayer d. Death Masque Betrayer via DQ after a vicious slam on the announcer’s table – * – Before the bell rang these two launched into each other and continued to brawl right out of the ring to the arena floor. The ref finally had to call it after the slam on the announcer’s table. Officials had to be called to break these two up. This one is far from over fans!

Bex and Sur, THE IMMORTALS, make their way to the ring with Ghena. Once in the ring, Sur asks for a mic.

SUR: All across the galaxy, there are rumors of Bex and I not getting along. These rumors come from the jealous. The weak. Those who only wish they could posses a tenth of the god given talent that we do. Yet, week after week we come out here and prove that we are the best tag team in the GWF. Do we get title shots? No, those are wasted on teams who need foreign objects to do their winning for them.

Sur hands the mic to Bex.

BEX: They say in this life you need to take what you want. From now on that’s what we are going to do. We will win this match tonight against the team lead by the Dark Menace, the man responsible for Black Death ending the way it did, and then we shall take what we want. The Galaxian Tag Team Championships.

Dark Menace made his way to the ring with DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND and Dark Menace was yelling to Sur and Bex that they wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for him! After some more back and forth, the bell rings and the match is underway.

IMMORTALS d. DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND via pinfall after Sur used GIFT OF THE GODS on Balaal – ***** – A heck of a match! Coven Black and Balaal tried their darndest, but Bex and Sur did exactly what they said they were going to do. They wrestled like a well oiled team and picked up the win.

After the match, The Dark Menace attempted to sneak up behind Sur and clobber him with his can but recieved a clubbing blow from Ghena’s dead arm for his efforts. The fans cheered this which was a strange occurrence. Ghena hadn’t been cheered like that since the Black Death plague had infected most of the galaxy.

Magnus came through the curtain with Mandrill right behind him signaling the second match in the COLONIZER DEATH MARCH. Mandrill was as stoic as ever, his eyes focused squarely on the ring. The crowd let their feelings of hate be known to Mandrill but he didn’t react once which almost made the fans more irate. Again, Magnus looked worried. Obvious by his absence, Lope would not be accompanying Mandrill to the ring this match. Word got around that Euritar had forbidden Lope to go to the ring for any more of these matches and he put Magnus on notice that he’d eject him as well.

In the COLONIZER DEATH MARCH MATCH TWO, UltraMantis Black d. Prime Colonizer via pinfall with COSMIC DISASTER – ** – It was short, fast paced match that had every fan up out of their seat! UltraMantis Black was a fury of moves that showed why he is a perfect fit for the AniMen, despite actually being an AniMan! He gets the big win putting Mandrill’s record for the Death March at 1-1 and making his final match against Swarm incredibly pivotal!

After the bell, as before, Mandrill showed no emotion whatsoever. Completely unnerving.

Paralyze and The Leveler hit the ring next for a match that would pit Paralyze against the man who injured him, Minister of War. For weeks, Minister of War has been preaching a new Gladiator Revolution, but has been quite incapable of backing it up in the ring. Magnus appeared with Minister of War and seemed to be coaching him as they walked to the ring for this huge grudge match.

In an incredibly bloody, RYLOCK ROD MATCH, Paralyze d. Minister of War via pinfall after PERMENANRTLY PARALYZED with a Rylock Rod – ***** – And Minister of War fails again to broker any wins agains the current GLADIATOR team. Paralyze looks at Minister of War’s crumbled body on the mat and begins laughing. He slaps The Leveler on the back and says, “Not since the night I scraped the knuckle tattoos off of Anivar’s fingers, one by one, have I seen anything more pathetic. This is no Gladiator. This is a waste of space.”

Paralyze gave Minister of War a sharp kick to the head and left the ring with The Leveler in tow.

In a TITAN DEATH MATCH, DESERTERS d. TRICKS & NOSFERA via pinfall when Adam Traitor used HOSTAGE CRISIS on Tricks – ** – The GWF fans were prepared for this to be another brawl, but it wasn’t. It was short and sweet and DESERTERS totally dominated the team of Tricks & Nosfera. Hector was incredibly frustrated at ringside and began barking at both of his men that they were going to go through an intense tag team training after this. Neither Tricks nor Nosfera looked too worried. Or like they even understood what that meant.

Prime Colonizer, Mandrill made his way to ringside once again, Magnus following behind. The crowd is now at a near riotous state at not being able to get any sort of reaction from Mandrill. Swarm wasted no time and hit the ring a ball of fire with the crowd 110% behind him. The match began and it was a great, back and forth match! Swarm hit Mandrill with the VENEMOUS STINGER and went for the cover. Just as the ref began his count, Magnus hopped up onto the ring apron with a mic.

MAGNUS: Swarm! Swarm!

The ref broke the count, enraging Swarm who immediately stood up and grabbed him by the lapels. He then turned his ire on Magnus who hopped down off the apron as Swarm lunged at him.

MAGNUS: Wait! Swarm, hold on a second. Hold on. Catch your breath. Look this isn’t any sort of trick. See, Mandrill is not going to attack you or anything.

Swarm turned around to see Mandrill roll out of the far side of the ring and just stand there. Arms raised.

SWARM: Come on, this is a wrestling match! Not some episode of daytime talk show! Tell Mandrill to get back into the ring so we can finish this.

MAGNUS: Okay, okay, he will. If that’s the choice you want to make, but I want to give you another option Swarm. An option where you can win, get everything you want without a fight.

Swarm stood there staring holes through Magnus.

MAGNUS: You see Swarm, I know your baby boy has been sick. All one has to do is look at his attendance record for the past year or so to see that. I know you have taken great care of him. You’ve been a very good daddy. Given him the very best care you can buy. But, and I’m just being honest here, some of us can buy better care than others. And that’s what I’m offering to you today Swarm.

Magnus sets his briefcase up on the apron and clicks it open. He turns it around so Swarm can see the contents.

MAGNUS: That’s one trillion right there. One trillion. That’d buy some very good care for your boy and, dare I say, better care than what you have been able to provide. Heck, that one trillion might even mean a complete cure for your boy. But it doesn’t stop at one trillion.

From out of nowhere, Magnus pulls out another, identical briefcase. He snaps it open and spins it around.

MAGNUS: You’re now looking at two trillion now. Two trillion. There’s enough there for a cure for you boy and…a cure for you.

A sudden hush falls over the arena at the mention of Swarm needing a cure.

MAGNUS: You see Swarm, when you have as much money as I do, you can do a little digging. And I have dug. Now, I do not feel it’s my place to air your dirty laundry in public but I will say this, I know what happened after the result of that attack back in 2128. And I know what this money can do for a man in your situation. A man with your affliction.

Swarm is standing staring at Magnus. Every once in awhile he turns to make sure Mandrill doesn’t charge him from behind, but Magnus has his attention.

MAGNUS: So Swarm, I want to give you this two trillion and, if you accept it, I’ll throw in a third. Three trillion. Two cures and a life of luxury, in three small briefcases.

As Swarm ponders this, Magnus climbs back up onto the apron.

MAGNUS: All you have to do, to receive all this, is join Future Shock.

There is silence throughout the arena. Magnus extends a hand. All eyes are on Swarm. He stands and looks at the cases, the back up at Magnus, then back down at the cases. He takes a steps forward and…..SHAKES MAGNUS’ HAND!

A collective gasp ripples through the Galaxy! Fans are too shocked to even make a sound. Swarm bends down and snaps the two cases shut and picks them up. Magnus smiles wide as he holds the ropes open for Swarm who exits the ring. They both begin walking to the back as Mandrill slides back into the ring.

The fans still cannot believe what has just happened. The ref begins a ten count.











The bell rings three times as Swarm disappears into the back. COLONIZER DEATH MARCH MATCH THREE, Prime Colonizer d. Swarm via count out when Swarm left the ring area with Magnus Colby – ***

An evil smile slowly spreads across Mandrill’s face as the realization of what just happened sinks in to the fans across the galaxy!

After the collective shock of what just happened sinks in, Euritar commands that the event music continue. Folks feel sorry for the two ladies of have to compete immediately following this huge shock!

GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH, Mistress of Darkness d. Scorn via DQ when Scorn rammed her into the ring post against the ref’s warnings – *** – A different side of Scorn that we’ve seen. She usually doesn’t lose her temper in the manner as she did tonight but the galaxy has been turned on its ear. The Dark Menace and Mistress of Darkness gladly accept the DQ win and the retention of the title as they head to the back.

The crowd slowly snaps back into the swing of things as Overtime comes out to challenge for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. He is humble and stops to high five and take selfies with fans as he comes to the ring. Lord Nexus looks quite pleased at the new attitude Overtime is displaying.

INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH, Havoc retained his title against Overtime via pinfall with COSMIC NIGHTMARE – ** – As fired up as Overtime was, he was just no match for Havoc who basically steamrolled him. Magnus was completely overjoyed with the outcome and was screaming to anyone who could listen, “This is my night! My night!”

In a huge TORTURE CHAMBER MATCH for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP, RUSH & TURMOIL d. THE CLOAK via pinfall when Rush covers Code Destroyer after THE TEMPEST – ** – Rush and Turmoil made a big show of telling Splatter (II) and Code Destroyer to bring their weapons because tonight they were going to destroy them once and for all and they did. The two GLADIATORS didn’t let up once and used quick tags to completely dismantle THE CLOAK. Magnus was fit to be tied as Rush & Turmoil left with the belts around their waists! (Code Destroyer is injured for 2 Cards)

In the main event, a BULL ROPE MATCH for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, Shayne d. Harbinger via pinfall with EYE 4 EYE – *** – Shayne completely picked apart the former champion here to prove he is no fluke champion. During this match, the fans completely got behind Shayne. It was apparent that after the events earlier in the evening, they needed a hero and Shayne was filling that role! When the bell sounded, not a person was in their seats. All were cheering the GALAXIAN CHAMPION Shayne and it was him holding the title above his said that we saw as we…


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