Praesepe Tower, Cancer

Euritar, once again, welcomes everyone to another night of GWF action and reminds us that all matches tonight are contested under NO DISQUALIFICATION/NO COUNTOUT rules!

Out first is HECTOR, The Holy Brown Bear with his team of TRICKS & NOSFERA. They enter the ring to the jeers of the crowd which they all, pretty much, ignore. They have not proven to be that successful of a team so it’ll be interesting to see what they do tonight. Their opponents come through the curtain and it is Lord Nexus with his team TITAN SAMURAI. Another twosome that has not seen mountains of success since their debut. They enter the ring and that bell rings!

This one was short and sweet! TITAN SAMURAI came out of the gates like Japanese Fox Demons and laid waste to their opponents.

TITAN SAMURAI d. TRICK & NOSFERA via submission when Kenji locks the KNEE BAR on Tricks – *

Hector shakes his big bear head as he tries to get his men back to the locker rooms.

TITAN SAMURAI get a small break until ULTRAMANTIS enters the arena to the cheers of the thousands in attendance. As they make their way down the aisle, Nitro tries to get a word from Mantis about his father joining Future Shock.

MANTIS: Topic for another time my friend. Right now it’s all about getting a shot at the gold!

Nitro wishes Mantis luck and they head to the ring to face TITAN SAMURAI. The four men in this match all shake hands and the crowd gets set for what they know will be a heck of a match! The bell rings…

The match is as good as everyone expects. Lots of quick tags and with UltraMantis Black, Mantis and Kenji in there, a lot of high flying! In the end though…

ULTRAMANTIS d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall after UltraMantis Black hits Giant Azuma with the PRAYING MANTIS BOMB – **

After the bell, all four men shake hands again and Mantis and UltraMantis Black also shake Lord Nexus’ hand in a sow of respect. The Titans make their way to the back and the next team enters the arena! Through the curtain first is Magnus the Magnanimous and he’s is leading his team, THE CLOAK, to the ring! Splatter (II) and Code Destroyer both have their weapons with them. Could they come into play in this NO DQ/NO COUNTOUT match? We find out…now…

ULTRAMANTIS d. THE CLOAK via pinfall when Mantis uses a schoolboy roll up on Code Destroyer – *1/2 – In the final moments, Code Destroyer misses a turnbuckle charge and Mantis rolls him up!

Splatter (II) and Code Destroyer are livid but Magnus calms them down and tells them to leave the ringside area. Mantis and UltraMantis Black are a little confused as to why Magnus is remaining behind, but then the answer becomes clear as DESERTERS comes through the curtain. The fans don’t like this one bit. Mantis and UltraMantis look a little fatigued, but not too badly. They managed to avoid any blows from the crowbar or Arsenal in that last match.

DESERTERS enter the ring and Tharkas will start against UltraMantis Black! The bell rings and here we go! The crowd quickly loses hope as it appears that ULTRAMANTIS may be a little more tired than they seemed to be. DESERTERS come on strong.

DESERTERS d. ULTRAMANTIS via pinfall when Adam Traitor covers Mantis after HOSTAGE CRISIS – **

Tharkas and Adam Traitor celebrate in the ring as they watch ULTRAMANTIS slink away. Their celebration is short lived when, through the curtain, FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS WATCHMEN head toward the ring! Looks like Adam Traitor will start against PSI! The bell rings!

Right after the bell rang, Adam Traitor dared PSI to read his mind! PSI, apparently, did and became so repulsed as to the horrible, racist, un-politically correct things he read there, he almost began vomiting. Adam Trator moved in for the kill!


HelSin, who didn’t even get into the match, vowed revenge as he helped PSI away from the ring. And this….is where things got interesting fans! Out from the curtain comes DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND with Dark Menace! The crowd instantly turned on both teams, booing and raining down soda cups and spiced celery wrappers on they as they headed towards the ring. It should be noted however that there were a few Coven Black signed in the crowd! Coven Black starts off with Tharkas and here we go!

DESERTERS use a series of quick tags to ensure that Coven Black can’t tag out to Balaal!

DESERTERS d. DARK MENANCE SPELLBOUND via pinfall after Adam Traitor hits Coven Black with a Running Rocket Shot – *

Magnus is estatic! Dark Menace is furious and is pulling on his little chin beard! He collects Coven Black and Balaal and gets them to the back, vowing to Nitro along the way that Dark Menace will prevail!

And then things got REALLY interesting….fans…you won’t believe who was out next…IMMORTALS with Ghena! Magnus’ step seemed to loose a little spring when he saw them headed to the ring, but he corralled his men and gave them a pep talk. Sur demanded to start first and Tharkas stepped in to face him. The bell rings and here we go!

DESERTERS almost had the crowd behind them they fought so valiantly during this match. Though Adam Traitor is a disgusting, bald, goateed piece of tattooed racist trash, the fans had IMMORTALS more for what they put the galaxy through with Black Death!

IMMORTALS d. DESERTERS when Bex hits Adam Traitor with MORTAL MUTILATION – **1/2

Bex and Sur run Magnus’ men out of the ring and stand defiantly in the middle of it waiting for their next opponents. They don’t have to wait long as through the curtain comes She-Devil with ULTIMATE FIGHTERS who come to the ring doing their wacky arm movements and high living the crowd! The crowd eats it up as they get ringside. Looks like Bex will start against Shoot! The team that ins here will go on to face RUSH & TURMOIL for the titles so a lot is riding on this match! The bell rings….

There was not one fan who was sitting for this match. The entire arena was on their feet cheering their lungs out for ULTIMATE FIGHTERS! It was meant to be though because, after Ghena interfered at one point…

IMMORTALS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall after Bex hit a missile dropkick on Shoot – ****1/2

IMMORTALS move on to the Championship match now, but are they strong enough after that mast match? RUSH & TURMOIL appear with THE LEVELER and make their way to ringside to the jeers of the crowd. They smirk and look supremely confident they will win tonight. They step into the ring and Bex will start off against Turmoil!

The bell sounds…

IMMORTALS d. RUSH & TURMOIL when Bex catches Rush with a small package – ** – An amazing back and forth match! Both teams just seconds away from winning! Though neither team was a fan favorite, the crowd was pulling for the Gladiators, again because of Black Death.

IMMORTALS capture their third GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP and bring to an end the historic fifth title reign from RUSH & TURMOIL! This one lasted a respectable 20 cards!

Bex & Sur stand tall in the ring as the fans boo them soundly. Ghana stand with them holding both belts in his good hand. They smile and smirk at the cameras as we…