Horizon Holodome, Unuk, Serpens

Euritar welcomes the fans to the closing night of THE RECKONING and announces that the next big event, 2130.265 will, once again, be a BATTLEZONE event! The fans love this as last year’s BATTLEZONE was good times. He reminds us that all of tonight’s matches are NO DISQUALIFICATION/NO COUTNOUT affairs and he orders the announcer to get things started.

Out first, with fan favorite Lord Nexus, is Payback to a thunderous applause. As they make their way to the ring, Nitro stops them…

NITRO: Payback, we want to get your thoughts on Swarm joining Future Shock.

Lord Nexus steps in front of Payback.

LORD NEXUS: What you’re asking about is a personal life matter. Payback isn’t answering questions like those right now because he is focused on tonight.

NITRO: What if Payback and Swarm have to face off in the ring?

LORD NEXUS: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. We are taking tonight, one match at a time.

They push past Nitro and hit the ring. The moment they do, out comes Dark Menace, leading Bishop Hell (II) to the ring. As they walk past Nitro, Dark Menace grabs the mic and begins yelling at Nitro.

DARK MENACE: Why are you asking Payback soap opera questions when you can be asking me about my plans to conquer the galaxy?

NITRO: Um, okay, what are your plans to conquer the galaxy?

DARK MENACE: What do you think I’m stupid? I’m not going to blabber my plans to a moron like you! Now just shut up and get this mic out of my face!

Dark Menace and Bishop Hell (II) hit the ring and we are ready for our first match. The ref calls for the bell!

As he has been known to do, Payback held on as long as possible, but a win was not in the cards.

Bishop Hell (II) d. Payback via pinfall after using HELLFIRE – ***1/2

Lord Nexus shook an angry fist at Dark Menace who just smiled and pointed to his temple. Lord Nexus helped Payback out of the ring and down the aisle. Payback was just shaking off the effects of the HELLFIRE when the curtain opened and out stepped Magnus the Magnanimous followed by Swarm. Everyone watched as the two saw each other. Payback just shook his head and pushed past Swarm. Swarm shrugged it off.

The arena was silent as Swarm made for the ring for the start of this next match. Bishop Hell vs. Swarm! This one should be good! Both combatants in the ring, the ref called for the bell.

The crowd may have been silent at the start, but two minutes in they were as raucous as ever! They firmly got behind Bishop Hell (II) who dominated most of the match. But the tide turned when Colby hopped up not the apron to try and prevent Bishop Hell (II) from using HELLFIRE! Swarm charged Bishop Hell (II) from behind and Hell ducked and Swarm clobbered Colby who went flying to the arena floor! The arena fell silent again, did Swarm mean to land that punch? From some holovision angles it looked like it. Swarm quickly apologized to Colby but then became a house of fire!

Swarm d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall with the WASP TRAP – *****

The arena rains down boos on Swarm because after the match, he goes over and checks on Colby to make sure he is alright. Dark Menace and Bishop Hell (II) leave ringside. As they leave Swarm’s next opponent arrives, being led to the ring by WIggy, it is Cage Death Betrayer! The fans get behind him quickly. He hops up into the ring, puts his chain in the corner and the bell sounds!

Especially for a match involving Cage Death Betrayer, this one was wrestled by the books by both athletes and it was a highly competitive match.

Cage Death Betrayer d. Swarm via submission with NO ESCAPE – **1/2 – Betrayer say his opening for his powerful submission move and he hit it causing Swarm to tap out.

Swarm left the ring while the crowd cheered wildly for Betrayer. Wiggy looked up from her InfiNet Pad to realize her man had one and she stood up to ask him how the match was as we waited for the next wrestler. We didn’t have to wait long when, through the curtain, came former GALAXIAN CHAMPION Harbinger along with Dark Menace. Cage Death Betrayer was to be the fan favorite in this match, but even he knew he had an uphill battle to go! Swarm was easy compare to what else is coming down the pike!

Harbinger gets into the ring and the bell sounds!

If the last match was by the book, this match threw everything out the window! The action was all over the ring and the ringside area!

Harbinger d. Cage Death Betrayer via pinfall with REST IN PIECES – ****

Wiggy looked up from her InfiNet Pad to see her man had lost. She shrugged and led him away from the ring. As they were about to leave, Death Masque Betrayer swung in from the rafters and grabbed Wiggy and zipped back up on a retractable line! They were gone and Cage Death Betrayer looked around wildly! He ran out through the curtain to try and chase after them!

Meanwhile, in the ring, Harbinger and Dark Menace awaited their next opponent and the curtain parted to reveal….

PARALYZE! The Leveler accompanied him to the ring and the fans at ringside knew this match would be brutal! The ref adjusted his bowtie and called for the bell!

This was a match between two, very large men and it can be summed up in one word…BRAWL! These two just about destroyed the ring.

Paralyze d. Harbinger via pinfall with HEART TRANSPLANT – ***** – A fantastic match.

Harbinger skulked away with Dark Menace, visibly upset that his return to the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP had been derailed! Paralyze and Leveler stood awaiting to see who would be next!

A huge cheer tore through the arena as the curtain parted and out stepped Tauran! He jogged to the ring and looked ready to take on Paralyze, despite the size difference! The ref called for the bell!

A great match that saw either man seconds away from winning.

Paralyze d. Tauran via pinfall after PERMENANTLY PARALYZED – ***1/2

Paralyze tosses Tauran out of the ring, smirking and looks to the back. A big smile appears on his face as through the curtain steps his opponent…Aethran Overmaster! Overmaster returns the smile and heads to the ring! Gladiator versus Gladiator! The fans know they will fight because, to them, there is honor in fighting. Perhaps even Paralyze thinks that if he wins this encounter, that’ll put him a step closer to becoming Minister of War! Leveler leaves the ring and the bell sounds!

The galaxy watched with rapt attention as the two Gladiators tore into each other! It was a violent brawl, for sure!

Paralyze d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall after PERMENANTLY PARALYZED – ** – Paralyze caught Overmaster with PERMANENTLY PARALYZED, but he kicked out. He then hit him with not one, but TWO HEART TRANSPLANTS, both of which, Overmaster kicked out of. He then hit him with a second PERMANENTLY PARALYZED and Overmaster did not get up.

After the bell, Paralyze went to help Overmaster to his feet but he was out. A quick look of panic crossed his face as he motioned for The Leveler to help him try and get him to respond. No dice. Medics were called and The Leveler left with Overmaster on the stretcher. Paralyze remained behind in the ring and awaited his next opponent! And it is Monolith!

Paralyze looks a little tired physically, after winning three matches and mentally fatigued after what could have possibly transpired with Overmaster. Will he be able to take on Monolith?! We shall find out now!

Monolith d. Paralyze via pinfall after a perfect cross body block – *1/2 – It was clear from the bell sounding that Paralyze was really not going to do well in this match. Monolith systematically too him apart and went for the kill.

Paralyze rolled out of the ring and headed to the back, presumably to go check on Aethran Overmaster. Monolith stood, arms crossed staring at the curtain. It parted and out stepped….ENDGAME!

The crowd is still unsure about Endgame and with Monolith as the leader of the Ani-Men team, the fans are with him. Either way, the galaxy knows this is going to be a good match. And the winner will face Shayne tonight for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

Endgame climbs into the ring and the ref calls for the bell!

Whoa! This one was a shocker!

Monolith d. Endgame via pinfall with CATASTROPHE – SQUASH – This one was over in 5 moves. Monolith just laid waste to Endgame. It was like Endgame didn’t even show up!

Monolith stood and backed into the corner as Endgame sat up in disbelief. The crowd was in shock. That had to have been he worst match they have ever seen Endgame wrestle. He bowed his head and made his way to the back. Monolith stood, smirking and motioned towards the back. Out came Shayne! The GALAXIAN CHAMPION!

Shayne d. Monolith via pinfall with SHOWDOWN – **** – This was just a fantastic encounter and an amazing way to cap off NIGHT FOUR of THE RECKONING! The crowd was cheering both men equally throughout the fight.  Shayne retains the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and extends a hand to Monolith after the bell to help him up. Monolith stands on his wn but shakes Shayne’s hand.

Shane celebrates to the cheers of the crowd as we…