Transcripts, June 2130 – Battlezone Challenges

During the last night of THE RECKONING, Euritar announced that the next event would be a BATTLEZONE SuperCard that would feature all Battlezone matches.  Since that announcement, GWF wrestlers have been looking to set up BattleZone teams in order to settle grudges and make statements.

First to make a challenge was Cage Death Betrayer!

CAGE DEATH BETRAYER:  Dark Menace, this crap needs to come to an end!  I’m am sick and tired of your backroom dealings, your sneak attacks.  Listen, you want me to sign some worthless piece of paper in order to work for you.  I don’t want to sign it, so you send Death Masque Betrayer after me, repeatedly, in order to force me to sign it.  Get it through your head…I DO NOT WANT TO WORK FOR YOU.  You team of wrestlers are trash and I have no desire to work with them or for you.  So in order to put this to an end, once and for all, I’ve assembled a team of wrestlers who are also tired of your crap and are ready to send you packing.  Now you put together a team and make sure that that scum Death Masque Betrayer is at the head of the team!

It didn’t take long for Dark Menace to respond.

DARK MENACE:  Betrayer, Betrayer, Betrayer.  You fool.  What makes you think I want you to work for me?  That’s an insult to me and the fine wrestlers under my employ.  I don’t want you to sign this piece of paper so you’ll work for me, I want you to sign this piece of paper on matter of principle.  You were under my employ when this paper came out and everyone working under me has to sign it.  You will sign it.  Everyone bows to whims of the Dark Menace!  Fool!  You want to put a team up against mine at Battlezone?  So be it.  I will assemble a team and at the end of the evening, you will be defeated and I will be victorious, like I always am!

So the first match booked for BATTLEZONE is as follows…

Cage Death Betrayer, Plethador & TITAN SAMURAI vs. Death Masque Betrayer, Bishop Hell (II) & DARK MENACE SPELLBOUD

On the heels of that announcement, a huge challenge came through Commissioner Euritar’s office and it came from the GALAXIAN CHAMPION, Shayne!

SHAYNE:  I reckon, now that the Reckoning is behind us, as Galaxian Champion, it befalls on my to confront the elephant in the room.  And that elephant is Magnus and the rest of future shock.  Magnus, I’m speakin’ directly at you know, so I want you to take the money out of yer ears and give a listen.  I see that you have designs on coming in here and taking over the GWF.  Well, it ain’t gonna happen.  You see, we here at the GWF are tired of people comin’ in and trying to take over.  It’s been done and we’ve run off the varmints every single time.  So I’m puttin’ you and the rest of Future Shock on notice.  We’re coming for you.  I’ve rounded up a posse.  Myself and six of the toughest men in the federation and we’re all fired up and ready to run y’all out of Dodge.  So stack up your best seven guys and we’ll chop them down like cord wood, one after another at Battlezone.

Shortly after this challenge was issued, Magnus fired back saying he would accept the challenge if a stipulation was added.  The stipulation was that if Future Shock wins, a wrestler of Magnus’ choosing get’s a shot at the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.  Almost immediately, Shayne replied that if that was okay with Euritar, it was fine with him!  Euritar agreed and the match was signed!

Shane’s team will be: Shayne, Star Warrior (II), FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGTHERS WATCHMEN, Paganax & THE ULTIMATE FIGHTERS.  Magnus would not release his team, saying it would be a surprise.

While being tight lipped about the team that would be going up against Shayne’s team, Magnus made a challenge on behalf of two of his men and in doing so, we now know that these two men will not be in the match with Shayne.

MAGNUS:  My men Minister of War and Havoc would like to issue a challenge to the Gladiators.  Seeing as there seems to be some infighting (he was referencing the events of the last night of THE RECKONING) they feel now is the perfect time to strike.  Minister of War and Havoc have recruited Harbinger and challenge Paralyze, Rush & Turmoil to a Battlezone series!

It took a few days, but the Gladiators answered and agreed!  The match is set for Battlezone!

Paralyze and RUSH & TURMOIL vs. Minister of War, Havoc & Harbinger

In perhaps the most shocking challenge to come out of these past few days was the challenge Monolith issued!  The big man rarely speaks, so when he did, everyone sat up and listened!

MONOLITH:  Swarm.  You have turned your back on the Ani-Men.  You have abandoned them and for this, you shall pay.  You have abandoned your son and for this, you shall pay..  You have abandoned your partner and for this, you shall pay.  As the new, de facto leader of this team, I have promised them to wipe you out because of your betrayal.  Assemble a team.  Meet the Ani-Man and their Titan friends in combat.  If you do not meet us at BattleZone, we shall track you down and make you pay!

Magnus the Magnanimous sent word back that Swarm has indeed formed a team, the roster of which would be kept secret.  Even not knowing Swarm’s teammates, the fans were super excited for this match!

Monolith, ULTRAMANTIS, Payback & Overtime vs. Swarm’s team!

This BATTLEZONE is shaping up to be the biggest one year and there is certainly a lot on the line!  BATTLE ZONE is coming your way soon, GWF fans and it’ll be an event you do not want to miss.