Transcripts, March 2130 – Payback


In a blog post to his InfiNet Fan page, Payback posted the following update which included his thoughts about his upcoming match with Perfect Specimen.

Hey Paybackers,

I hope you are all doing well in your respective parts of the galaxy. Sorry I haven’t posted on here in awhile, things have been busy. Helping Swarm deal with Mantis’ recovery from Black Death Illness took up a good portion of the end of 2129 and then a Future Shock arrived.

Up until that ship landed, I had actually enjoyed, sort of, fading into the back of the GWF’s spotlight. I heard the rumors about impending retirement, but that thought has never crossed my mind. I’m just not a glory hog like some others in the GWF are. I’m content with wrestling, collecting a paycheck and then heading home to be with the ones I love. Sure, I’ll get into a feud or two with some big mouthed idiot and then I’ll silence them with EXVENGE and slip back into the midcard.

But Future Shock brought with it a loudmouth braggart. This Perfect Specimen is a real piece of work. He’s so bitter about not having a counterpart here in this universe, he’s going to take it all out on the Titans. Well, he had a piece of cake with that bush leaguer Overtime but, as I showed him at STORMFRONT, he’s not capable of handling me.

Now he’s mad about what I did to his face. So mad, he’s demanded a FOUR WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION match against me. Is this guy a total idiot? I messed his face up with my bare hands during that TITAN DEATH MATCH and now he’s gonna put me in a match where weapons are everywhere….and they are legal? I hope he got those doctors of his on retainer. He’s going to need them. I promise you that. I hope you’ll all tune in to INVASION and watch that one go down. Maybe not let the kids watch it. It’s going to be bloody.

Thanks, as always, for your support. I hope to see you all at a future live event. Stay well, eat your celery and remember to STAY EXTREME!

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