From Miranda Center, Uranus

The crowd in the Miranda Center is white hot coming off of STORMFRONT as there is a huge night of action planned for GWF fans everywhere!  The main Event tonight will feature Star Warrior (II) who is returning from injury to face the man who injured him Thantos (II) in a TITAN DEATH MATCH in what should be a fantastic encounter!  We cut down to the ring for the first match.

Taichi d. Fhanna via DQ after a slam on the concrete floor – *1/2 – Furious after losing the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP, Fhanna has a new edge.  She blatantly disregarded the ref’s warnings several times during the match and it was a slam to the floor outside the ring that finally sealed the deal.  If Fhanna is looking to get back in the title hunt, this is not the way to do it.

After the match, Nitro cornered Magnus and asked him about Fhanna’s new attitude.

MAGNUS:  You know what they say, ‘Hell hath no fury,’ and all that.

He blew a puff of smoke from his cigar into Nitro’s face and walked away.  We cut back to the ring where Bishop Hell (II) is already in the ring with the Dark Menace.  Plethador’s music begins and the crowd comes alive as everyone’s favorite amphibian heads to the ring.  He’s not his usual jaunty self though, looking around everywhere, behind him and in the crowd.  It takes a minute to realize that he is not being accompanied by his new manager Wiggy.  He is asking the crowd in they have seen here, but everyone is shrugging and saying they haven’t.  He finally, a good 15 minutes later, gets into the ring and the bell rings to start the match.

Bishop Hell (II) d. Plethador via pinfall after HELLFIRE – ** – Plethador was distracted, looking for Wiggy the entire match and this allowed Bishop Hell (II) to make even shorter work of Plethador than he normally would have if the amphibian was focused.  After the bell, Plethador was holding a damp washrag to his face, trying to soothe his Hellfire burns, when suddenly Wiggy appeared and coma to ringside.

WIGGY:  Sorry I’m late.

PLETHADOR:  You couldn’t be any later.  The match is over!

WIGGY:  I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was signing some paperwork for a new deal.

PLETHADOR:  Let me guess your InfiNet show is going to be heard on more computers around the universe.

WIGGY:  No, even better.

PLETHADOR (nonplussed):  What could be better?

WIGGY:  You will find out on the next card!  Oooooooh!  I’m so excited.

Plethador hopped off the ring and started heading to the back.

PLETHADOR:  I can hardly wait.

DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall after Balaal bit Shoot with BITE OF THE SERPENT – *1/2 – Huge win here for Dark Menace’s men as they easily handle the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS.  Looks like Dark Menace has lit a fire under the SPELLBOUND team as of late.

Crossfire d. Overtime via pinfall with BULLSEYE – ***** – This match promised to be a high flying affair and it was.  Overtime never got solidly on the offensive in this one, but didn’t embarrass himself.  Crossfire picks up another win here much to the delight of Magnus the Magnanimous.

IMMORTALS d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Bex hit Giant Azuma with a cross body block – *** – Another victory for the IMMORTALS and another loss for TITAN SAMURAI.  Lord Nexus seems to be getting a little frustrated with Kenji and Giant Azuma as they have yet to really click with the GWF wrestling style.  Nitro caught up with Lord Nexus and asked about the Titan’s losing streak and Lord Nexus deflected.

LORD NEXUS:  The GWF style is very different from the Nippon style these two are used to.  It’ll all happen, I promise, it’s just taking a little longer than I had hoped.

Out next was Prime Colonizer with Magnus the Magnanimous.  He stood int he middle of the ring and held an arm up for silence.  This, of course, didn’t work, the crowd booed him loudly.

PRIME COLONIZER:  I was to have a match with the spawn of scum Mantis tonight.  All part of my plan to subjugate the entire AniMan team, one by one.  But now they tell me that Mantis is sick and can’t be here tonight.  So until the spawn of Swarm is ready to wrestle, the Prime Colonizer demands an opponent.

Swarm’s music hits and he comes out to the cheers of the crowd.  He doesn’t say anything, but he is ready to fight.  Prime Colonizer laughs.

PRIME COLONIZER:  No, no.  No, no, no.  Swarm, nice try.  But you seem to forget, so I’ll repeat it.  I’ve already beaten you.  I do not have to beat you again.

Swarm shakes his head and gestures to the back and out comes UltraMantis Black!  The crowd goes nuts as UltraMantis heads to the ring.

Prime Colonizer is instantly on edge.  He and Magnus begin arguing with the referee.

PRIME COLONIZER:  That’s Swarm under that mask!  It has to be!  We know he’s dressed up in that outfit before.

MAGNUS:  They are both wearing masks!  How can we be sure which one is which?!

The ref is shrugging.  Prime Colonizer is completely thrown off guard.  Swarm accompanies UltraMantis Black to the ring and Prime Colonizer is about to get whiplash looking between the two of them.  Prime Colonizer tells the ref he refuses to wrestle and begins leaving the ring.  Suddenly Euritar appears.

EURITAR:  Mandrill!  You have a match tonight!  You fulfill your obligations or there will be major repercussions!

Magnus is irate, jumping up and down at ringside and yelling at Euritar.  Prime Colonizer swallows his pride and gets back into the ring.  The moment he does, the bell rings and we are underway!

In the match of the night, UltraMantis Black d. Prime Colonizer via pinfall after the PRAYING MANTIS BOMB – ** – A heck of a match that the fans ate up completely.  The end came about when Swarm snuck into the ring while the ref was yelling at Magnus and he delivered a huge VENOMOUS STINGER to Mandrill that set him up perfectly for a PRAYING MANTIS BOMB from UltraMantis Black.  The roof was about to be torn off of the venue as the bell rang.

Magnus was pulling his hair out, screaming and yelling at the referee!  Swarm and UltraMantis Black hugged and taunted Magnus as they headed to the back.  Mandrill sat up in the middle of the ring looking totally confused as to what just happened.  Prime Colonizer’s first loss since arriving and it was to an AniMan!

The fans were simultaneously pumped and exhausted after that last match, but there was still one match to go!

In the man event, a TITAN DEATH MATCH, Thantos (II) d. Star Warrior (II) via pinfall after Mental Manslaughter – ***** – It appeared that Star Warrior (II) may not have been a hundred percent coming back from his injury.  Thantos (II) completely schooled him in this match, toying with him before finally putting him away.

Nitro caught up to Thantos (II) and Magnus as they left the ringside area and asked for comments.

THANTOS (II):  I’m done with that piece of garbage.  It’s on to bigger and better things.  Feels good to have finally lost all that dead weight once and for all.  And he’s lucky I didn’t injure him again.

With a wave of his hand, Thantos (II) walked away and that’s the image we see as we…


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