Transcripts, March 2130 – The Perfect Specimen


In the March/April edition Iprah Magazine, there was an exclusive interview with The Perfect Specimen.  This interview was conducted three days  after STORMFRONT.  Below are select excerpts from that interview.  They appear courtesy of Iprah Magazine.

I sat down with The Perfect Specimen just days after his brutal Titan Death Match with Payback.  He was in good spirits, but he demanded the lights in the interview room be kept low and there was absolutely no holovision recording allowed.

Iprah:  Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.  I know that the life of a GWF athlete is hectic so I appreciate the time.

Spec:  You see Iprah, it’s like this, I know all your readers are curious about be.  Out of all the guys in Future Shock that arrived a few months ago, I’m the only guy that didn’t have a counterpart here in this parallel universe, so it’s only natural your readers would have question.  And who am I to deny giving people what they want?  Especially when what they want is more of me.  Plus, in my universe, the Iprah, well, let’s just say she ain’t as fine as you.  This universe wins on Iprahs.

Iprah (laughing):  Well thank you.  I’m blushing.  Since you brought it up, let me ask you about this whole parallel universe thing.  Is this real or some elaborate gag as some have claimed?

Spec (laughing):  First off Iprah, reach out and touch one of these gun?

Iprah (laughing): Okay.

(I felt his muscles and let me tell you, they are huge.)

Spec:  That feel real to you?

Iprah: Uh, yes.

Spec:  Good, good, then we all know that I’m real and sitting across from you.  Fact one, I’m real.  Fact two is:  I tell the truth.  I don’t make up lies like so many of these other wrestlers.  I say I’m going to dominate the Titans, I’ve done that in just two months.  So now that we know that I’m real and that I don’t lie, I will tell you this…I am from a parallel universe.  It’s the truth.  I ain’t making it up.

Iprah:  Well, I guess we’ll take your word for it.

Spec:  Take it all the way to the bank.

CUT – This next portion Iprah discussed with Spec how he was adjusting and where he plans to live in this Universe.

Iprah:  Now, I have to ask, and I’m sorry if this gets too personal, but for this interview today, the lights are low and you are sitting in a shadow.  You’ve also asked that no pictures be taken.  Can you tell us why?

Spec:  Iprah, I told you at the beginning of this interview that I always tell the truth, and so I will.  The lights are low and there’s no cameras allowed because of what Payback did to my face at STORMFRONT.  I received a cut across my forehead during that match and, well, The Perfect Specimen isn’t seen unless he is perfect.  I’ll say this though, Magnus got the best doctors in the universe working on cut and they tell me that in two weeks I’ll be good as new.

Iprah:  Certainly good news.

Spec:  I’ll tell you what though, even with that cut, I still won the match.  I still dominated Payback, which was my plan from the outset.  But the problem for Payback now is, he made me an mortal enemy.  You mess with my moneymaker, you become and enemy.  I hope he’s ready for that.  He’s been around for a long time.  He’s gone through a lot of tables with that crazy finisher of his.  But all that is just gonna make him easier to snap in two.  Which I will do.

Iprah:  You aren’t fond of Payback, that is clear, but there’s no love lost for the rest of the Titans is there?

Spec:  Absolutely not.  They are trash from top to bottom.  Overtime is all talk.  I read up on him since getting here.  He was supposed to be the next big thing.  Where’s he been?  Nowhere.  He’s floundered for years.  He should go back to the bush leagues where he can be a big fish in a small pond, because he’s just a minnow here in the GWF.  And the shark has arrived.

Iprah:  What about Lord Nexus?

Spec:  I said all I have to say on him when I arrived.  Nothing more needs to be said.

Iprah:  Titan Samurai?

Spec:  Tag team wrestling ain’t my thing, so they don’t even show up as a blip on my radar.

Iprah:  What is on your radar right now?

Spec:  Payback.  Payback for Payback and what he did to my face.  I hope he’s ready because what I brought in that Titan Death Match was nothing compared to what’s on the horizon.

CUT – This next portion they discussed The Perfect Specimen’s childhood and relationship with Magnus Colby.

Iprah:  Well, we are wrapping up here and I just want to thank you for talking to us once again.  You know, I hope you don’t take offense, but I was nervous coming into this interview because I’d heard that you were arrogant and not easy to work with.  I find the exact opposite is true.

Spec:  Iprah, it was my pleasure.  I learned to never read what’s written about me or listen to what people are saying about me, because I know the truth.  Everything I do is perfect.  Wrestling, talking, living life, it’s all perfect.  Those who try to knock me down are only doing so because they wish they could be me.  Let them wallow in their jealousy and hate.  I’ll just keep on being The Perfect Specimen.

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