From Mira Galaxy Dome, Cetus

The GWF faithful are packed into the Mira Galaxy Dome and are ready for the first big regular SuperCard of the year.  The main even is Shayne defending the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP against former champ Harbinger in a rematch, but this card is stacked from top to bottom with matches the fans are rabid for.  As always, the action here in the GALAXY’S FINEST is TOP SHELF!  Fan favorite, Taurna makes his way to the ring as we are all set to kick things off.

Tauran d. Crossfire via pinfall with the VICTORY STAR DROP – * – The fans were excited to see Tauran take on Crossfire, but it seemed that Crossfire was missing a step or two in this match and it wasn’t the high flying affair everyone thought it would be.

In a TITAN DEATH MATCH the fans were dying to see, Perfect Specimen d. Payback via pinfall with a springboard clothesline – ***** – The two titans brought it to this match in what appeared to be an attempt to take the other out completely.  Both men were bloody by the end.  Perfect Specimen was just too much for the vetran.  After the match, Perfect Specimen was irate that his face had been cut open and he began yelling that he’d get even as Payback left the ring.

Up next, a women’s match in which She Devil d. Nova via pinfall with EYE OF THE DEVIL – SQUASH – Star Warrior was injured and, as such, not present and Nova seemed a little lost without her man present.  She Devil crushed her in this short bout.

In a match with tag team ranking implications, IMMORTALS d. TRICKS & NOSFERA via submission when Sur locked GROUND ZERO on Nosfera – * –  The winning streak that the newly reformed tag team of Tricks & Nosfera came to an abrupt halt when they hit the wall of Sur & Bex.  THE IMMORTALS seem to be biding their time waiting to get back into the title picture.  They should be close if not the new number one contenders after this match.

As Bex & Sur left the ring area, the whole end of the  Mira Galaxy Dome  began to slide open and the fans began to cheer.  The Mira Galaxy Dome and its unique ability to  slide open and become an outdoor arena in minutes, was chosen as the STORMFRONT venue because this next match was on the card.  Once the arena was opened, the Lava Pit became the central focal point.  Standing in the center of the Lava Pit stood a defiant Chaos Supreme who was instantly showered with boos!

CHAOS SUPREME:  From the moment I began wrestling in Dimension X, I dominated  by making my opponents bow to me at the end of every match..  Now I come to 2130 and I see this…thing…Paganax doing a direct rip off of  this here.  Tonight it ends.  I’ve agreed to Paganax’s request to face him in this pit because venue doesn’t matter.  Chaos always wins.

At this, Paganax charged into the pit and the match started.

In a brutal LAVA PIT MATCH, Chaos d. Paganax when he escaped after humiliating Paganax by locking him in the BOW OF DEFEAT and holding him there until he passed out – ***** – Match of the year candidate, no doubt.   These two tore each other apart.  No matter how he fought though, Paganax succumed to the end in huliliating fashion.  After the match, Chaos spit down into the Lava Pit and onto the lifeless body of Paganax.

At the close of the match, the building began to close back up and all attention was back on the ring.  Standing in the middle was PRIME COLONIZER, Mandrill and Lope.

PRIME COLONIZER:  Swarm!  Get out here.

The crowd exploded as Swarm entered the arena.  He walked with purpose to the ring, staring daggers into Prime Colonizer as he walked.  He climbed up into the ring and stood across from Prime Colonizer and Lope.

PRIME COLONIZER:  You want a match with me Swarm and, as I said in my statement, I will give you a chance.

SWARM:  Get your mangy dog out of the ring and ring the bell.

PRIME COLONIZER: I said, I’d give you a chance.  A CHANCE at a rematch.  I beat you once, so if you want a rematch, you need to earn it.   You beat Lope here, you get your rematch.

Swarm was visibly furious but he was on a mission to get Mandrill in the ring so he pointed to the timekeeper to ring the bell.

In a hell of a match, Lope d. Swarm via pinfall with HOWL OF THE WOLF – ***** – Amazing match.  Prime Colonizer was at ringside the whole time but did not get involved.  Swarm and Lope beat the tar out of each other, in the end, the savageness of Lope was able to overcome the experience of Swarm.  After the bell, Mandrill smirked, snapped his fingers to call Lope to his side and left the ring.  Swarm stared and watched them go.  The look in his eyes let everyone know this was far from over.

A brief commercial was shown the GWF’s heroes such as Tauran, Lord Nexus and GALAXIAN CHAMPION Shayne, visiting kids receiving treatment for Black Death Sickness.

We cut back to the arena and see that a BARBED WIRE COSMIC CAGE has been set up.  Minister of War makes his way out to loud boos.  Aethran Overmaster gets much of the same treatment.  The fans are excited to see the action, but there are very few in the crowd who would call these two favorites.

In a bloody BARBED WIRE COSMIC CAGE MATCH, Minister of War d. Aethran Overmaster when he escaped after MURDER WEAPON – ***** – It was as violent as expected and then some.  Minister of War gets the victory much to the chagrin of the Gladiator camp.  Minister of War was all smiles as he left ringside, licking the blood that dripped down his face to the disgust of the fans present.  Rush and Turmoil came to help the bloodied Overmaster back to the locker rooms.  He looked injured but was well enough to walk. (Aethran Overmaster is injured for 1 card.)

In a LEPUS STUN ROD MATCH, DESERTERS d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Tharkas hit Kenji with COUNCIL OF WAR – **** – DESERTERS looked great in this match!  Looks like they are finally coming together as a team.  TITAN SAMURAI are still struggling and haven’t seemed to find their footing since arriving last year.

In a match for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP, Mistress of Darkness d. Fhanna via pinfall with COMPANION CONTROL to become the new GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION – **** – Magnus was furious over the loss of the championship.  Fhanna knew he was mad and tried to reason with him, promising she’d get it back.  He just walked away.

Out next was Cage Death Betrayer with Dark Menace.  As has become ritual, Dark Menace had the Dark Menace Code of Conduct papers for The Betrayer to sign and Betrayer just continued to refuse.  Magus came out with Havoc, coaching him the whole way to the ring.  Fans could tell that the Magnanimous one was instructing Havoc not to lose another Championship for Future Shock.

The INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH ended with The Betrayer d. Havoc via DQ when Havoc refused to stop pummeling Betrayer’s face with closed fists. – DUD – This was a brawl from the opening bell to the disqualification.  It looked like The Betrayer was taking out his frustration with The Dark Menace Code of Conduct on Havoc.  In Havoc’s case it looked like hanging with Minister of War has rekindled his GLADIATOR spirit!  The action spilled out of the ring and the ref soon had to make a DQ call.

After the bell, Havoc started repeatedly kicking The Betrayer in the head.  The Betrayer was soon crumpled in a lifeless heap and, to the shock of everyone in the arena, The Dark Menace walked over and shook hands with Magnus the Magnanimous and handed him a small metal briefcase!  He then shook hands with Havoc.  Magnus and Havoc left ringside and Dark Mencase whacked him across the head with his cane!

DARK MENACE:  When I say to sign something, you sign something, you worthless piece of trash!

Dark Menace crumpled up the Code of Conduct papers and shoved them into The Betrayers mouth.

Suddenly, Death Masque Betrayed repelled from the ceiling and stood directly behind Dark Menace.  The crowd went nuts.  There are two Betrayers!  Dark Menace turned around and came face to face with Death Masque and looked horrified.  But then a small smile crept across his face and the two shook hands!  The fans immediately booed!  Death Masque walked over to Cage Death Betrayer and gave him a kick in the head for good measure!  Dark Menace and Death Masque left together!  SHOCK FANS!

In a bout for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP, THE CLOAK d. RUSH & TURMOIL via DQ when Turmoil put Code Destroyer through a table at ringside – ** – Another brawl form the opening bell!  All four men were using every cheap shot, weapon and nasty tactic they could think of and the ref had to call it.  After the bell the four men brawled to the back!

In the main event for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, Harbinger d. Shayne via count out when Shayne was not able to reenter the ring after hitting REST IN PIECES on the concrete outside the ring – ***** – The fans saw a side of Harbinger they had never seen before!  He tore into Shayne and Shayne did all he could to keep up.  Even Shayne’s Fury didn’t help him rebound!  Harbinger delivered REST IN PIECES on the concrete floor outside the ring and Shayne was unable to answer the ref’s ten count.

After the bell, Dark Menace grabbed the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and began walking away with it, the ref stopped him and grabbed at it to take it back.  Even after threatening the ref with his cane, The Dark Menace relinquished the belt.

Shayne, the GALAXIAN CHAMPION, lying motionless on the concrete floor is what we see as we…


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