Transcripts, March 2130 – Swarm


On March 3, 2130, Swarm released a video.  Below is a transcript of that video.

I have been around for a long time.

Because I have, I have won matches and I have lost matches.  I have won championships and I have lost championships.  When you’ve been around as long as I have you learn one thing.  In the end, it isn’t about the winning or the losing.  It is being brave enough to fight the fight.
Not once.  Not once, have I ever backed away from a fight.  I have met every one of them, from day one until this day, head on.  I have fought until I was bloodied.  I have fought until I was injured.  I have fought until my hand was raised in victory and a championship was around my waist and I have fought until that was all taken away.  If there’s a fight to be fought, I don’t back away.


Simple.  I’m an AniMan.  It is what we do.  We fight.

But now, an AniMan has arrived in 2130 and he refuses to fight.  He claims to be an AniMan.  He claims he wants to lead the AniMen, but yet, he doesn’t want to fight.  That doesn’t seem like much of an AniMan to me.  You see, Prime Colonizer, or Mandrill, or whatever your name is in this ‘parallel universe,’ if you want to lead us, you need to fight.

Now I’ll give you, in our first encounter, I misjudged you.  That’s my mistake.  But if you are this proud leader general you claim to be, you know a few things about war.  One battle does not win or lose you the war.  One battle is just a tiny little step.  A tiny little set down the path to victory or defeat.  You won our first battle Mandrill, but you are a long way from winning the war.

I say, instead of be a so-called leader who turns tail and runs without properly fighting the battle, why not try and win the war?  Why not get into the ring with me again and humble me?  Make me submit to your rule?  That’s what a leader would do.  That’s what a smart general would do.  But not you.  No, your tactic is to run.  Why is that?  I think it is because deep down, way down in the little monkey heart of yours, you know the truth.  You know, deep down, that your win over me was a fluke, a lucky roll of the dice.  And you know, deep down, I can beat you.  I can win this war.

I’m the leader of the AniMen, Mandrill.  I have been for a very long time.  You want the rest of the AniMen to follow you?  Come out into the light.  Come out into the light instead of scurrying away like a cockroach.

Come out into the light, Mandrill.

I’m waiting.

The day after Swarm made this statements, Prime Colonizer, Mandrill, released one of his own.

“Swarm, I beat you.  I beat you and I beat Monolith.  I do not have to fight either of you again.  ‘You may have won the battle, but I will win the war,’ is something that losers say.  I know what it takes to fight.  I know what it takes to win a war.  To win a war, you don’t bother with those that you’ve already conquered, such as I have done to you.  But Swarm, if you want to fight so bad, I’ll give you a chance.  Meet me at Stormfront!”

With the release of this statement, sales of tickets to Stormfront went through the roof to near sold out capacity.  It’s the GWF’s next big SuperCard and it is coming your way soon!


  1. Shane Sullivan on July 30, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Nice! Look forward to these two really getting it on.

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