CARD 2130.254 – INVASION

From Lynx Lair, Lyncis

The show opens with Plethador and Wiggy arriving in a cruiser.  They sit for a moment, in the front seat, listening to something.  Then after a minute, they get out of the vehicle.

PLETHADOR: I love the opening theme song to your show.

WIGGY: Oh, thanks.

PLETHADOR:  Who is it?

WIGGY: I don’t know?

Plethador closes his door and looks at her.  

PLETHADOR:  You don’t know who does the theme song to your show?

WIGGY:  Nope.

PLETHADOR:  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that if you are using someone’s song on an InfiNet show like yours, you have to give them credit.

WIGGY:  Nope.

PLETHADOR:  Huh.  Learn something new everyday.  Anyway, the opening is great but the sound quality of the rest of the show is a little iffy.  Don’t you ever listen to it before you put it out?

WIGGY:  No.  Why?

PLETHADOR:  To see if it’s listenable.

WIGGY:  Nope.  It’s listenable.  No need to check it.


They enter the building and we cut to ringside.

The arena is packed as folks are ready for a huge night of GWF action!

In the opener, Dark Menace makes his way to ringside with Cage Death Betrayer.  He is waving a paper in Betrayer’s face begin him to sign it.  Betrayer is refusing and basically ignores Dark Menace and climbs into the ring for the match.  Cage Death Betrayer d. Overtime via pinfall after NO ESCAPE – *1/2 – Betrayer made short work of Overtime in this one.  As Betrayer left, Dark Menace was still hounding him to sign the paper.  Finally, Betrayer turns around and gets in Dark Menace’s face.

BETRAYER:  Why should I sign your stupid ‘Code of Conduct’?  I just won the match.  I do my job, you do your job and be my manager.  I’ve brought you nothing but money for years and you insult me by telling me I have to sign this paper!  You say everyone else in DMF had to sign and I know for a fact that is not true.  So no, I’m not going to sign.

The Betrayer walked off with Dark Menace trailing behind.

In a match that has been long awaited by fans since the start of the year,  Payback d. Perfect Specimen via DQ when Perfect Specimen repeatedly kept slamming Payback on the announcer’s table – **1/2 – Before the bell, Perfect Specimen was just completely destroying Payback, who’s looked more haggard and beat up than we’ve ever seen him.  Perfect Specimen took him outside the ring and yelled, “I hear you like to put people through tables.  Well, two can play at that game.”  Spec proceeded to powerbomb Payback through the table, despite the ref’s warning.  He suffers his first loss since arriving.

Nitro caught him in the aisle and he didn’t seem too concerned…

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  I wasn’t out here to win.  I was out to send a message.  Message.  Sent.

TRICKS & NOSFERA d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall after Nosfera hit Shoot with DEMON’S BREATH – * – Tricks & Nosfera look good and work well together to get a big win and move up the tag team rankings.  It appears as if Hector is doing them wonders.

Plethador wobbled down to ringside, looking around as he did.  He was alone and it appeared as if he was searching for Wiggy.  He entered the ring to the cheers of the fans, waving and throwing out discount coupons for membership to his chain or Pilates studios.  He grabbed the mic.

PLETHADOR:  Prime Colonizer!  I heard you call me out after defeating Monolith and Swarm.  Here I am.  Come get you some amphibian.

The crowd explodes and seconds later, Prime Colonizer and Mangus the Magnanimous head to the ring.  They are about halfway to the ring when, through the entrance comes Wiggy, running towards them.  Prime Colonizer and Magnus brace for some sort of attack, but then watch as Wiggy runs right by them and climbs up into the ring to stand next to Plethador.  Plethador stupidly forgot to turn off the mic so their conversation can be heard.

PLETHADOR:  Where were you?

WIGGY:  Sorry, I was just lining up an interview for the next episode of my InfiNet show.

PLETHADOR: Great, well don’t be–

WIGGY (bouncing up and down):  Ask me who it is.

PLETHADOR:  I don’t care who it is!  I have a match, right now, you can tell me later.

WIGGY (grabs his hands and holds them):  Ask me who it is.

PLETHADOR (sighs): Who is it?


Plethador stares blankly.


WIGGY:  Morbid!!

PLETHADOR:  Who the hell’s that?

WIGGY:  He’s only the best wrestler currently on the independent scene.

PLETHADOR:  Whatever.  Now look, get out of the ring, I have a match.

WIGGY hops out of the ring and begins telling everyone at ringside about her upcoming interview.  None of them care.  The bell sounds and the match begins.

Prime Colonizer d. Plethador via pinfall with the SIMIAN SKULLCRUSHER – *** – Plethador was no match for the Prime Colonizer in this one, but, weirdly, he lasted longer than both Monolith and Swarm combined.  After the bell, Prime Colonizer makes a hand wiping gesture over Plethador’s limp body.  He grabs the mic.

PRIME COLONIZER:  I have decimated the AniMan team.  I have conquered as I said I would.  This one…(he gestures to Plethador) was the best of them all, but even he could not withstand the likes of me.

Suddenly, the crowd explodes as storm pears in a beam of light at ringside.  He has a mic.

SWARM:  Face me again!

PRIME COLONIZER:  You had your shot.  You lost.

Prime Colonizer throws down the mic and walks away.  Magnus behind him, laughing.

In a tag match filled with lots of lingering bad blood from Black Death, DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND d. ULTRAMANTIS when Coven Black used BITE OF THE VAMPIRE on Mantis – ** – Mantis looked stronger than we have seen him recently and he and UltraMantis Black did well as a team, but Dark Menace’s men used quick tags to dominate.  The big story here is the revaluation that this UltraMantis Black couldn’t possibly be Plethador as he was laid out the match before.  Rumours began circulating as who was behind the mask.  The popular theory seems to be Swarm, but again, that’d be a heck of a quick change.

Fans were rabid for this next match and were cheering as the cage was lowered around the ring.  Neither Future Shock or the Gladiators are fan favorites, but the fans knew they were about to see some wild action.  In an insane AETHRAN ULTIMATE ESCAPE MATCH, Minister of War & THE CLOAK d. Aethran Overmaster & RUSH & TURMOIL – **** – It was as wild as everyone predicted and it could have gone either way in any moment.  Minister of War looked the best we have seen him so far.  After the bell, Minister of War and CLOAK taunted the Gladiators from ringside and Magnus stood backed and laughed.

1. Splatter escaped after he (and Code Destroyer) hit Aethran Overmaster with MEET ARSENAL
2. Rush escaped after using THE TEMPEST on Minister of War
3. Minister of War escaped after using AETHRAN MASSACRE on Turmoil
4. Code Destroyer escaped after using a Neck Destroyer on Turmoil

Then, as if all this wasn’t enough, in the MAIN EVENT, Thantos (II) d. Star Warrior (II) via pinfall with the LEGEND LARIAT – *** – After the match, Thantos (II) locked Star Warrior (II) in the MASTERLOCK and refused to let go.  Security ran out quickly to break it up and chase Thantos (II) and Magnus off.  Star Warrior (II) looked injured however.  (Star Warrior (II) injured for 1 card.)  He was being tended to by medics while Nova hovered nearby as we…


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