Transcript, February 2130 – Paganax


Transcripts of a parchment scribe of Paganax, The Heathen Chief.
ENTRY DATE: February 10, 2130

I am a man out of time.

I left my dimension and came to this one.  The cost on my body, my mind were great.  Finally, I have stabilized here in this Dimension.  Gained my bearings.  Achieved a foothold.

Then, suddenly, it is all ripped from under me with the appearance of Future Shock.  If these men are truly from a parallel universe, what does it mean for me?  Does it mean there are other Centra Dimensions?  Does it mean there are other Heathen Chiefs?  For years my only battle has been to establish my dominance over those who oppose me.  I did it in Centra.  I do it here.  But is it possible that someday I may face myself?  Who establishes dominance then?  Which is right?  I know not.  Yet, these are the thoughts that consume me during rest.

When awake, my thoughts are focused on this Chaos Supreme.  I see him as a direct threat to me as he wants others to bow to him.  I shall not bow.  Paganax bows to no man or creature.  Paganax fights to make others subservient.  I will not bow.  I would rather die.  Chaos Supreme has only tasted a small portion of my wrath.  Soon he will feel it all.  Soon he will burn in the lava pits and know only one master…


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