From Bellatrix Constellation Dome, Gamma Orionis

The show started with former GALAXIAN CHAMPION Harbinger coming to the ring with Dark Menace.  The crowd booed him loudly for abandoning his friends in Power Force after winning the title.  They also teased him mercilessly for losing the belt to Shayne, jeering that he deserved it.

Tauran d. Harbinger via submission with the Tauran Super Grip – **** – The former champ looked horrible here.  Tauran completely ran him ragged.  The fans hatred toward Harbinger was completely evident in this match.  The Dark Menace was furious at ringside and was yelling at Harbinger to pull it together.

Out next was Plethador with his, apparently, new manager Wiggy.  The last time we saw Wiggy she was attempting to interview Monolith on her show The View, but it was so riddled with technical problems it was an utter disaster.  Plethador obviously sees something in her though to bring her on as a manager.

The Perfect Specemin d. Plethador via pinfall when Spec rammed Plethador’s head into Wiggy’s who had hopped up onto the apron to distract the referee – ** – Plethador got in some good offense in the beginning, but Perfect Specemin soon gained control.  It seems that Wiggy and Plethador are still fine tuning their management agreement.  Plethador was pretty upset with her after the match.  Wiggy apologized but then immediately left ringside saying she was late to record the fan showcase she does for the GWFZ.  The Perfect Specimen remains undefeated so far in the GWF!  After the match he repeatedly looked into the cameras and told Payback he was waiting for him.

Nova d. She Devil via DQ when She Devil began whipping Nova with her whip when the action spilled outside the ring – ** – Little bit more of a violent side here from She Devil.  Apparently, hanging out with ULTIMATE FIGHTERS is beginning to influence her style a bit.  Nova finally gets another win, albeit by DQ.

In a NON-TITLE match that Shayne arranged to prove he’s fight anytime anywhere, Shayne d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall after SHOWDOWN – **1/2 – Quite apparent here that Hector has lost a step or two.  The fans always love seeing Shayne.  Since the influence of Black Death has worn off, they fans have taken to Shayne as their ultimate hero.  EYE 4 EYE shirts are now a top seller!

In the match of the night, Swarm d. Lope via submission when he locked on the WASP TRAP out of nowhere as Lope was attempting a deathjump – ***** – The fans cheered loudly for Swarm after the bell for such an amazing finish.  Swarm called out Prime Colonizer asking for a rematch but Prime Colonizer appeared on the holo-vision screen saying he’d already beaten him and didn’t have to wrestle him again.

In a battle between two huge men, Chaos Supreme d. Paganax via DQ when Paganax hit Chaos Supreme with the but of his sword when the action went ringside – ** – These two brawled all over the ringside area after the bell and had to be separated by officials.  After they were separated a staredown ensued which let everyone in the arena know that things were not settled between these two.  With the STORMFRONT SuperCard on the horizon, a grudge match of some sort between then seems a no-brainer.  Both men have promised to make their other bow!  The questions is, who will bow first?

In the main event, DESERTERS d. TITAN SAMURAI via count out when Kenji couldn’t return to the ring after being smashed by the Aryan Youth flag Adam Traitor had brought to the ringside area – ***1/2 – This feud continues as both teams absolutely hate each other.  They continued brawling after the bell and it is this that we see as we…


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