CARD 2130.252 – INVASION

From Aldebaran Exposition Centre, Taurus

In his debut, Crossfire d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall after a missed deathjump – **** – Bishop Hell (II) repeatedly tried to burn Crossfire with the Hellfire, but he was simply too agile for him.

Mistress of Darkness d. Scorn via pinfall after COMPANION CONTROL – ***

IMMORTALS d. ULTRAMANTIS via pinfall when Bex uses MORTAL MUTILATION on Mantis – **** – Mantis put up a good fight but in the end IMMPRTALS took home the win.  They were taunting Mantis after saying he’d never be the same because of what they had done to him.

Prime Colonizer d. Monolith via pinfall after a missed turnbuckle charge – **** – After the match Prime Colonizer laughed and said, “First I dispatch of Swarm like yesterday’s garbage, now I soundly trounce Monolith!  These AniMen are the weakest group of sponges I’ve ever seen!  Perhaps I should have started with Plethador if I really wanted a challenge!”

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. TRICKS & NOSFERA via DQ when Trick shocks Shoot with a giant joy buzzer – **1/2 – Under the direction of Hector, Nosfera and Tricks seem even wilder and more unpredictable.

In a rare appearance where he said nothing, Endgame d. Ghena via DQ when Ghena took the action outside and ignored the ref’s warnings and continued to beat Endgame with his arm – ** – When the match was over, Endgame regained his composure and left the ringside area, again, without saying a word.

In the huge Main Event, Aethran Overmaster & RUSH & TURMOIL d. Minister of War & THE CLOAK when Turmoil pinned Splatter after CHAOS IN THE CROWD – ***** – The GLADIATORS once again, fluster this group of Future Shock wrestlers!  As the show goes off the air, Minister of War lays down a challenge of a rematch, but as an AETHRAN ULITMATE ESCAPE MATCH.

Aethran Overmaster begins to nod as we…


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