From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Construction crews worked around the clock for days figuring out how to remove the Future Shock spaceship that was in the middle of the arena.  Since it had entered through some sort of wormhole, the roof was still intact.    Finally, an engineer realized they could just open the retractable roof and have Magnus fly it out.  That’s what they did.  There were still some repairs needed to the flooring, but those were easily addressed.  Now the place is packed with rabid fans, ready for the annual Deimos Perennial!

As was widely reported, because of the shock of Future Shock’s arrival, Commissioner Euritar has throw rankings out the window and let tonight’s matches be decided by the wrestlers themselves!  2130 will start off with a bang!

Out first was Plethador and he issued a direct challenge to the newest AniMan newcomer, Lope!  It was a wild match but in the end, Lope d. Plethador vial pinfall after HOWL OF THE WOLF – ** – Magnus stood triumphantly after the bell and hollered at the cameras, “This is only the beginning!”

Perfect Specimen d. Overtime via submission with PINNACLE OF SUCESS – **** – After the match, Spec told Nitro, “This is the guy that was the big draft from GWFZ?  He should have stayed there.”  Then he turned serious, “And Paralyze, I know you’re at home injured, but I’m sure you’re watching.  I’m gonna send you some chicken soup with noodles cause I want you healthy, because when you’re back, Imma gonna put ya out of the GWF for good!”

TITAN SAMURAI d. DESERTERS via submission when Kenji locked a KNEE BAR on Adam Trator – ***** – Heck of a match.  DESERTERS fought like a well oiled machine but TITAN SAMURAI get the first big victory over Future Shock!

Star Warrior (II) d. Thantos (II) via pinfall with WEKEND WARRIOR – ***1/2 – The former friends tore into each other but, thanks to a well placed distraction by Nova, Star Warrior (II) gets the upper hand.  After the match, he yelled at Magnus, “You signed the wrong GAMEMASTER, my friend!”  Magnus was not happy with two losses in a row!

In an highly anticipated bout, Chaos Supreme d. Paralyze via pinfall after a perfect cross body block – ***** – After the bell, Minister of War ran to the ring and started beating Paralyze with Magnus’ briefcase!  Chaos Supreme joined in the beating and soon officials flooded the ring to chase them off.  Paralyze was taken out on a stretcher.  Nitro asked Euritar at ringside if he’d levy suspensions on Chaos Supreme and Minister of War.  Euritar shrugged, “This is war.  There will be casualties.”  This left many wondering if Euritar is going easy on Future Shock so as to not play into the negative things Magnus has said about him.  (Paralyze is injured for 5 cards.)

Prime Colonizer d. Swarm via pinfall with the COLONIZER CLAW SLAM – *** – Prime Colonizer made short, short work of Swarm.  He proved his dominance and stood over the fallen body of Swarm with his arms raised.  “Swarm is nothing but a has been.  Bring me Monolith!”  Magnus was overjoyed that his team had resumed their winning streak.

DARK MENACE SPELLBOUND d. WATCHMEN when Coven Black pinned PSI after Black Death Cometh – **1/2 – Dark Menace was ejected during the match for trying to interfere.  Many he feel that Dark Menace seems out of sorts since he’s not the most hated manager anymore.

Aethran Overmaster d. Minister of War via DQ when Minister of War clobbered Overmaster with Magnus’ briefcase – ****1/2 – This one was wild and bloody!  Overmaster was out to avenge Paralzye and Minister of War was out for blood!  After the bell, Minister of War left ringside quickly with Magnus.  This one’s not over.

The match for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP ended in a complete stunner when Fhanna d. Taichi via pinfall with THE OTHER WOMAN – *** – Fhanna becomes the new GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION in her first match.  Magnus jumped around like a wild man!  Future Shock had just claimed their first taste of gold!

INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION Zygon made his way to ringside with The Dark Menace for the next match.  Havoc d. Zygon via pinfall with COSMIC NIGHTMARE to become the new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION – *** – After the match, Zygon began yelling at Dark Menace who had been yelling at Magnus during the whole match instead of concentrating on him!  The dust up ended with Dark Menace receiving a punch to the face from the former champ, who just turned and walked away to the cheers of the crowd.  Meanwhile, in the ring, Havoc stood with Magnus, holding aloft the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  He looked at Dark Menace and added insult to injury by yelling, “My first match with my new manager and I capture gold.  I would have done it for you but you kept me in a tag the entire time I was with you.”  Dark Menace stumbled to the back, head hung low.

In a wild and bloody brawl, RUSH & TURMOIL d. THE CLOAK via DQ when Magnus clobbered Rush with his briefcase – ** – After the bell the four men continued to brawl!  Soon they were joined by Aethran Overmaster and Minister of War!  All four men brawled until they nearly tore the ring down.  Finally security was able to restore order.

In the huge main event, Shayne d. Harbinger via pinfall with SHOWDOWN to become the NEW GALAXIAN CHAMPION – **** – The crowd went nuts as Shayne beat Harbinger who many feel turned his back on the fans once he won the title!  Dark Menace was fit to be tied as Shayne traversed all four corners of the ring, holding up the championship so the fans could celebrate with him!

As Shayne celebrated, the camera showed behind him, near the entrance to the back, stood Magnus, smoking a cigar and watching Shayne with great interest.  It’s this that we see as we…




Plethador is leaving the arena, well bandaged after his match with Lope.  As he exits to his cruiser, he sees a woman standing by the exit.  He thinks for a moment and then crosses to her.

PLETHADOR:  Hey, aren’t you Wiggy?

WIGGY:  Yes, oh my god, yes I totally am.

PLETHADOR: What happened to your show, The View?

WIGGY:  It’s still on.

PLETHADOR:  It is?  I haven’t seen it?

WIGGY:  Oh it’s just moved to a new channel.

PLETHADOR:  Oh.  I see.  Were you planning on telling anyone that it was moving to a new channel?

WIGGY:  People will find it.  They are fans.

Plethador is silent for minute.

PLETHADOR:  I.  See.  Anyway, the reason I came over to talk to you is I was wondering if you ever considered being a manager?

WIGGY:  Manager?!  I’d love to be a manager!  Who would I manage?


WIGGY:  Who are you?

Plethador stares at her.

PLETHADOR:  I’m Plethador.

Wiggy stares blankly.

PLETHADOR:  I’m a wrestler.

WIGGY stares blankly.

PLETHADOR (sighs): You aren’t familiar with anything about the GWF are you?

WIGGY shakes her head no.

PLETHADOR:  Yet, you do a show about it.

WIGGY shakes her head yes.  Plethador is quite for a moment.

PLETHADOR:  You’re perfect!

They shake hands…

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