Transcripts, January 2130 – Nitro

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Transcripts of Nitro’s video-log.
ENTRY DATE: January 11, 2130

The universe is a mess. 

Actually, I guess it’s more appropriate to say that THIS universe is a mess.

We were just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with all this Black Death garbage. There was cure. People were returning to normal. Those who had lingering issues were receiving medical care to return them to normal or at least make their remaining time with us livable. Special hospitals were set up on all planets, Rage Care they called them. They were filled with those infected with the Black Death, where they received the best the United Federation of Stars and Planets could provide. Things were returning to normal. Then, they showed up. 

Future Shock.

Future Shock showed up in such a spectacular fashion that those not suffering the painful, psychological effects of Black Death, had their mental well being tested with the revelation…the possibility…that there are parallel universes. Alternate universes similar, but completely different than ours.

The reaction from those not driven crazy by Black Death, is mixed. A large portion of the population chooses, simply, to not believe it. Either they are blocking out the possibility that is much too large for their brains to grasp or they just think this is another trick. A spectacle from the mind of someone like Hector, The Holy Brown Bear. For years he’s been pulling this type of ruse. However, in the past, the ruse was easy to see through. This one, if it is indeed a ruse of some sort, is not so easy to poke holes in. The nine men and ten women who showed up, just days ago, seem to be who they claim to be.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the people who, not only believe their are parallel universes, are seeing the arrival of Future Shock as some sort of greater sign. A sort of End of Days, if you will. (Pardon the pun.)  They see the mere fact that these ten people showed up is a sign that the walls between our realities are super thing and time for our existence is running out. Cults have cropped up. People joining at a rapid rate to prepare for the impending end. These cults have sprung up, seemingly, overnight. Members, made up of all races, wear all white and hold silent vigil in large public places. They urge people to prepare for the end.

The rest of the population, the majority of the population, has more of a ‘wait and see’ attitude to the whole thing. They are not ready to proclaim gloom and doom just yet. They are holding out hope that there is a logical explanation for this entire thing.

Science and those in related fields have been thrown in a whirlwind. They had just celebrated the amazing breakthrough cure of the Black Death virus when their world was spilt open by the arrival of Future Shock. The existence of parallel universes was thought of as ‘crackpot talk’ in the science field. Forget the possibility of traveling through parallel universes. Now, however, even the brightest scientists are not sure. Several have attempted to run DNA scanners on the new arrivals but, truthfully, no one wants to get too close to this bunch of rogues.

Closer to home, the Commissioner Euritar has been put in an awkward position. The Future Shock roster has jumped through all hoops to be cleared to wrestle and, deep philosophical questions aside, there is no reason why they all cannot wrestle. He has granted them contracts and mandated they must follow the rules. He has said he will be keeping a close eye on their matches and activities outside the ring to make sure there is no foul play.

And, in an unprecedented move, Euritar has thrown tradition out the window. It has been that every year, for the Deimos Perennial, only top ranked wrestlers will wrestle in the upper card of the GWF while those just entering the federation must work their way up the rankings. Due to strong lobbying of the current, this universe, GWF roster who are eager to prove a point, Euritar is not basing the matches at the Perennial on rankings. He’s letting the GWF wrestlers choose their future shock opponents, rankings be damed. 
It almost seems as if the GWF is thrown from one calamity to another, each year of existence. This calamity seems to be the most dire yet.

Are they real? Are they liars? What does it all mean? If they are telling the truth, are their more on the way?

Only time will tell.

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