From Pollux Starfire Arena, Gemini

Out first is Bex since he will wrestle twice tonight and both for a chance at championship gold.  His first opponent is Plethador who shocked the galaxy by revealing himself as the person under the mask of UltraMantis Black after winning the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  Swarm accompanied Plethador to the ring, Notro stopped him at ringside to sake why and Swarm said, simply, “To keep an eye on Abroz.”

Bex d. Plethador via pinball with MORTAL MUTILATION – **** – The Black Death fans go wild as Bex captures gold! Not even stopping to celebrate, Bex locks Plethador in GROUND ZERO and refuses to let go.  Finally Swarm storms the ring and chases Bex off he leaves laughing and holding the championship above his head.  Bex is the new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION

Nova d. Mistress of Darkness via pinball after a running corner dropkick – ***1/2 – Star Warrior (II) interfered in the match causing a brawl at ringside between him and Coven Black.  This distracted Mistress of Darkness and gave Nove her opening to pick up her first win.

Tauran d. Ghena via DQ when the ref saw Abroz clobber Tauran with his shoe – **** – Tauran and Ghena began brawling after the bell and had to be separated.  This feud is far from over.

RUSH & TURMOIL d. WARRIORS BORN via pinball when Rush hit THE TEMPEST on Thraxx – **** – And like that, WARRIORS BORN is shoved back down the tag team ranks.

Zygon d. Payback via submission when Zygon locked the STOMACH CLAW on Payback, with the chain wrapped around his hand, causing extra pain. – ***** – Black Death fans loved this victory.

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinball when Havoc hit Shoot with the Gothic Skull Spike – ** – Another win for Black Death gets the fans riled up even more!

Aethran Overmaster d. Paganax via pinball when he hits REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – ***** – Great match between these two giants.

Harbinger d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinball after hitting Levitation – *** – Dark Menace got involved trying to save his man from being exiled and got a fist in the face for the trouble.  After the match, Harbinger too the mic and put Black Death on notice, that they were no longer welcome in the GWF.  Bishop Hell (II) is exiled for 5 cards.

Shayne d. Endgame via pinball after hitting SHOWDOWN through a table! – ***** – Abroz interfered again during this match and the ref sent him away from ringside.  After the match Shayne grabbed the mic and echoed Harbinger’s words.  As he did when he bested Ghena and called out Endgame, he called out his next target…End of Days!

She Devil and Scorn battled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – DUD

IMMORTALS d. RECONCILIATION via submission when Sur lock Mantis in GROUND ZERO – SQUASH – This one was short and sweet, seconds after the bell Sur trapped Mantis and Mantis was tapping. Swarm was furious!  Sur kept Mantis locked in GROUND ZERO after the heel and Bex and Abroz kept Swarm away.  Finally Payback ran to aid his friends and Sur let Mantis go.  He was definitely injured though.  IMMORTALS celebrated with the championships! The rabid Black Death fans were going nuts! Two huge wins for Black Death tonight!  (Mantis will miss 4 cards.)

Monolith d. Paralyze when he escapes the cage after hitting CATASTROPHE – ***1/2 – This one could have gone either way for a very long time, but soon Monolith started to dominate and eventually chopped Paralyze down to size to get the win!

Monolith stands atop the cage with the championship around his waist, taunting the Black Death crowd.  Suddenly Bex appears at the entrance with the INTERPLANETARY and GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS over each shoulder.  A massive staredown begins as we…


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  1. Brian on July 8, 2014 at 6:09 am


    I think you auto-correct changed “pinfall” to “pinball.” LOL

    Otherwise, this was a great card. The Immortals are really dominating your fed – it is great to see how certain wrestlers do for other promoters. I would love for Bex and Sur to dominate like this in my fed, but pre-Black Death Endgame has shut them all down. Even End of Days trades victories and defeats with Endgame. On my most recent card, Endgame squashed Sur who had won 6 in a row to get his title shot.

    I really enjoy reading your fed. Keep up the great work!

    • Commissioner on July 8, 2014 at 8:16 pm

      Thanks for reading man. I’ve been having a lot of fun and should be fully caught up when that envelope arrives in the main in about a week.

      Yeah, I like the autocorrect on the mac, but not that aspect of it. I’ve constantly chosen to have it learn the spelling, but it never gets it.

      I’m loving Black Death’s dominance and envisioning a mighty fall when 2130 rolls around. We shall see!

      Thanks again for reading!