From Precipice Pavilion at the Oasis, Mercury

Nosfera d. Splatter via pinfall after a low blow – * – Relatively tame match from these two, except for the move at the end.

BLACK DEATH DANGER came to the ring next, all the way to the ring, Dark Menace was trying to get The Betrayer to sign one of the Black Death Code of Conduct forms.  Betrayer kept refusing saying he wanted proof that everyone in  Black Death had signed them, including Sur, Bex and Ghena.  Dark Menace refused to show him that proof.

BLACK DEATH DANGER d. FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS WATCHERS by pinfall after Ensor hit ERUPTION OF THARSIS on PSI – ****1/2 – Heck of a match between these two teams, the crowd loved Black Death getting the win again.  After the match, Dark Menace held out a form and a pen for The Betrayer to sign.  Betrayer walked away.  Dark Menace shouted after that he would not be allowed to wrestle for Black Death if he didn’t sign.  The Betrayer ignored him and walked away.

Zygon d. The Guardian via pinfall after a vertical brainbuster -*** – After the match, Zygon stood proudly in the ring, soaking in the cheers from the Black Death crowd.  He shouted that since wrestlers from Power Force, like Shayne were going to start calling out members of Black Death, he was going to turn the tables.  He said he’s dispatched with The Guardian and now he’s looking at Harbinger!  The pro-Black Death crowd loved this and cheered loudly!

GAMEMASTERS d. BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND via DQ when Coven Black ignores the refs warnings and slams Thantos (II) into the ringpost – **1/2 – This feud has been simmering for sometime and it exploded after the bell sounded when a wild brawl, involving Nova and Mistress of Darkness as well, erupted at ringside.  Officials had to separate the combatants!

Aethran Overmaster d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall after REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – **** – Overmaster just toyed with Hector, even letting him get in long strings of offense, then he would just swat him down.

RUSH & TURMOIL d. BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION via pinfall when Turmoil hit Alpha Female with TRIPLE SUICIDE – ****

Next it was time for a new segment called The View with Wiggy.  No one had any idea what to expect as this woman made her way to the interview area.  There seemed to be some trouble with her mic, but we did manage to hear that her first guest was new GALAXIAN CHAMPION Monolith!  Monolith came out, championship around his waist.  Wiggy began asking questions and Monolith began answering, but it was difficult to hear either one of them as her microphone was so bad.  There were weird, long, awkward pauses.  It sounded like they were talking over each other at points.  Finally Monolith got frustrated and walked away, leaving Wiggy smiling and waving to the crowd as if nothing was wrong.

Ghena d. Tauran via pinball after hitting him with the cranium missile – ***** – After the match GHena began to beat Tauran with his club arm!  When the refs finally stopped him, Tauran looked pretty beat up and had to be taken out on a stretcher.  Ghena foaming at the mouth and Abroz trying to calm him down is what we see as we…