CARD #2129.237 – INVASION

From Solar Flare Stadium, Mercury

MEAN STREETS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via DQ when Shoot brained Skiver with a chair – DUD – What started out friendly between Patch and his former teammates, turned ugly quick.  After Shoot hit Skiver with the chair, all hell broke loose.

Payback d. Tricks via DQ when Tricks pulled out a giant, cartoon-like, hammer out from under the ring and clocked Payback with it – **1/2 – The ref had warned Tricks not to use the hammer, but he did anyway.  He just didn’t seem to care.

Taichi d. Mistress of Darkness via submission with an arm triangle – **** – Taichi gets some revenge on the Black Death team after BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND knocked her fellow Titan Giant Azuma out of action.

Harbinger and Abroz brawled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – * – The two began brawling outside the ring and refused to listen to the ref.  Suddenly Zygon appeared to the cheers of the crowd and began attacking Harbinger.  Officials finally had to separate them all.

Endgame d. Thraxx by DQ when Thraxx hit him with the ring steps – *1/2 – Endgame got the win, as Thraxx was leaving, Nitro asked him why he hit him with the steps.  Thraxx looked into the camera and said, “I was paid to try and injure Endgame.  I always do what I’m paid to.”  Nitro asked him who paid him but Thraxx just laughed and walked away.

Paralyze d. Paganax via pinfall after hitting him with PERMENANTLY PARALYZED – * – The former GALAXIAN CHAMPION did not look happy to be without his championship and he took it out on Paganax in a one sided affair.

Scorn d. She Devil via submission when she locked her in the Huntress Trap in the center of the ring – ****1/4 – An amazing match and well fought by both women.  Scorn ends She Devil’s reign which is the second longest in the modern era of the GWF.  22 Cards.  After Scorn was awarded the belt, She Devil came over and shook her hand.  This is what we see as we…


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