He is home now.  At least that is some comfort.  He is sleeping peacefully in his bed when the dream overtakes him again.

Again he stands in the new mask.  He stands at the end of an arena filled with fans.  He is astride a hover-cycle, trimmed with red and black like his mask and jacket.  His rational mind says, “This is not me.  I’m not this person.” but his dream fights back.  He revs the cycle’s engines and the and for the first time looks in front of him. There is a long ramp to the center of the arena that leads to a jump.  He can’t see what’s past the jump as it’s shrouded in dark mist.

A voice from behind him says, “You can do it.”

He turns.  It’s his son.

Another voice, “We’re all behind you.”

He looks.  It’s the one he loves more than any in the galaxy.

“We’re all behind you.”

Through the curtain behind him steps the entire roster.  They are all on hover-cycles.  THey all rev their engines.  He looks forward and revs the engine.  He slips the cycle into gear and takes off down the ramp.

Halfway down he looks behind him and the entire roster is following.  Tearing along behind him on their cycles.

He is their king.  He will lead them out of the blackness.

The dream fades and the blackness of deeper sleep overtakes him.


From Adonis Athletic Centre, Asteroid Belt

Hector The Holy Brown Bear d. Plethador via pinball with I KNOW YOUR SECRET – ***

BLACK DEATH DANGER d. PAYBACK TIME via DQ when an out of control Payback slams Ensor with a chair – ****

Endgame d. Coven Black via DQ when Black hits him with a tombstone flip piledriver through the announce table – ***1/2

IMMORTALS d. TRICKS & NOSFERA via submission when Bex locks Nosfera in GROUND ZERO – SQUASH – After the match IMMORTALS began demanding a title shot, saying they are undefeated, they deserve it!

Gryt d. End of Days via submission with the STRONGMAN STRETCH – ***** – The crowd could not believe their eyes!  GRYT had done the seeming impossible!  He made END OF DAYS submit, in the middle of the ring!  After the match GRYT ran around shouting how he is the most dominating force in the GWF and he owes today’s win to his new manager…DIALECTUS!  ABROZ was furious as DIALECTUS came out to celebrate the victory.

Patch d. Paralyze via DQ when the action spilled outside the ring and Paralyze smacked Patch with a Rylock Axe – * – Paralyze then proceeded to repeatedly hit PATCH with HEART TRANSPLANT until the officials broke it up!  PATCH was definitely injured.  EURITAR came out and told PARALYZE he’d had enough and was going to punish him!  PARALYZE must face NEDGAME in a FOUR WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION match on the next card and if he loses…he’s exiled for 2 cards!  PARALYZE was not happy.

RUSH & TURMOIL d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall when Turmoil crished Shoot with TOTAL TURMOIL – SQUASH – there was no competition here.  THE GLADIATORS destroyed SHOOT and CLINCH like toys.  RUSH then gladly accepted the challenge by THE IMMORTALS and said they looked forward to crushing them as well!



  1. Brian on August 12, 2012 at 7:48 am

    I like what you’re doing with Swarm..really good stuff.

    Gryt beating EOD…INCREDIBLE!!

    Immortals really destroyed Tricks and Nosfera…perhaps they deserve that shot after all.

    • Commissioner on August 12, 2012 at 9:03 am

      I love Gryt upsetting EOD. Gryt is one of my favorite characters and over the years he’s had some major upsets/feuds. Last year it was the Overmaster. This year EOD. Always entertaining.

      Thanks for reading!