CARD #2128.207 – INVASION


As he comes out of the darkness again, the beeping returns.





His eyes open easier now.  Everything still hurts.  For the first time he can look down.  Right arm in cast.  Left leg in a cast as well.  He tries to turn his head but can’t.  So thirsty.  Runs his tongue along the roof of his mouth.  He’s missing teeth.  He scans the room.  Holo screen by the door reads – JOHN DOE.  But he’s not a John Doe.  He knows who he is.  Doesn’t he?  He hears the beep and release of the morphine drip next to him.  Darkness clouds around the edges of his eyes and sleep over takes him again.





From the Achemar Technodrome, Eridanus

The Betrayer d. Overtime via pinfall with Dead On Arrival – ***** – A match that almost seemed as if it was on fast forward!  These two gave it their all but it was THE BETRAYER who got the victory!  The fans are solidly behind BETRAYER and cheered loudly when he put the cocky TITAN away.

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. WARRIOR’S BORN via  submission when Alpha Female locks Thraxx in DIRE STRAPH – * – The grand debut of WARRIOR’S BORN came to a crumbling halt as HAVOC and ALPHA FEMALE demolished them in short time.

Deadliest d. Mistress of Darkness via DQ when Coven Black and Dark Menace hopped up onto the apron to stop a pin count – **1/2 –  DEADLIEST gets the win but not in the way she wanted to, for sure.

Sur d. Monolith via DQ when The Guardian interferes after Sur hit his finisher – ***1/2 – The fans went nuts!  They hate THE GUARDIAN and this just solidified that even more!  After the match SUR grabbed the mic and told the crowd it’s hard to prove you are the best when every one around the GWF cheats.  He told EURITAR he’d better do something about it or he may consider taking the power from him and running things right.  The fans were very behind this idea.


Sometimes, in the darkness he can hear voices.  Never knowing if they are real or figments of his imagination.  He hopes this one is real because he just heard…

“We’ve identified him.  We’ve notified his family.  They are on the way.”

He hopes more than not this is true.  Real.  But the darkness overcomes him again.

His dream is fevered.  Barely logical.  He stands looking into a mirror.  A mirror that reflects an image that is not himself.  He’s not sure who he actually is, but this…being staring back at him is not himself.  The colors of his garments are wrong.  Gone are the yellow and black.  Replaced by black and red.  He has memories of wearing a mask in the past.  Being humiliated by that mask, but now a new mask replaces it.  A mask unlike any seen in the GWF before.  A mask that hasn’t been seen in the galaxy for over 100 years.  The mask is making him stronger.  The mask is telling him he seek revenge on those who did this to him.  THe mask is telling him that he is the one that can lead the GWF out of the darkness.

But the darkness overtakes him again.


Nitro d. Abroz via pinfall after an Electromagnetic Moonsault – ** – NITRO had no trouble humbling the BALCK DEATH manager.  The crowd did not approve.

Panther Warrior d. Balaal via DQ when Coven Black and Oracle interfered in the match at the request of the Dark Menace – ***1/2 – The war between these two is far from over and now it appears that other members of BLACK DEATH are getting involved.

Aethran Overmaster d. Ghena via pinfall after a superplex from the top rope – ***** –  After the bell, GHEN went nuts, wildly swinging his dead arm around.  He knocked out THE LEVELER and then proceeded to beat OVERMASTER with it!  Finally officials cleared the ring.  OVERMASTER was taken out on a stretcher.  It was this scene we see as we…



His eyes open as the door to his room is flung wide.  His heart ponds as he sees his lover and son come through it.  Now, for the first time in a long time he knows things are going to be alright.  A doctor enters the room behind them.  He watches the for a moment as the reunion takes place.  Smiling, but clearly uncomfortable.  After a few quiet moments where tears are wiped away, the doctor speaks.  He informs them that a detective from the UFSP crime task force is waiting outside to take a statement.  They want to find out who did this.  He also said he has some unfortunate news.  In cases such as this a battery of tests are run and one, one big one, has come back positive.  The room falls back into silence.






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