CARD #2127.178 – INVASION

From the Alphard Dungeon, Hydra

We’re kicking things off with a rematch from the last episode of INVASION! ENDGAME looks for a clean win over ORACLE after his DQ win last time. As ENDGAME and GUARDIAN come out they are heavily booed by the crowd. ENDGAME just doesn’t understand it. When ORACLE enters with DARK MENACE, there are huge cheers.

Endgame d. Oracle via pinfall after the Rydeen Bomb – **
– Short match. Again ORACLE seemed to predict the ULTIMA LEAP and was able to get out of the way. When the bell rang, the fans booed ENDGAME loudly. He tried to reason with the fans that he was actually the good guy. Suddenly, BISHOP HELL (II) came to the ring and threw a Hellfire ball in ENDGAME’S face. ENDGAME saw it coming and turned away, so the damage was minor. The fans cheered this loudly though.

PSI was out next to a round of boos because of his affiliation with ENDGAME. THE BETRAYER came out next, looking markedly different than we’ve seen him in the past. Wearing a new mask, he walked silently, steadfastly, to the ring with DARK MENACE at his side. The fans seemed to approve of this new look.

The Betrayer (DM) d. PSI via pinfall with DEATH FROM ABOVE – *****
– An amazing match! PSI was holding his own until interference by ANIVAR. The tide turned from there and THE BETRAYER continued to deal out punishment to PSI (and himself) and scored a win for BLACK DEATH.

The FDF vs. BLACK DEATH matches continue as out comes SCORN with THE GUARDIAN (which puts her in the most hated camp with the fans). She’s taking on ROTUNDA who looks more determined and focused than we’ve seen her before and in a huge shock, GRYT was not by her side! Instead she was accompanied by DARK MENACE!

Scorn d. Rotunda via pinfall with BURNING SCORN – *
– Short match here. ROTUNDA looked more focus, but SCORN got the better of her. After the match GRYT ran down to ringside with a box of chocolates. In a shock, ROTUNDA refused them and stormed away with the DARK MENACE. Confused and sad, GRYT slowly left ringside.

SWARM was out to a loud chorus of boos. He demanded that MANTIS show himself. HARBINGER appeared instead to an enormous ovation. HARBINGER told SWARM that he’d let him see MANTIS if he beat a member of BLACK DEATH which, so far he hasn’t been able to do. But he said he’ll put the offer on the table again tonight in another match. If SWARM wins, he’ll get to see MANTIS.

HARBINGER signaled to the back and out slithered BALAAL! It’s AniMan versus AniMan tonight!

Balaal d. Swarm via pinfall after SWARM misses a deathjump – **1/2
– BALAAL was firmly in control here. Some would even say toying with SWARM. The crowd was loving every minute of it as SWARM tried to gain any offense. Whenever he did, the fans booed him loudly. In the end though, BALAAL seemed to prove who the superior AniMan was and the fans loved it. After the bell MANTIS ran to ringside to a huge cheer and flattened his father with BLACK DEATH COMETH. Laughing, MANTIS and BALAAL left SWARM a heap in the ring.

RUSH & TURMOIL came ringside next with THE LEVELER. They said they’d watched SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE and seen that HAVOC and ALPHA FEMALE seem to have formed a tag team. They challenged them to a fight tonight! GALAXIAN CHAMPION HAVOC and GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION ALPHA FEMALE appeared and ALPHA FEMALE said they’d accept but only if she could start the match with TURMOIL! She joked that she’s already humbled PARALYZE, she’s looking forward to doing the same to TURMOIL! Of course, RUSH & TURMOIL accepted and we were ready to begin! The fans went nuts!

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. RUSH & TURMOIL when Turmoil gets himself DQ’d by hitting ALPHA FEMALE with a chair – **
– Let’s just say this, ALPHA FEMALE had TURMOIL scared! TURMOIL got in a few offensive moves at first, but the ALPHA FEMALE started fighting back! Even hitting him with SLAVE NO MORE once. It got to be too much and TURMOIL bailed and then, some would say purposefully, got himself DQ’d. HAVOC sat on the ring apron loving every minute of it. RUSH & TURMOIL scurried away from ringside after the bell. Could ALPHA FEMALE possible take on the whole GLADIATOR team…and win?!

This display was too much for PARALYZE though. He charged the ring right after and demanded HARBINGER show himself. Of course he did, to the cheers of the fans in attendance. He blamed HARBINGER for turning ALPHA FEMALE against the GLADIATORS and challenged him to a match right now! HARBINGER accepted!

Harbinger d. Paralyze via DQ when Paralyze ignores the ref and rams Harbinger face first into a ringpost – DUD
– PARALYZE lit into HARBINGER, but HARBINGER wasn’t showing any signs of weekness. This just frustrated PARALYZE more. After the match, HARBINGER gloated his victory in PARALYZE’S face. PARALYZE took a swing at HARBINGER but there was a flash of light and all that was left was a dark plume of smoke. PARALYZE was furious!

Not a good night for the GLADIATORS at all, but they still had one more chance as AETHRAN OVERMASTER was defending his INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP against his recent nemesis GRYT tonight. Before the match we saw that GRYT was trying to get ROTUNDA to come to ringside, but she was refusing. Broken hearted, GRYT was going to ring along, when he was joined by his tag partner, TANCK! OVERMASTER was, of course, accompanied by THE LEVELER.

Aethran Overmaster d. Gryt via submission (KO) when Gryt is no longer able to stand after an Overmaster Overhead Toss – *****
– Another classic match between these two. GRYT just continued to kick out again and again and the fans loved it! In the end though, GRYT fell to the OVERMASTER.

After the match, the OVERMASTER grabbed a mic and told all in attendance that they should cheer the BLACK DEATH team while they could, for they would soon be gone from the GWF permanently. Starting now, he said, the GLADIATORS were returning to power!

The OVERMASTER standing defiantly in the ring is what we see as we…