From the Andromeda Nebula Pavillion, Beta Andromedae

The Andromeda fans have packed the house for another night of INFINITY CHALLENGE action! HARBINGER has really breathed new life into the INFINITY CHALLENGE and it shows as the place is sold out! HARBINGER is here! He comes out with a mic in his hand.

HARBINGER: Fans, I told you I’d give you what you wanted, a breath of fresh air in the stale GWF and so far, I’ve delivered right?

CROWD cheers.

HARBINGER: So now my Black Death team is in a race with teams from Abroz and DIalectus and the first team to thirty points wins. If Abroz or Dialectus win…

CROWD boos heavily.

HARBINGER: Then they can continue their little Infinity Challenge for as long as they’d like. But if Black Death wins…

CROWD cheers loudly.

HARBINGER: Then the Infinity Challenge is done. For good! Now there’s one thing I forgot to mention last SuperNova and that is: on each episode of SuperNova, one Infinity Challenge team, either mine, Abroz or Dialectus’ will get to have two teams wrestle. Last time Abroz had two teams wrestle, this episode Dialectus does. Next time it’s all Black Death as we work our way towards thirty points! For now let’s see what damage Abroz and Dialectus can do to each other!

HARBINGER leaves to the cheers of the CROWD! Before we begin, let’s recap the scores so far…

ABROZ – 9 points
DIALECTUS – 1 point
BLACK DEATH – 1 point


Deadliest d. She Devil via submission with PURIFICATION – SQUASH
– DEADLIEST trounces She Devil seconds into the match by trapping her in PURIFICATION. Deadliest picks up a big 3 points for DIALECTUS.

MASTER RACE d. CIRCUS STRONGMEN via DQ when Tanck slams Thraxx on the arena floor – DUD
– THRAXX and TANCK got into a ‘battle of the big men’ competition and traded blows, eventually spilling outside the ring. TANCK ignored the ref and slammed THRAXX on the floor and got the DQ. MASTER RACE picks up 1 point for DIALECTUS.

Symbiosis d. Tricks via DQ when Tricks ignores the ref and continues kicking Symbiosis with his loaded boot. – DUD
– During the match, ORACLE appeared neared the ring, taunting TRICKS. TRICKS, out to prove a point continued to kick SYMBIOSIS despite the refs warning. SYMBIOSIS picks up one point for DIALECTUS.

FRONTAL ASSAULT sweeps DARK CARNIVAL but mostly by DQs. Still it gives DIALECTUS 5 more points. Up next the BLACK DEATH team will face DIALECTUS’ ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA. The roster of the BLACK DEATH team is unknown and the crowd loves the drama of not know who will face whom!

Out first is SHANN-RA! Her BLACK DEATH opponent is…MISTRESS OF DARKNESS accompanied by COVEN BLACK. The duo walks, determined, towards the ring. THe CROWD solidly behind them.

Shann-Ra d. Mistress of Darkness via countout after a hurricanrana to the floor which knocks Mistress of Darkness out – *
– A huge win for DIALECTUS against BLACK DEATH. Only one point, but it keeps BLACK DEATH down. COVEN BLACK looks upset. The CROWD boos SHANN-RA loudly as she celebrates in the ring.

Out next is LEADERS OF THE PACK who get a mixed reaction. They are in their home arena, but they are facing the overly popular BLACK DEATH team. Their opponents, accompanied by THE DARK MENACE…BLACK DEATH ANIMEN! MANTIS and BALAAL get a huge cheer as they come to the ring. They soak it up. Most of this praise is for MANTIS who the crowd, and most GWF fans, feel was done wrong by his father SWARM. In fact, the whole SWARM/MANTIS situation is almost singlehandedly responsible for the popularity of BLACK DEATH

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. BLACK DEATH ANIMEN via pinfall when Malkuth covers Balaal after ANDROMEDA DROP – **
– MALKUTH caught BALAAL unawares and was able to hit the ANDROMEDA DROP with PANTHER WARRIOR! They pick up a HUGE two points for DIALECTUS! DARK MENACE is furious and he leaves immediately, followed by MANTIS and BALAAL.

Out next is the one AniMan that the crowd could never turn on, PLETHADOR. They give him a big cheer as he and SKWISH make their way to the ring. THis potentially could be huge for DIALECTUS. If PLETHADOR wins this, DIALECTUS will have swept the night!

Coven Black d. Plethador via DQ when Plethador grabs the Hydro Energizer from Skwish and brains Coven Black with it. – *1/2
– Guess there is something PLETHADOR could do to turn the fans against him, cheating! COVEN BLACK was winning and looked to be close to finishing the match when PLETHADOR grabbed the Hydro Energizer. After the bell, PLEATHADOR was trying to explain to the ref that he felt BLACK was trying to bite him and he was scared. The ref doesn’t care. COVEN BLACK picks up one point for BLACK DEATH.

This brings the final scores for the night to:

ABROZ – 9 points
DIALECTUS – 9 points
BLACK DEATH – 2 points

COVEN BLACK is mad, covered in water and is glaring at PLETHADOR. It’s this we see as we…