From the Titan Sportatorium, Titan

We’re ready to begin another year of INFINITY CHALLENGE action. ABROZ and DIALECTUS have chosen their teams. ABROZ selected THE FIGHTING TITANS and DARK CARNIVAL. DIALECTUS chose ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA and FRONTAL ASSAULT.

It should be noted that due to lack of interest, the INFINITY CHALLENGE show has been moved to smaller sized arenas. The popularity of this contest has dwindled immensely in recent months. Seems the fans could care less who wins. Still the arena is three quarters full tonight and we look to be in for some good action.


Overtime d. Plethador via pinfall with OVERTIME RULES – **
– OVERTIME picks up the win here and gets ABROZ 2 points.

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. TITAN CONFLICT via countout when Tristan misses a out of the ring dive on Malkuth and then is unable to make it back into the ring – DUD
– This one was over in a flash. Fans actually booed because of the lack of action. LEADERS OF THE PACK pick up 1 point for DIALECTUS.

Mother Superior d. Shann-Ra via pinfall with MOTHER OF DESTRUCTION – **1/2
– Nice match here. MOTHER SUPERIOR dominated and picks up 3 points for ABROZ.

At the end of this series, the score is:


We’re about to start our next series when suddenly all the lights go out in the arena. Suddenly there is a bright flash in the center of the ring and the lights snap back on and there stands HARBINGER!

HARBINGER: Hello fans. Great to be here on Supernova tonight. Now before we go any further I want to bring up into the ring the men responsible for the Infinity Challenge: Abroz and Dialectus!

ABROZ and DIALECTUS are unsure, but the do get up into the ring.

HARBINGER: Hello, gentlemen. Nice to meet you in person. Uh, neither of you want to shake hands? Fine. It’s okay. Anyway, look, the reason I’m here tonight is because I think it’s time we take a poll. I mean, look around, attendance is down. That guy right there is practically asleep. Now, no offense to the fine athletes in the locker room but I think it’s the whole concept of the Infinity Challenge that is just…boring as all get out. So lets see a show of hands….How many of you fans think the Infinity Challenge is…well…boring?

A surprising number of fans raise there hands…or tentacles.

HARBINGER: Ah, there you see. Well, Abroz, Dialectus, you two are lucky I’m here. You see I’m a problem solver. I see a problem and I solve it. I’ve already started doing so on Invasion, so I figured I’d do the same here on SuperNova. I’ve already talked it over with Euritar, who agrees this whole concept is a snooze fest, and he’s given me permission to enter a Black Death team into the Infinity Challenge!

The CROWD cheers loudly.

HARBINGER: See, they like it already. And not only have I been given permission to enter a team into the Infinity Challenge, I’ve also been told that i can have a rotating team from any of the members of the Black Death faction, as long as it’s one singles, one tag team and one women’s wretsler. You’ll never know who I’ll send over and, heck, it may even be me!

The CROWD loves this!

HARBINGER: Now to make it fair, you guys can select whichever team you’d like to face me each night but it must alternate between Abroz one Infinity Challenge card and Dialectus the next. But you guys can send whomever you like against my team. I don’t care. Black Death will decimate anyone you send at us.

The CROWD is eating this up.

HARBINGER: Now finally, even with me pumping some life back into this whole concept, we still need to put this Infinity Challenge thing out of it’s misery. So I’ve proposed, and Euritar has agreed to a special stipulation. If one of your teams gets to thirty points first, I will withdraw my team from the Infinity Challenge and you two can go back to playing your little game of chess in empty arenas for the rest of the year. But if my Black Death team gets to thirty points first, the Infinity Challenge is over. Done with. Kaput. For good. What says you fans? Sound good?

The CROWD goes nuts. ABROZ and DIALECTUS are beside themselves! They aren’t happy but they seem resigned to their fate.

HARBINGER: Now you two run along and decide who’s going to face my team because this whole thing starts right now. Introducing the first rep for the Black Death team…MISTRESS OF DARKNESS!

MISTRESS OF DARKNESS comes out with none other than the DARK MENACE himself and COVEN BLACK who we haven’t seen since the coffin match at BIG BANG! He looks decidedly different!

ABROZ and DIALECTUS huddle and decide to send ABROZ’S DARK CARNIVAL against the the BLACK DEATH team. So out comes SHE DEVIL.

She Devil d. Mistress of Darkness via pinfall with FALLEN DEVIL – **
– And SHE DEVIL scores a huge win against BLACK DEATH first thing. She gets 2 points for ABROZ and a moral victory over HARBINGER! The fans boo loudly. They are solidly behind the BLACK DEATH team.

Looks like CIRCUS STRONGMEN have reformed and they come to the ring next to face the BLACK DEATH tag team. Fans wonder who it is and then come unglued when they realize it’s a team made up of GALAXIAN CHAMPION HAVOC and GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION ALPHA FEMALE!

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. CIRCUS STRONGMEN when Gryt whacks Havoc with the ring steps – DUD
– GRYT felt that this was a big opportunity to prove himself against the GALAXIAN CHAMPION and he went nuts, ignoring the ref and getting himself DQd. BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION gets 1 point. Even though the match was short, the fans were way into it. When they came here tonight they had no idea they’d see the GALAXIAN CHAMPION in action!

The maniacal clown, TRICKS came to the ring next eagerly awaiting whomever his opponent from the BLACK DEATH team would be. He didn’t have to wait long as the DARK MENACE brought out…ANIVAR! ANIVAR looked completely different and fans cheered him loudly! Some even started a chant of, “Sleeper Cell! Sleeper Cell!”

Tricks d. Anivar via pinfall with AX MURDERER – ***
– TRICKS fought hard against ANIVAR and was able to get the win. TRICKS, normally booed was booed louder than normal because he bested a BLACK DEATH member. Even interference by SLEEPER CELL couldn’t turn the tide in ANIVAR’S favor. Tricks picks up two points for ABROZ!

At ringside, ABROZ and DIALECTUS celebrate wildly. The fans boo their joy and turn to HARBINGER who shakes his head and in a flash of light…disappears.

At the end of the evening the scores stand as such:

ABROZ – 9 points
DIALECTUS – 1 point
BLACK DEATH – 1 point

ABROZ and DIALECTUS continue their celebrations as the CROWD boos loudly and we…