CARD #2127.176 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The show opens with the mysterious ‘hooded figure’ in the middle of the ring.

HARBINGER: Hello GWF fans. My name is Harbinger. I’ve come out here to say that, yes, it has been me who’s been behind all the odd dissapearances over the past few months. Yes, as The Guardian says, I am part of…BLACK DEATH.

The CROWD is very unsure about this.

HARBINGER: But I wanted to start 2127 by coming out here and setting the record straight. Over the past few months, BLACK DEATH has been given a bad name. Just because you have the word ‘Death’ in the name of your movement, people think the worst. But the word ‘death’ in BLACK DEATH doesn’t mean that you think it means. In the broad sense, we use the word ‘DEATH’ to mean ‘death to all that is wrong in the galaxy.’ And it the GWF it means death to all that is boring and overdone. You see, I’m here to give you, the fans, something new. SOmething to believe in. And I promise you all that when the year is out, you will be thanking me for all the changes I’ve brought to the GWF.

Suddenly SWARM appears. The fans boo loudly at the appearance of the AniMan. SWARM enters the ring.

SWARM: Where is my son?

HARBINGER: Your son? Your son…oh, Mantis right? Is that him. I remember now, Mand is your son. RIght. The son you wouldn’t let live his own life. The son you neglected as you pursued your personal relationship with Payback. The son who, like these fans, grew tired of your grating ‘I can do no wrong’ personality. Right?

The fans cheered loudly at this as it’s true.

HARBINGER: Swarm, your son has joined the BLACK DEATH movement. He’s been remade into the very best version of himself. A version you will get to know quite well. But I’m not ready for you to see him yet.

SWARM: Tell me where he is or…

HARBINGER: Or you’ll what? Beat me up? Heh. On your best day you couldn’t. Or maybe you think you’ll bring your lover PAYBACK out here to help? I’m not worried about that. Your win/loss record from last year speaks volumes about your effectiveness as a ‘team.’ In fact, I hear tell that Payback may be looking for a new partner. Is that true?

SWARM was clearly enraged at this and got into HARBINGER’S face.

SWARM: Where is my son?

HARBINGER: Okay, you want to see your son. FIne. I’ll show him to you. All you have to do is beat me. In a match. One on one. Now!

SWARM agreed, an official ran to the ring and we now had our first match of 2127!

Harbinger d. Swarm via pinfall after swarm missed a knee drop from the turnbuckle – *****
– What a match to open 2127. It was an extremely one sided affair with HARBINGER displaying incredible power. When SWARM was finally able to mount any offense he was so weakened (10 tokens) he was barely able to stand and trying a deathjump was a foolish affair.

After the bell, the fans were cheering loudly at this awesome display.

HARBINGER: Yes friends, that’s the kind of action you can expect from BLACK DEATH in the days and weeks to come. We’ll give you what you want, action and and end to the banality in the GWF. And just to show exactly how giving we are, I’m even going to give SWARM what he wants! Swarm…you want to see your son…here…he…is…

A new and improved MANTIS rushed to the ring and stood above his fallen father. SWARM weakly reached up towards his son. MANTIS took his father’s hand and then locked him in the PINCER CLAMP! SWARM screamed in pain. The CROWD cheered loudly at MANTIS’ actions! SWARM soon passed out and MANTIS let home go. Suddenly from the back, PAYBACK ran to the ring! HARBINGER and MANTIS slipped out as he came in and tended to SWARM. The fans booed PAYBACK loudly for affiliation with SWARM. As SWARM was loaded onto a stretcher, PAYBACK yelled loudly at MANTIS.

HARBINGER: Oh dear me. Sounds like you’re upset too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the BLACK DEATH is all about giving people what they want. Payback, you want a piece of Mantis, you got it. After you tend to your honeybee there, go find yourself a new partner, I know you’ve been looking for one after the lousy year you had with your old lady there.

The CROWD laughed loudly at this.

HARBINGER: Get yourself a partner and later tonight you can take on Mantis and another member of the BLACK DEATH team.

PAYBACK agreed and then turned to help the medics take SWARM to the back. HARBINGER and MANTIS soaked up the adulation from the crowd as they returned to the back.

Retribution d. Nosfera via submission with MYTH BUSTER – ****
– OOMEN accompanied RETRIBUTION to the ring, seemingly hoping to pay NOSFERA back for hitting him with the DEMON’S BREATH. It worked in RETRIBUTION’S favor here as a distraction by OMEN late in the match turned the tide for him.

ENDGAME comes out next with THE GUARDIAN and the fans boo them both loudly. ENDGAME was absent during the end of 2126. He says he was with THE GUARDIAN assessing the BLACK DEATH threat, but the fans feel he was ignoring what was going on in the fed. ORACLE comes out and said that he warned people at the beginning of 2126 but no one listened. Now a change has came and you need to join the change or be crushed by it. ENDGAME says he has no plans to be crushed and prefers to do the crushing and challenged ORACLE to a match on the spot.

Endgame d. Oracle via DQ when Oracle smashed Endgame over the skull with a divination ball – ***1/2
– Endgame gets the win here, but the news of this match was how ORACLE seemingly predicted every move ENDGAME made during the match. At one point he skillfully avoided the ULTIMA LEAP. Once the action spilled outside things got nastier. ORACLE actually asked the audience if he should smash ENDGAME with the Divination Ball and they cheered yes. It led to a DQ, but ORACLE and THE DARK MENACE didn’t care.

THE GUARDIAN chased them off after the match to the boos of the crowd.

RUSH & TURMOIL d. FDF PRIME in short fashion when Rush hit HelSin with THE TEMPEST – SQUASH
– The new team of TAURAN and HELSIN looked horrible here. They certainly are going to need to work a little more if they want to form a cohesive team.

STRAFE came out next with the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP. She looked completely different. She stated she is now the ALPHA FEMALE and since joining BLACK DEATH she feels stronger. Better. And tonight she wants to prove it by facing a former champion, one on one. She pauses and then calls out PARALYZE! The crowd goes nuts! PARALYZE fails to appear so ALPHA FEMALE to call him a coward and berates him as a weak willed loser. This eventually brings him out. He thinks this is all some sort of joke, but when ALPHA FEMALE shoves him and he stumbles back and falls, he’s instantly fired up! We have a match!

Alpha Female d. Paralyze via submission with DIRE STRAPH – SQUASH
– The place exploded when ALPHA FEMALE picked up the win here! She shocked PARALYZE with lightning fast moves and then locked him in her finishing move. PARALYZE tried to resist, but he quickly tapped out.

ALPHA FEMALE and DARK MENACE celebrated by high fiving fans at ringside and mocking PARALYZE and THE LEVELER who were standing shocked in the middle of the ring. This will not sit well in the GLADIATOR camp. The gravity of this situation sends shockwaves through the GWF. A female competitor just cleanly built the former GALAXIAN CHAMPION. BLACK DEATH has indeed brought changes to the GWF as we know it.

THARKAS comes out running down humans and complaining that he had to be teammates with one of them last year. This brings out PATCH who challenges him to a match on the spot.

Patch d. Tharkas via submission with COMPLETE PATCH WORK – ***
– PATCH shuts THARKAS up real quick in this match. PATCH out wrestled him cleanly and soon had him tapping out. To add insult to injury he mocked him after, taunting he’d just been beaten by a ‘smelly human!’

Before the next match, GRYT came out and demanded a shot at AETHRAN OVERMASTER for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. GRYT cited his non-title win over the former champion at the end of 2126. EURITAR agrees and says the match will happen on CARD 2127.177! GRYT is overjoyed and tells OVERMASTER to start training!

BLACK DEATH ANIMEN d. LEGEND KILLERS via DQ when Payback ignores the ref and refuses to leave the ring attempting to make a pinsave when Balaal had Ensor locked in BITE OF THE SERPENT – DUD
– Things erupted into a huge brawl after this. The fans booed PAYBACK loudly for ‘breaking the rules.’ As BALAAL and MANTIS trade blows with PAYBACK and ENSOR we…


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