From the Mira Ceti War Memorial, Cetus


The arena is packed but the air is somber and quiet. Huge HoloVision screens depict Omega in various stages in his career. n the middle of the ring stand Star Warrior, Super Nova and Bloodline along with other members of the family. A heroic theme plays as the screens show a video retrospective of Omega’s amazing career. At the end there is a ten bell salute. The crowd gives a huge standing ovation afterwards and Omega’s family stands and waves their appreciation to the fans. They shake hands with fans as they leave the ring. Once they are gone BENJAMIN PAIGE enters and stands at the top of the ramp.

BENJAMIN PAIGE: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Omega Invitational!

CROWD cheers.

PAIGE: Tonight eight GWF superstars will compete in a single elimination tournament to honor our fallen comrade. ALl the matches tonight are to be wrestled in the honor and tradition of Omega himself. Disqualifications will be strictly enforced. The winner tonight will receive a 50,000 credit prize and they will become the #1 contender to challenge for the GWF GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP currently held by Endgame! Fans throughout the galaxy, we hope you enjoy The Omega Invitational!

CROWD cheers.

PAIGE exits as we await the contestants for the first match. Music kicks in and MANTIS is coming dow the ramps to the cheers of the crowd. He enters the ring and awaits his opponent. Suddenly there’s and explosion of fire in the entranceway and organ music starts playing. It’s INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION BISHOP HELL! He comes to the top of the ramp and he has a microphone.

BISHOP HELL: Mantis, the Lord is a vengeful god when his rules are disobeyed. Why, in the bible he says he will, “visit the iniquity of the fathers on the children.” And thus me, the hand of our Lord in this galaxy, it is my duty to make sure that his vengeance is carried out. Your father is a bile creature who is flouting disobeying the word of our Lord by engaging in wretched sodomy with Payback. And for his sins, so shall you be punished.

By now BISHOP HELL was in the ring.

BISHOP HELL: Now I ask you, child, before I send you into the bowels of hell for the sins of your father, I ask, do you repent for your sins?

MANTIS didn’t waste a minute and he charged across the ring and tackled BISHOP HELL! The CROWD exploded and the ref called for the bell!

Mantis d. Bishop Hell via pinfall with a cross body block.
– *1/2 – This was a super quick match. MANTIS was on fire and he didn’t let BISHOP HELL get any offense in at all! The fans were ecstatic! MANTIS had just scored a win over the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION!

As soon as the bell ended the match, SWARM charged the ring. PAYBACK followed after him yelling loudly. SWARM was holding a large box and he climbed up into the ring just as MANTIS was getting his hand raised. MANTIS was shocked to see his dad. SWARM ignored his son and charged over to where BISHOP HELL was just starting to stir. MANTIS went over and tried to grab SWARM’S arm but SWARM shoved him away. SWARM grabbed BISHOP HELL by the collar and was heard shouting, “I won’t let you hurt any more of the things I love!” He then opened a small panel on the box and shoved the whole thing over BISHOP HELL’S head! BISHOP HELL started flailing around and it was unclear as to why until wasps started escaping the box! BISHOP HELL could be heard screaming. He flung the box off his head and a huge swarm of wasps were biting his face and body like mad. He tried to swat them away with bursts of HELLFIRE but there were far too many of them to do any good. The ref and officials were powerless as none could get close enough to help BISHOP HELL. SWARM, with his control over the insects just had them attack repeatedly.

Suddenly SHOOT, in a suit and tie came to the top of the ramp with a mic.

SHOOT: Swarm! Call them off! You hear me! Call them off!

SWARM ignored SHOOT who was now at ringside climbing up onto the apron.

SHOOT: I am the Commissioner Swarm! You call them off or I will suspend you.

SWARM turned to SHOOT.

SWARM: Suspend me. I don’t care! I won’t let him hurt the things I love!

SHOOT: This is not the way to do this! Call them off or I’ll kick your son out of the tournament and suspend him as well.

This seemed to snap SWARM out of his rage. He looked over at MANTIS who was standing terrified with PAYBACK. SWARM looked back over at BISHOP HELL who was now almost lifeless, covered in bites. The wasp’s toxins seeping into his veins. SWARM raised a hand and the wasps immediately flew back into the box. He snapped the lid closed on it. MEDICS rushed to help BISHOP HELL who was not moving.

SHOOT: Swarm, you are suspended for two cards for not calling them off when I told you. Get out of the building now.

SWARM looked defeated. He turned to MANTIS and mouthed, “I’m sorry.” PAYBACK stepped up to him and put an arm around his shoulder and began to lead him from the ring. SWARM rested his head on PAYBACK’S shoulder as they walked up the ramp. It was clear SWARM was crying under his mask. MANTIS followed them both out as the MEDIC loaded BISHOP HELL onto a stretcher.

Soon the ring was clear the fans were ready for our second match. First out was none other than HAVOC who got a surprisingly big cheer from the crowd. His opponent was out next and it was PATCH who was booed loudly.

Patch d. Havoc via submission with the TORTURE RACK.
– ***1/2 – A great match here! This one got the fans on their feet! Great back and forth but it was Patch who was able to wear down HAVOC with various submission holds till he finally got HAVOC in the TORTURE RACK and got the submission victory! During the match THE DARK MENACE had tried to interfere on behalf of HAVOC, but the ref ejected him! Stating that this was supposed to be a night of fair play!

Next out to a round of boos was HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR! His opponent, the man who’s gunning to take HECTOR out…PSI!

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. PSI via pinfall with I KNOW YOUR SECRET.
– *** – Hector just toyed with PSI all match. Seemingly to play mind games on the newcomer! PSI didn’t look nearly as impressive as he had in his debut on the last card. HECTOR left PSI in the middle of the ring and left ringside.

Fans were eager to find out who the last two entrants into the tournament would be and they were not disappointed! First out was the AETHRAN OVERMASTER with his new bodyguard THE LEVELER! And the roof lifted off the place when his opponent was announced…MONOLITH!

Monolith d. Aethran Overmaster via DQ when the Overmaster refuses to bring the action back in the ring.
– DUD – It was said from the start that the officials would keep a tight reign on the night’s proceedings and it was obvious in this match! The ref warned both men several times to keep things legal. At one point OVERMASTER got MONOLITH on defense and decided to try and take advantage and injure him. He threw him out of the ring and whipped him into the steps at ringside. The ref warned him, but the OVERMASTER shoved him and then the ref called for the bell! MONOLITH advances and as OVERMASTER argued with the ref, MONOLITH recovered and began chasing OVERMASTER who tried to put the LEVELER in between them. MONOLITH shoved the LEVELER before he could fire and both tumbled over each other and scrambled up the ramp.

We cut back to the office area of the arena where we see BENJAMIN PAIGE sitting at a desk outside COMMISSIONER SHOOT’S office door. A COURIER enters with a package.

COURIER: Package for you.

PAIGE: What is it?

COURIER: Power cells for the ringside mics I believe.

PAIGE: Ah great just leave them here on the desk.

The COURIER does and exits. Suddenly there’s a shout from SHOOT’S office.

SHOOT: Paige! That suspension paperwork for SWARM done yet?

PAIGE: Yes, sir. I’ll bring it right in.

PAIGE gets up and exits leaving the desk unattended. While he’s gone, a pair of hands reaches in frame and swipes the box of power cells. Seconds later, PAIGE reenters the room.

PAIGE: I’ll be right back, I’m just going to take this box of power cells down to the tech station and…

He notices the box is gone.

PAIGE: Huh. They must have come and picked them up already. Oh well.

He goes back to work and we cut back to ringside for the SEMI-FINALS.

Patch d. Mantis via pinfall with COMPLETE PATCH WORK.
– ** – A good back and forth here, but MANTIS was clearly not as focused as he was in his first match and PATCH was able to find a hole in his offense and exploit it, taking the youngster down and advancing to the finals.

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. Monolith via DQ when Monolith refused to stop hitting Hector with closed fists.
– DUD – Another example of the refs calling things by the book here as MONOLITH gets bounced from the tournament by DQ!

This means the main event will be HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR vs. PATCH to determine the new #1 contender! Before the MAIN EVENT a promo is shown for the next card. It’s the return of SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE! A brand new year of INFINITY CHALLENGE action will begin on card #143! After the promo we cut back to the ring fot the MIAN EVENT of the OMEGA INVITATIONAL!

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. Patch via pinfall with I KNOW YOUR SECRET
– **1/2 – HECTOR is the new #1 contender! The fans booed HECTOR loudly as he celebrated in the ring. He kept pointing to the temple of his bear costume as if to say he’s smarter than anyone. One thing is for sure, fans will be eager to see ENDGAME vs. HECTOR for the belt at the big SuperCard which is now just three cards away!

HECTOR continues to celebrate in the ring as we…



  1. neil laue on July 20, 2011 at 11:41 am

    where did the power cells go to ?

    • Grant on July 20, 2011 at 12:13 pm

      I don’t know. Guess we’ll find out. 🙂