From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


The Deimos Intergalactic Arena is jam packed as the GWF faithful get set to kick off 2126! The fans are going nuts! Suddenly we cut to outside the arena where a tricked out Model Sports Compact Cruiser is pulling up. The camera moves around to the driver’s side. The windows are far too tinted to see inside. Suddenly the door pops and there’s a hiss of steam as it slides back and a sharply dressed man steps out. Several fans in the arena start cheering wildly, but the majority of them are silent. He grabs his gym bag and slowly walking towards the building and the camera moving with him.

OVERTIME: Hello Galactic Wrestling Federation. For those that don’t know me, my name is OVERTIME.

There are a few cheers, but again, most don’t recognize him.

OVERTIME: You may know me as the king of the GWFZ. While in the GWFZ I did just about everything you can imagine. GWFZ NEBULA CHAMPION. GWFZ NEBULA TAG TEAM CHAMPION. But that, is in the past. I’m now here in the GWF. The Big Time! And baby, it doesn’t get any bigger or any better than Overtime! Tonight, at the Rookie Brawl, I’m gonna show everyone why I’m the best decision the GWF has made in years! As a signing bonus, the GWF Board of Directors has promised the Main Event slot on tonight’s card and they have allowed me to choose my opponent. Now I haven’t decided who that’ll be yet, but I tell you right now, it doesn’t matter! You see I…

Suddenly there is a rumble behind OVERTIME and he gets drowned out. He spins around and we see a large Carrier Cruiser coming in for a landing. OVERTIME stands in shock as the cruiser slowly lowers it’s landing gear and the front gear is inches above the back end of his cruiser! He drops his gym bag and begins running towards it waving his arms, but it’s too late. The large cruiser touches down, completely totaling OVERTIME’S cruiser! OVERTIME is livid! He runs over to the cruiser’s embarkation ramp and stands there fuming as it begins it’s unlock sequence. The ramp lowers and the entrance way is filled with steam.

OVERTIME: Yo! Idioit! Get your ass out here now! I don’t know where you learned to park, but you’re going to learn something right quick, you’re gonna learn what it’s like to have your ass handed to you by Overtime!

There’s no movement from the top of the ramp.

OVERTIME: Look, you’re in the wrestler’s lot, so you must be a wrestler! Get your ass out here because tonight, you and me got a match! An you’re lucky, cause you just got yourself booked int he main event! Against me!

There is no movement from the top of the ramp.

OVERTIME: That’s it. I’m not waiting. The ass kicking commences now!

OVERTIME charges up the ramp just as the last of the steam clears and there standing at the top of it is none other than MONOLITH! The fans explode. OVERTIME stops dead in his tracks! His eyes as wide as saucers! MONOLITH screams in OVERTIMES face.


We cut to the opening theme!

We cut back to the arena and we are ready for the 2126 ROOKIE BRAWL! This is the night where all the new wrestlers and some of the newly formed tag teams take their first steps towards glory!

We start with GWF Official BENJAMIN PAIGE standing at the top of the entrance ramp.

PAIGE: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the start of the GWF for the year 2126!

CROWD Cheers.

PAIGE: Tonight of course we must make mention of the unfortunate passing of the legendary Omega. Without him, the GWF would not be what it is today. To that end we’re pleased to announce that our next card will be dubbed Omega Invitational. A one night, eight man tournament to honor our fallen forefather. It will be a night focused on fairness and honor and to that end, anyone who is disqualified that night will immediately be eliminated from the tournament. The winner of the evening’s tournament will receive a 50,000 credit prize and will get a title shot against GWF GALAXIAN CHAMPION Endgame at the next SuperCard!

CROWD cheers.

PAIGE: Finally tonight, as I’m sure many of you are aware, we will be choosing our first rotating commissioner. The GWF Board of Director has ordered that each month a Commissioner will randomly selected from a list of six names. That drawing will occur tonight before our main event! But for now, let’s get on with the show!

CROWD cheers.

Helsin d. Scimitar via pinfall after STAKE TO THE HEART
– **1/2 – HelSin picked up the win but it should be noted that he had to hit STAKE THROUGH THE HEART three times before he finally was able to put Scimitar away. The jury is still out on this newcomer.

We’re back in the locker room area and we see SWARM and PAYBACK standing in the hallway.

PAYBACK: …all I’m saying is you are a former champ. You don’t need to be wasting your time tagging with me. You should be winning back your belt!

SWARM: You don’t understand at all do you? Watching what Bishop Hell did to you at BIG BANG tore my heart out. I’m not leaving your side again. We’re stronger together than we are apart.

PAYBACK: I’m not going to change your mind am I?

SWARM: Not a chance in hell. We’re partners. In life and now in wrestling.

PAYBACK: I love you man.

They embrace and suddenly turn as a noise is heard behind them. The camera pulls back to reveal PAGANAX and THRAKAS.

PAGANAX: Unnatural.

THRAKAS: Disgusting.

PAYBACK and SWARM turn and get nose to nose with the two men.

PAYBACK: You got a problem?

THARKAS: No. But you will later tonight. Waste.

Tharkas and Paganax turn and leave. Swarm and Payback are seething as we cut back to the ring.

Rotunda d. Scorn via DQ when Scorn refused to bring the action back inside the ring.
– * – HelSin’s lady friend didn’t fare much better in her outing tonight. Rotunda had her on defense most of the match. When the action spilled outside Scorn was quickly DQ’d for ignoring the ref.

We cut back to he bowels of the arena. It’s dark but in the faint light we see a janitor is just finishing up hosing down a loading ramp. He turns off the hose and begins using an heat gun to dry the ground. He works for a moment, turns off the gun and then bends to pick back up the hose. It is now gone. He looks around for a second but sees no one. He looks at the ground and sees a set of footprints leading back down a hallway.

JANITOR: What in the name of Sam Hill is going on around here?

PSI d. Tanck via submission with MIND OVER MATTER
– ** – PSI looked fantastic and readily dispatched of Tanck in this match. The quickness with which he did so surprised a lot of people and this newcomer may have won over a few new fans.

Sultana d. Mistress of Darkness via DQ when Mistress rammed Sultana’s head into the guardrails at ringside.
– *1/2 – Sultana was on offense the whole time here. Easily dominating the newcomer Mistress of Darkness. The action again spilled out of the ring and Mistress of Darkness, at the request of Coven Black who was at ringside, began ramming her head into the guardrails leading to the DQ. After the bell, HelSin and Scorn charged ringside and chased off Coven Black and Mistress of Darkness.

LOOSE CANNONS and MILITARY POWERS battled to a DOUBLE DQ when Payback and Paganax both shoved the ref out of the way during a violent brawl!
– *** – These two teams tore into each other with hatred. Swarm and Payback looked really good together and were close to dominating the bigger men. Tharkas looked impressive while he was in the ring as well. The fans definitely wanted this one to go on longer.

BENJAMIN PAIGE is out once again.

PAIGE: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to randomly select the first rotating GWF Commissioner! The name selected tonight will have total dominion as Commissioner of the GWF for a two month period. After that, a new Commissioner will be chosen. Okay, the computer has been programmed to pull a name at random. Let’s see who it is…

HoloVision screens in the arena begin to flicker with computer code. Suddenly they stop and the first GWF Rotating Commissioner is revealed as….SHOOT!

The CROWD cheers as the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS come out doing their wild arm movements. PAIGE hands SHOOT the mic.

SHOOT:Well, well, well, would you look at that Clinch! Looks like I’m large and in charge of the GWF for the next two months! Not only one half of the GWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, but now in charge of the whole kit and kaboodle!

CROWD cheers again.

SHOOT: All you wrestlers better listen up! The new sheriff is in town and this is one sheriff who is…

SHOOT holds out the microphone towards CLINCH who leans in as they both shout their catchphrase.


Their music kicks in again and they begin making their wild arm gestures and rubbing the heads of kids at ringside! Soon they clear the area and we are ready for our MAIN EVENT!

Monolith d. Overtime via DQ when Overtime rammed Monolith’s head into the guardrails at ringside
. – *1/2 – The fans were hot for this match. Most were firmly behind the returning Monolith, though a few were cheering for the InfiNet darling Overtime. It goes without saying that Monolith dominated this match. Overtime did get in a move or two, but he was no match for the returning monster. Monolith tossed Overtime out of the ring like a rag doll and when he went out to retrieve him Overtime, in what some say was a purposeful act of desperation, slammed monolith into the guardrails and got DQ’d. Monolith was ENRAGED and began chacing OVERTIME up the ramp. OVERTIME ran like hell leaving many to wonder how he’d get away from the arena since his cruiser was parked UNDER Monolith’s. Monolith charging up the ramp, with Dark Menace trying to keep up behind, was the last thing we see before we…