Simply Put…This Fed Is Too Hot To Handle!

If you ever needed any proof that what I do with my COTG is so unlike what anyone else does, consider this…

I have been barred from even MENTIONING my fed on the Official Filsinger Games Board.

Yep. You know the old slogan: It’s your fed promoter!? Well looks like that old chestnut is going to have to be amended a bit. The new slogan is…

It’s your fed promoter!*

*Unless you do anything outside the box that we don’t approve of. Then you cannot even mention it on the official boards.

Now, I don’t post my fed on the the “official” board anymore because of my interpretation of their rules on intellectual property, which is basically, any creative content you post on the boards becomes property of the board and the mods are free to do with that creative content what they like, without asking your permission. So I had removed all my creative content from there after this all went down. But I had a link in my signature to this site and that became a major issue because of recent events in my fed.

I have to change gears a bit here to tell the full story. I live in California. For years, and most importantly since 2008, there has been a huge debate about whether or not homosexual people should be allowed to marry. In 2008, Prop 8 was passed. It’s a stupid law that says, “…only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” I say stupid because I always look at laws from a very egocentric point of view: “How is this going to impact me?” So in this case the question is: “Will two people, regardless of their sex, getting married impact me in any way?” The answer is, of course, No.

In California this has been a huge debate for years and we’ve heard about it everywhere and when I was thinking of possible angle for my fed, I realized that this whole situation would create some really compelling storylines. The only problem was, there were no logical characters to use in the angle. Sure the Betrayer, but he’s such a polarizing figure and he’s a ‘bad guy’ and I in no way wanted to make it seem like having a certain sexual orientation is a ‘bad guy or heel’ thing to do. So I just sat on the idea for months.

And then the first 2125 teaser hit! Bishop Hell (or some version of him) was coming to the GWF. This instantly clicked for me. Here in California, who is the main group against gay marriage? Religious folks. So Bishop Hell is the perfect heel for this situation. When I finally got the set I was looking to see who Bishop Hell’s feuding opponent was. Tauran. Hmmm. Very possible. Especially with that goatee (I kid, I kid). But in recent books Tauran has been so freaked out about his ‘reverse aging’ would he really want to get into a relationship. How could he knowing he’d soon be ‘underage’. No it’d just be too weird. The Ultimate Fighters looked good and, let’s face it, they are so boring they need SOMETHING to get them over bit they were too new to make the fans care about them being in this story.

It was looking like my idea for this angle was going to have to shelved for another year. Then as I perused the other cards and feuds in the set I came across the feud of Swarm and Sybiosis. How is this even a REAL feud? Swarm is WAY above Symbiosis in talent level. In my fed Swarm is always ranked in the top 5, he shouldn’t be in a feud with Symbiosis. So then I thought, “this is the year to push Swarm to the Galaxian belt.” If I did that, he wouldn’t have to stay in the pointless feud with Symbiosis. And then it hit me, why not combine the two ideas? Swarm as No. 1 contender and the Prop 8 idea. THAT is storyline G-O-L-D!

So I started digging deeper… Swarm has a kid, Mantis, but there’s never an mention, I can recall, of a mother. Of course, there WAS one, but we never get word on a wife. Also Mantis is ‘troubled’, so obviously something happened in the past that lead to Mantis’ rebellious was so that in recent years they’ve reconciled. Click. Divorce. Perfect! Millions of homosexual people marry and have kids to try and deny those feelings. Swarm is/was the most logical choice. Things were falling into place.

Now who should Swarm’s partner be? I originally thought that a unknown, unnamed person would be best, but then I thought that the angle would be harder hitting if it involved another wrestler. So I began looking at the rest of Swarm’s team. Hector, no. I picture Hector as someone no one trusts. “Thantos” is new to the fed and a friend of Hector’s so Swarm wouldn’t know him. That leaves…Payback. Perfect. Payback and Swarm have a past history. They’ve known each other, it’s perfect. The rest was 2125 history. I think if anyone goes through my past year and really reads the story of Swarm’s ‘journey’ to the belt and the resulting aftermath, you’d be hard pressed to find a more compelling storyline that lasts from Jan 1, 2125 through Dec 31, 2125 in ANY other fed.

Which brings us back to the what we started talking about. The message board. I logged on one day and found out that I’d been ‘suspended’. No word why. Just suspended. When I finally was able to get in I received a PM from a MOD the reason for my suspension was the link to this site in my signature. Apparently someone had clicked through to my site and was ‘offended’ the ‘satire’ of ‘homosexual’ behavior between two characters.

It makes me sad folks. Sad that there are people in this world so homophobic that they go to the trouble of getting me in trouble for a link to my personal sight. It’s just…sad. And here I thought the storyline of the year that’d get people offended was the, much more graphic, Anivar/Paralyze storyline, but no.

The Swarm 2125 storyline was written with thought, compassion and respect. In my mind, it’s the best damn thing I’ve done with this silly little ‘card & dice’ game. And I’m glad it gets to continue into 2126 because, as you can tell, I was just getting Bishop Hell in the mix.

It really is sad people are so closed minded and will go to great lengths to discriminate against that they fear. But I won’t be deterred. I’ll keep writing here and on the other, more open minded, COTG boards out there. And I know you’ll keep reading as you have been. The stats on this fed has blown anything else I’ve done before out of the water and I know it’ll continue to grow.

And I thank you.


  1. Brian on July 30, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    I never knew what happened to you on the boards. That said, I agree that the storyline you ran with is GOLD! I never knew you had this site until I happened upon one of the other boards through Wildfire’s signature & found your fed posted there with a link to here.

    I’m glad I’ve found it, because as you said, your fed is unlike anything else out there.

    I’d like to think that I too have a unique product that nobody on that board respects. I too was gone for a long, long time & have only recently returned to see if anyone notices my return.

    You have a new follower here my friend. Go crazy & follow those ideas to greatness. You have a great product in my humble opinion.

    • Commissioner on July 30, 2012 at 7:25 pm

      Thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah, I left the boards sometime ago, the final straw being my posts and signature being edited by the moderator. Haven’t been back since and when I hear of some of the goings on I just roll my eyes. It’s a game. Had I hung out there any longer I would have lost my passion for the fun of the game.

      Anyway, I thank you again. If your fed is posted somewhere besides the main boards, I’d love to check it out.

      • Brian on July 30, 2012 at 7:30 pm

        Thanks to finding this site & loving the format – I went out & got my own:

        I just opened it tonight, but I will be posting my entire history here as I get time to do so.

        This is my first blog, so I’m feeling my way through it all.

        • Wildfire on August 9, 2012 at 10:27 am

          Glad I could facilitate a returning fan for Grant :D… yeah, I’m takin’ credit.

          Most of the guys at the LP are more into legends than GWF, but you’re welcome there anytime, no evil moderators, guaranteed. It always makes me sad at how many people get turned off to a great game because of that damn message board.

          • Commissioner on August 9, 2012 at 11:05 am

            I enjoy the LP a great deal. I haven’t even been by the other board in well over a year since after things were ADDED to my signature without my permission. I hear rumblings of some of the stuff that goes on over there from different people and I just laugh, glad to be free of the drama. Thanks again!

        • Commissioner on August 9, 2012 at 11:03 am

          Brian – THis is great stuff. I perused it all today and it looks great. Wasn’t much of an aCe player, but I like the vibe you have going. I’ll check it out for sure in the future and when I get the Fed Links section of up and running I’ll link it there.