CARD #2125.140 – BIG BANG 51 – 12.31.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


The arena is packed and a HUGE syntho-pyro display welcomes us to the biggest event of the year, the final event of the year…BIG BANG! The crowd is going nuts.

We cut to the parking lot as a cruiser is landing, the ramp lowers and GALAXIAN CHAMPION SWARM steps out. PAYBACK is right behind him. PAYBACK slips an arm around SWARM’S waist, gives him a quick peck on the cheek and they smile at each other and enter the arena. They open the door and there stands BISHOP HELL (II). He stands in their path, his hand a ball of flame. PAYBACK steps infront of SWARM and BISHOP HELL (II) crosses up to him.

BISHOP HELL (II): You two are an abomination. A total disgrace to the heavens and the earth above and tonight I shall cleanse this mortal coil of you once and for all.

PAYBACK says nothing but just stares intently at BISHOP HELL (II). Suddenly, ENDGAME walks up behind BISHOP HELL (II). SWARM steps forward too.

ENDGAME (to BISHOP HELL (II)): Perhaps you should save your hallow rhetoric for the ring.

BISHOP HELL (II): My, rhetoric, as you call it is not hallow. It is the word of God. But you are right, I will save it for the ring so examples can be made.

BISHOP HELL (II) exits. As he does, SWARM steps up to ENDGAME. ENDGAME extends a hand.

ENDGAME: I look forward to our battle tonight.

SWARM reaches and shakes his hand.

SWARM: I do as well. See you then.

ENDGAME nods and leaves.

PAYBACK takes SWARM’S hand.

PAYBACK: Come on babe. Let’s get to our locker room. I’m sure Hector will have some instructions.

SWARM nods and they exit.

We cut back into the ring and seeABROZ and DIALECTUS who are ringside. They welcome us to the final night of the INFINITY CHALLENGE! They reveal the current scores…

ABROZ – 97

They announce that the first match will be the finals in the NON-FATAL SHOWDOWN! A TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS MATCH between SCIMITAR and PLETHADOR and each fall will count towards the victor’s tally in the NON-FATAL SHOWDOWN as well as add to their respective INFINITY CHALLENGE team scores! They both bowed and we got set for the first match.

FALL ONE: PLETHADOR d. SCIMITAR via pinfall after a Lilly Pad Leap.
FALL TWO: SCIMITAR d. PLETHADOR via pinfall after a running spear.
The first two falls were fast paced and hard hitting as fans had come to expect from these two as of late! Both men could barely stand at the beginning of FALL THREE. The charged each other with a signature move each and collapsed in a pile!
FALL THREE: SCIMITAR d. PLETHADOR via pinfall after a Samurai Springboard. – *** – THis was an amazing event! Bothe men gave it their all and were a bloody mess by the end. Scimitar wins the night! ABROZ and DIALECTUS reveal the scores for the match! SCIMITAR picks up 4 points for the pinfalls and an extra two bonus points for his performance. PLETHADOR picks up two for his pinfall and then a bonus two for his performance.

ABROZ and DIALECTUS confer for a bit and then reveal they are in a bit of a quandary because the results of the night put SCIMITAR and PLETHADOR in a tie for the NON-FATAL SHOWDOWN at seven wins apiece! They immediately order a final one on one match to determine a winner, but neither man can stand! They wait for a few moments, but it’s clear neither is in ANY shape to wrestle another match! Shaking their heads they declare the NON-FATAL SHOWDOWN a tie! As both PLETHADOR and SCIMITAR are loaded onto stretchers, they receive a standing ovation from the crowd! These two raised the bar on the level of competition this year and the crowd LOVES them for it!

She Devil d. Shann-Ra via pinfall with FALLEN DEVIL. – SQUASH – She Devil destroys Shann-Ra in this quick affair and hangs on to the WOMEN’S CUP! She picks up two points for the pinfall and a bonus three points for retaining the cup for DIALECTUS’ team.

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. STARS & STRIPES when Panther Warrior hit U.S. Male with JUNGLE NIGHTS. – ****1/4 – A fantastic match! These two teams were on fire. In the end LEADERS OF THE PACK get the win and the cup! Picking up two points for the pinfall and three for the cup win for ABROZ’S team!

The Betrayer d. Gryt via pinfall with BLACK BETRAYAL. – ** – Gryt was FAR too cocky going into this match! Betrayer took the fight to him knowing that ABROZ’S team needed as many points as possible! Betrayer scores two points for the pinfall and three for the cup win! Gryt was furious at the conclusion of this and stormed out of the arena with Rotunda chasing after!

At the close of this match, DIALECTUS and ABROZ spoke to each other and then floated to the center of the ring.

ABROZ: The matches have all been lost and all been won.

DIALECTUS: The Infinity Challenge is now completely done.

ABROZ: Reason and Conjecture locked in battle evermore…

DIALECTUS: But now it is time to reveal the score…

They turn to the holo-vision screen and the final INFINITY CHALLENGE scores are revealed…

ABROZ – 111

Two points only separates the winners, but it seems as DIALECTUS’ team, who had been behind all year, scores the final victory! They then go on to announce the MVPs of the INFINITY CHALLENGE!

ABROZ: The cups will now be returned to the ring for the presentation.

The INFINITY CHALLENGE CUPS appear in the middle of the ring in front of them.

ABROZ: Dialectus, since your team has prevailed, you may now announce the wrestlers who scored the most points for your team!

DIALECTUS: I will Abroz, but first special mention must be made of two men who scored the most points in the entire challenge, yet due to special stipulations of the NON-FATAL CHALLENGE, were not eligible to be MVP. Plethador and Scimitar were both the highest scoring men on their respective teams. A whopping 57 points were accrued by both men. More than half of my team’s total score altogether. Truly a commendable accomplishment.

The CROWD cheers in agreement.

DIALECTUS: But now, on to the awards. May I have my team in the ring please.

ABROZ bows out of the ring as Gryt, Tricks, Oracle, Nitro, STARS & STRIPES, LIFTOFF, She-Devil and Rotunda enter the ring.

DIALECTUS: The WOMEN’S MVP for my team, scoring 16 points total for our team…She Devil! It should be noted that this was the highest score for women in the entire competition.

DIALECTUS hands her the WOMEN’S CUP as a trophy. It is instantly filled wit her cut of the winnings.

DIALECTUS: The TAG TEAM MVP for my team is STARS & STRIPES who scored a total of 11 points for our team.

AMERICAN GUY and U.S. MALE hug and then reach for the cup! They hold it up and wave to the cheering crowd.

DIALECTUS: STARS & STRIPES’ score was only one point behind the best tag team’s score. LEADERS OF THE PACK scored 12 points in the competition.

The CROWD cheers.

DIALECTUS: And now, the SINGLE’S MVP, scoring an impressive 17 points, the highest for singles in the entire challenge…Gryt!

GRYT goes berserk and rushes to grab his trophy! He kisses the side of it and begins giving it a big hug. He doesn’t even seem to notice the ROTUNDA has picked him up and is spinning him around.

The CROWD is not big on GRYT but it’s hard to deny his final score in the INFINITY CHALLENGE. DIALECTUS’ team begins to leave the ring and ABROZ floats back inside.

ABROZ: It appears reason has won this challenge my old friend.

DIALECTUS: It has, but conjecture was not far behind.

ABROZ: And with that this challenge comes to an end.

DIALECTUS: But the challenges will continue till the end of time.

They two cosmic beings bow to the CROWD and the vanish in thin air. Bringing the era of the INFINITY CHALLENGE to a close in the GWF.

Ensor d. Encubus via DQ when Encubus slammed Ensor into the guardrails. – ***1/2 – Ensor wrestled a heck of a match against Encubus. Perhaps the best match of his career to date! Encubus looked a little frustrated at exactly how good Ensor was in this match! Perhaps these two will meet again in 2126!

Sly Drury d. Hector The Holy Brown Bear via escape (pinfall) after hiting him with the CRIME LORD. – SQUASH – Sly Drury entered the cage first and while no one can be sure, it appeared as if the ref may have accidentally caught Hector’s foot in the door of the cage as he closed it. Drury leapt on Hector as he tried to make it through the ropes! Hector got NO offense in at all after this surprise attack! Drury wailed on him, delivered a few moves and hit him with the CRIME LORD! He then high tailed it to the exit and won via escape! The crowd booed him without mercy but he just shrugged saying he won fair and square!

Paganax d. Havoc and Aethran Overmaster when he hit Havoc with the PAGAN VOID and got the pinfall. – SQUASH – At the start of the match, Aethran Overmaster charged Paganax and Havco who’d locked up. They saw him coming, let go of each other and ducked, sending Overmaster flying over the top rope and crashing to the floor, through the announce table! As Havoc turned to see what’d happened to the Overmaster, Paganax spun him around and hit him with the PAGAN VOID getting the quick win!

(The pouch containing the tattooed pieces of Anivar’s skin that Paralyze had flayed off were suspended above the ring.)
Anivar d. Paralyze after pushing him off the ladder and using it to scale to the top and retrieve the pouch! – ***** – This was the intense, bloody battle everyone thought it’d be! Both men were torn up at the end of this affair. In the end, Anivar was able to retrieve the pouch. After the bell he spit on Paralyze who was being attended to by Strafe and left.

Phantasy d. Strafe via pinfall with SWEET SUICIDE. – *** – Strafe was helping Paralyze to the back when Phantasy charged the ring, grabbed the champ and threw her inside. The bell rang, and Phantasy just DOMINATED the math and picked up a pretty quick win to become the new GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION!

Bishop Hell (II) d. Payback via pinfall after he hit him with the HELLFIRE. – ***** – This match went ALL OVER the arena with both men coming close to winning at several points. Near the end though, Bishop Hell got the upper hand after tossing Payback down a flight of stairs. He then drug the semi-consious Payback back to the ring and grabbed a mic.

BISHOP HELL (II): You are an abohrration! You have knowingly committed sodomy and now I shall expedite your trip to hell by bathing you in it’s fires now!

Bishop Hell hit Payback with the HELLFIRE and covered him in the center of the ring for the win. He stood and made the sign of the cross above Payback. Suddenly, Swarm hit the ring and Bishop Hell (II) bailed. Swarm helped as Payback was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the back. It appeared as if Swarm was crying.

THE GLADIATORS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS by DQ when Clinch refused to stop hitting Turmoil with closed fists. – **** – Rush and Turmoil looked as if they had their fire back in this match! They tore into Clinch and Shoot without mercy and things got brutal quickly with the ref finding it hard to keep the action in the ring! In the end the ref had no choice but to DQ Clinch when he refused to stop hitting with closed fists. The bell ringing resulted in a bigger brawl that needed members of the security staff to break up.

We cut backstage where PAYBACK was being loaded into an the medical cruiser. SWARM held his hand.

SWARM: I want to come with you.

PAYBACK: I’ve been beat up worse than this before.

SWARM: I know, but knowing you’re not here…it’s like my heart is missing.

PAYBACK put out a hand and touched SWARM’S face.

PAYBACK: I’m always with you. No go wrestle in the main even beautiful.

SWARM smiled weakly as PAYBACK’S hand fell back on his chest and the medics wheeled him into the cruiser. SWARM wiped his tears and turned and headed to the ring for the main event!

Endgame d. Swarm via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR. – ***1/2 – Swarm gave a valiant effort but everyone watching could tell his heart was just not in it. Endgame dominated the match, best Swarm in every second of action. Swarm wasted no time in tapping out to the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR. Endgame is your new champion. After he was handed the belt, he went over to help Swarm up. Swarm pushed him away and slid out of the ring and left. Endgame watched him go and then celebrated with the belt.

The new GALAXIAN CHAMPION ENDGAME is what we see as we…