Brute d. Massif by DQ when Massif slammed Brute into a steel ringpost.

The Space Croppers d. The Society of Death (Ghengis Kahn & Invincible Krakan) by pinfall when Pulsar gave Ghengis Khan the Titan Drop.

Greg The Hammer Valentine d. Reptillo by count out when the Ani Man was unable to re-enter the ring after recieving a visious piledriver on the outside.

The Bomb Squad d. The Henchmen by pinfall after Commander Sam delivered a incredible Sam’s Atomic Drop to The Executioner.

The Creeper d. Pit Viper by DQ when a, more than usually edgy, Pit Viper refused to listen to the referee. Something has been eating at Pit Viper these days and this loss by DQ, certainly didn’t help.

Titan Power d. Norse Gods by pinfall when Billy Jo Boxer smacked Lightnening with the TKO. THE NORSE GODS had better find a direction quick here in the GWF. They are ranked 23rd and that’s behind a ton of other teams that have only wrestled a handfull of times.

Thantos d. Omega by submission with the Satanic Skull Crusher. Is the flame that once made Omega a superstar slowly dying out? Seems to be. He is ranked WAY low in the rankings and has been on a heck of a losing streak since returning from his injury last year.

Killer Queen & Death Knight d. Savage Beauty by submission when Killer Queen slapped the CHECKMATE on to Vanity. Renagade went ballistic after this match and a larg shoving match between him and Vanity errupted. It’ll be interesting to see how much longer SAVAGE BEAUTY can remain together.

Actagon d. Bishop Hell by pinfall after a flying skullcrusher.

Milky Way Falls Count Anywhere Match
Spike d. Splatter in a match that took place all over the arena but actually ended in the ring. Splatter never seemed to get an offense going once he exited the ring and Spike completely demolished him. At the matches end though, Splatter grabbed the mic and told Spike, and the crowd in attendance that Spike tickled him really good and now he wants Brute to show him what he’s made of. Splatter is definitely one deranged individual.

Galaxian Tag Team Championship
The Animal Pack d. Wolf & Proteus by count out to retain their Tag Team Titles when Battering Ram piledrives Wolf outside of the ring and he is unable to make the 10 count back in. Another loss for Wolf and Proteus, but they still seem to hang on to that #1 contender spot. Unfortunately, that was their one shot and next month, GALAXIAN ROYAL COURT (Killer Queen/Death Knight) get their shot at the belts.

Galaxian Championship
Star Warrior (Champion) d. Mesmer (Challenger) by pinfall after delivering his patented NOVA LAUNCH in a match between two wrestlers and friends who undoubtedly respect each other. After the match both shook hands and walked from ringside together.

No big action happening this month as the titles stayed with their respective owners. Another frustrating one for Wolf and Proteus though as they are handed another loss. Actagon moves back into the top five after defeated Bishop Hell in a great match and what about Splatter? Losing, but saying that what Spike did to him (which included driving him through tables and chairs) tickled him? This man has a few nuts loose. He will face Brute next month in a match that will no doubt injure the loser, a Barbed Wire Cosmic Cage Match! With Massacre out for so many months, it seems silly that Brute would enter this match unless his goal was to win.